Employment Policy Manual In Ontario – Why You Need It

An Employment Policy Manual, also referred to as an Employee Manual or Employee Handbook, is a document that clarifies and communicates the issues that relate to the employer/employee relationship. It usually does not address job specific issues.

It presents many of the rules and regulations of the workplace, many of the terms and conditions of employment, and is an important part of the employment contract.

Many of the policies presented in the Manual will be based in legislation and common law. Your policy statements must conform to the laws of your jurisdiction. Keep in mind that you cannot contract out of your obligations under legislation. In some circumstances, you can contract out of obligations under common law.

The Employment Policy Manual must be written in a way that ensures that it is not vulnerable to misinterpretation. It must be written in a way that is understandable by all employees who are impacted by the contents of the Manual. Manuals written in confusing ‘legalese’ will usually be difficult for many employees to understand. I usually suggest that the Manual should be written at a level that is understandable by anyone who is functionally literate in English.

Poorly written policies, which are confusing or open to misinterpretation, can be worse than no policies at all.

Why You Need It

A well-written Employment Policy Manual will clarify many of the expectations within the workplace. It will also minimize your risk of facing expensive litigation, such as a wrongful dismissal or a constructive dismissal lawsuit, by ensuring that your current employment practices conform to current employment-related legislation. It is like an insurance policy.

If you should find yourself facing a judge defending yourself against an employment related lawsuit, the only reasonable defense that will work for you will be based on the documentation that you can provide that clearly shows due diligence on your part. The Employment Policy Manual, along with a clear ‘paper trail’ of disciplinary notes, etc., will be an important part of that due diligence defense.

From the point of view of your employees, both current and prospective, the Employment Policy Manual will clarify much of what is, or will be, expected of them during their employment. It will also clarify and communicate what they can expect of you, their employer. The best employees will be looking for employment with organizations that present their employment practices in a clear and confident manner.

Ideally, the workplace expectations should be clearly communicated before the employment relationship is established. A copy of the Manual should be given to the prospective employee as part of the employment contract.

Online support via rental property programs

Custom Software – Rental Property Programs

Overview of residential property management software:

Before one thinks of buying software for rental property he should think twice. The tough competition among various software developers has resulted in fraud developers and hence consumers are getting fooled due to careless choice of this software. This tool is highly beneficial for those customers who are handling multiple tenants at a time and are having a tough time maintaining huge amount of data. But make sure that the new software which you are planning to buy does not worsen the situation by extending complicated usage procedure. Therefore there are very important factors which should be considered without fail while buying this software. Let us now know about it.

Key factors of rental property programs

The most important feature of rental property program is security. What if your new software is not capable enough to keep your personal data confidential and anyone can access it without any restrictions? What is the point of having such low quality software? If you think of these assets right from the beginning you will not have to suffer later thinking of your wrong choice. First and foremost make sure that the data security provided by this management software is too tight.

Mostly tenants and property owners deal with lots of issues and end up closing the contract abruptly. Residential property management software can be considered as the best rental property software for this purpose. Each and every issue between tenant and the landlord can be sorted out without much of time consumptions or any chaos via this tool. This is achieved by keeping track of every minute data about every tenant. The data storage module includes the storage of data regarding transaction, tenant payment and acknowledgement, tenant pending payments, balance sheets, contract days, recent transactions etc. Thus you could get every detail of all the past transactions within a snap of your finger.

Property manager is considered to be the administrator of this application. Hence have all the rights to edit and delete and write changes in the records. This is a transparent system which gives clear picture of present and past scenarios.

Some of the developers offer rental management software making it totally customized. A customer can demand for some additional features in the tool according to his needs. Though the service provider would make extra charges for this purpose the quality of the software would go to a higher level totally meeting customers requirements.

Importance Of Bionutritional Products For Human, Animal & Agriculture Based Applications

Nowadays there is a great demand for bionutritional products throughout the world. This is due to the fact that, these bionutritional products assist in the proper growth and development of humans, animals, as well as plants. As a result, a broad range of bionutritional products are now widely produced and commonly utilized globally. A bionutritional product is basically a highly nutritious product that consists of natural and harmless organic ingredients. These organic products are nutritional supplements which are very effective, and also easily absorbed by animals, plants and humans. Moreover, bionutritional products also help to avoid using various synthetic chemicals that are dangerous for all living beings and the environment.
Bionutritional Products for Human

Today a variety of bionutritional products for human beings are readily available in the market. These nutritional products are highly beneficial for the human health and generally include iron supplements, vitamins and organic minerals. In fact the ever increasing requirement for healthy as well convenient foods has resulted in the production of several kinds of food supplements. They comprise of different types of vitamins and minerals in order to develop and maintain the human body. These bionutritional products are used for a number of food, neutraceutical, beverages and dietary applications. It is advisable to use bionutritional products, since they are a better substitute for the inorganic minerals that are utilized in some human nutrition products. The main advantage of these organic minerals is that they are quickly and effectively absorbed by the human body. Besides this they offer many other benefits compared to the synthetic or inorganic mineral supplements.

Bionutritional Products for Animal

Recently a vast range of bionutritional products for animals in the form of powders, liquids, etc. are also broadly supplied in the local as well as global market. They mainly consist of hydrolyzed proteins, amino acids, and chelated minerals. These organic products are produced using superior grade proteins and their common applications include livestock, poultry, pig, cow, and aquaculture nutrition. These easily digestible proteins are processed using bacterial enzymes and vegetable proteins. As a result they are totally free from BSE and TSE issues. Further, these organic minerals enable the cows to provide more milk, re-breed better, have a healthier body, and increase productive life. Visit – http://www.suboneyo.com/animal-nutrition-supplement.html for getting the best quality bionutritional products for animal
Bionutritional Products for Agriculture

Today an extensive variety of bionutritional products for agriculture are also used across the globe. They are primarily amino acid based organic fertilizers. It helps to enhance the plant metabolism and nutrient intake, and also assists in the root development. They are used in agro chemicals in order to develop and improve the soil structure; and thereby produce better crops. It acts as a natural supplement for fertilizers and enables to improve the nutrient absorption. Moreover, they serve as a soil conditioner and activator, and even help the plants to grow in various environmental conditions. These hydrolyzed protein based bionutritional products, provide nutrition for plants in the vital growth stages. Hence these bionutritional products for human, animal and agriculture, are highly important and widely utilized.
This article has been sourced from – http://www.suboneyo.com/profile1.html

Why Get Custom Construction Essays

Writing and drawing are closely tied in almost every type of course. As a business student, one is expected to present analysis and figures by means of diagrams or images. The case is highly unavoidable for courses in engineering and architecture.

While both writing and drawing are necessary skills, not every student is able to develop an appreciation for one. Oftentimes, writing is a much underappreciated skill. Such causes coursework dilemmas as almost every coursework require a number of words.

Fortunately, students have this option: the Custom Construction Essays. Apart from the aforesaid issue, what else are reasons for getting such coursework support?

a.) It addresses necessary improvement. Getting help in writing such pieces don’t automatically spell you can’t write it. Perhaps, you can; except that you’re inclined to perfect the dimensions of your drawing than pay attention with words or narratives.

b.) It eventually bridges your gap with terms. As a construction professional, you will have to get used with a lot of written and verbal specifications in the field. Hence, you can’t put off learning how to accurately read between words. With Custom Construction Essays, you’d get just that as you yourself work on -customising’ the writing service.

c.) Because imagery is translated in words. Not in musical notes, or hieroglyphs. As a result, drawing while writing has to regularly commence. For this to be possible, students have to have a reliable writing support.

d.) You’d need that crash-course in jargons. In field, you are expected to come across different but task-related professionals: surveyors, 6 types of engineers (fire protection, cost, mechanical, civil, structural and electrical), and 3 types of consultants (architectural, archaeological, and planning). Communication with these people will surely contain jargons; what better way to get au fait with them but through writing courseworks.

e.) And there are more jargons. The field is also tapped by legal and financial aspects. Hence, students will invariably have to extend the known language every now and then. Students with Custom Construction Essays in tow are sure to find the study less excruciating, as everything else in the case of having a good writing support.

All five are course-specific reasons. General reasons, on the other hand, include:

1.) Students can’t seem to find a better way to organise the contents of their piece.

2.) They experience difficulty in proofreading their own work.

3.) Time is being competed against equally important chores, such as work.

4.) Students are in no mood to write; and can’t get off that passive mood.

5.) Students are simply unable to finish what they started.

All of these stated reasons are valid reasons to seek coursework assistance. To submit on-time, students should immediately attend to reluctance.

Author Biography: Gail Hacker recently completed his PhD and currently spends his downtime writing and sharing his specialisation via Custom Construction Essays for a reputable writing-service firm.

How To Impress Bosses In Retail Jobs

Considering the number of retail jobs available in the market nowadays as well as the plethora of people looking for employment in this sector, you need to be extremely efficient in adding value to the company if you wish to leave a mark and make your presence felt in this industry. There are some jobs in this sector in particular, which bosses absolutely love. This is primarily because these jobs add to the overall economic value of the business if they are performed efficiently and hence employees must be focused on delivering exactly what their bosses need from them. In addition to adding value to the business, these jobs also improve the credibility as well as the lifestyle of the bosses.

When it comes to retail jobs, you may not find the same job titles as those that are prevalent in other sectors. In the retail industry, the jobs are more about your attitude and ability to fulfill specific tasks allotted to you which will directly add to the value of the business. Some of these jobs are very basic while others are strategic. Reliability is something that bosses dig for as they would love an employee who is careful about punctuality and delivers exactly what is expected of him. Presenting new and creative ideas to your bosses about how to attract more customers to the store will definitely improve your image in their eyes. Even if they do not implement your ideas, you will surely be appreciated.

Customer service lies at the heart of any retail industry. It is not only about smiling and being nice to customers, but also involves maintaining your calm and patience and being able to deliver a friendly and at the same time professional persona on a consistent basis. Once customers get to know you, they are bound to come back to the same store and even say some nice things about you. There is no better way to catch the attention of your bosses than to get them to hear about your popularity amongst customers.

You should always concentrate on delivering more than is asked of you. Retail jobs have become so competitive that sometimes just fulfilling the tasks assigned to you is not enough. For instance, you could always turn up early for your job or take up an extra project to demonstrate how committed you are towards adding value to the business. Honesty has become rare in this business and thefts have become very common. You must not resort to any such activities in this industry so that you can build an image of trust with your bosses.

Advertising Your Retail Store With Article Advertising

This is a free method to advertise your local business. This method targets only the people who are interested in what you have to offer, and nobody else. This method will work for almost any product. It’s called article marketing. You simply provide expert advice in the form of short written articles that are very easy for a person to find online. When someone does an online search in your subject area, you want something you wrote to be one of the first things they find. It’s easy, just about automatic, and free.

Now, what if you don’t know how to submit articles?

You really do. Have you ever had a customer ask you a question? That question can be used as the headline for your article.

Have you ever answered that question? The answer you gave is the body of the article itself.

Just make a quick list of the 12 to 15 most commonly asked questions, about what you sell. Now make a list of questions your best customers should ask, but don’t. You may end up with a list of a few hundred questions. Now, give your best answer to the questions in a conversational way. Write the same way you talk. When you’re done, just make sure the spelling is correct, and you’re all set.

Now, how does writing articles help you sell?

When people type in search words in their search engine, the local results tend to come up first. If the search words they type in are included in your article headline, your article will be one of the first things they see listed. You can then help the reader by giving them information they need to make a buying decision. And who are they going to buy from? Most likely you. Why? Because nobody else in your area has written an article to answer their specific question.

Now you aren’t just promoting something, you’re the expert. You become the “Go To Guy” in your industry. Your article establishes you as an expert, but it also generates trust in dealing with you. Your article content shortens the buying cycle.

Now, people going online are far more likely to be looking for information, than just looking to buy something, so your article has to give them information. this can’t just be a sales pitch. Your article should be written with real information that they are looking for.

Every week I have several people come into my retail store to specifically buy from me, because they either read an article on the question they wanted answered, or they saw a video online that answered their question. This idea will help you whether you own a retail store, a business out of your home, a professional service, or any other kind of business. And no, you don’t have to be a writer.

Where do you send your articles so that people can find them? This article directory, that has hosted this article is certainly a start. Just do a search for “article directories” on Google. There is even article submission software that will submit the article for you. Just type in “Article submission software” and you’ll find several good ones.

Be sure, at the end of your article, to include a link to your business website. Links from relevant content, like your article help you in the search engine rankings. They also help the reader find you. This is called a resource box. Be sure to describe your business, and give your location, if you are trying to attract local business.

Trust me, this idea works.

Toyota Camry Vacation Rental

Two of my passions are traveling and cars. One of my favorite parts of traveling around the United States has always been getting a rental car. It gives me a chance to try out something new, without the expense of swapping vehicles every time I get the itch. Last weekend, my family and I traveled to Florida for a quick vacation. We were all excited about the beach. Selfishly, I was also excited about test-driving our rented Toyota Corolla. Miami roads offered a great landscape for our weekend test-drive, and here are a few reasons why I really enjoyed my time in our 2011 Camry rental:

Comfort: Most drivers think that the size of a vehicle determines the overall comfort. Toyota Camry drives will tell you that your car does not have to be as big as your boat to be comfortable. The Camry is a well-designed mid-size vehicle. I found that the size provided my family and me with plenty of cabin room, and a good amount of space in the trunk for our luggage. With the advances in technology and design carmakers are creating vehicles that offer drivers a comfortable place for Toyota Camry customers, and their families to relax as they cruise smoothly down the road.

Style: One thing is certain, when you start a family the sports car is quickly phased out. However, it doesnt mean that the young feeling you have on the inside cant still be reflected in the car you drive. Like the Corolla, the Camry is dependable, economical, and has a timeless look. This is one of the reasons used Toyota Corolla and Camry drivers choose the brand.

Affordability: It does not matter if you purchase a new or used certified Toyota, Camry is well equipped and well priced to fit in your budget with four options:

-The Camry LE starts at $21,650
-The Camry SE starts at $22,965
-The Camry XLE starts at $26,725
-The Camry Hybrid starts at $27,050

Just recently, the 2011 Toyota Camry was ranked as one of the top twenty most affordable midsize cars in a recent poll. In 2010, the Toyota Camry was the U.S. News Best Midsize Car for the Money Award for the second year in a row. It is also affordable when filling up at the pump. Getting twenty-two miles in the city and thirty-three miles on the highway, the Camry is solid all around.

Speed: The Camry accelerates quickly on the highway without disturbing the passengers. Merging on Floridas busy multi-lane highways proved to be a piece of cake in the 2011 model.

We had a great weekend in Florida, and after spending several days driving the 2011 Camry, I would recommend that you consider checking out the vehicle if you are in the market for a new car. If an SUV is more your style, Toyota Rav4 drivers would most likely steer you in their direction. Either way, you cant go wrong!

Heirloom Seeds to Save Agriculture and the Planet

Today we are facing environmental catastrophe unknown to our grandparents or great grandparents. People have not been more concerned about environmental effects in our known human history. And if we were to ask, to what do we owe this great rise in consciousness, we will have to look at our own actions and how they have damaged the earth.

Had it not been so greatly threatening to the survival of humankind, it would have provided amusement that the human species, always bragging about its own superiority over other animals, has destroyed their own habitat doing what they called manifestations of their superior intellect. In reality, they failed to understand the limitations of their knowledge. They failed to anticipate the consequences of their action. They failed to act responsibly towards the environment and even their own species, many of whom are living, even with an abundance of total production, without the bare necessities.

Let us look at agriculture and how human superiority complex worked to establish damaging agricultural practices. The world needs food, we are told. We were fed with the now debunked Malthusian theory that there were too many people to feed. And even though grains are stored, hoarded or simply dumped in the ocean, we were fixated with improving productivity, which led us to modern agriculture, when the distribution issue remained unfixed, as it still does.

Modern agriculture brought us high yield seeds, genetically modified. But not just high yields, these seeds which we have to buy from multinational giants have other conditions attached to them. These seeds need a controlled environment. An unexpected rain or drought can ruin the whole harvest. So at all points, farmers stand to lose a lot. Also, because extreme control is needed, water supply to the fields too needs to be controlled well and so such crops need a strong irrigation system. So dams are erected, which cause severe damage to the biodiversity of a region. Then such seeds are often genetically modified to be sterile, which does not allow a farmer to use the seeds from the yield for further cultivation and the pollen from such seeds, when it pollinates with plants of the same species, causes sterility in the offspring seeds as well. So this is a threat against which a farmer could resort to a seed bank for preservation of varieties which may soon be lost thanks to the assault from the multinationals on the grains.

There is more than one reason for preserving heirloom seeds against genetically modified seeds. An Heirloom seed is the result of generations of cultivation of farmers. Farmers have chosen the best varieties, interbred the varieties to produce a superior variety and cultivated them, and the genetic makeup of these seeds have survived long in this environment without causing damage to it. So there is an absolute necessity to preserve heirloom seed which may soon be lost. Growing your own food is a good decision that will keep you healthy and boost your confidence. With a seed kit you too can now grow your own food, eat healthy and also do a favor to the environment.

Franchising May Be Your Alternative To Starting A Business From Scratch

Do you want to be in business for yourself or by yourself?

Franchising may be your alternative to starting a business from scratch.

Dear Fred and Lyna:

For the past 20 years I have worked as an account executive for a major soft drink company, and frankly., I am sick of it. I have been looking into owning my own business and have run across several franchise opportunities. Do you think a franchise is the way to go-or should I start out on my own from scratch?

Fred: In our last blog we looked at the importance of evaluating weather you have the characteristics of an entrepreneur. Now we’ll answer the writer’s question about franchising vs. starting your own business.

Lyna: Lets take 2 people we know who started similar businesses. Brad opened a Deli franchise in Ohio, and Doug started his own deli business in Virginia. They are both happy in their choice; as well as successful.

Fred: One of the things we hear from clients we coach is that they dont like the idea of being so structured that they cant utilize their own ideas. Yet Brad found a franchise where the parent company is flexible enough to let him try new things. Brad feels like he’s part of a big family. Although there are things he cannot do per his contract; he also has a lot of support from them.

Lyna: Doug steered clear from Franchises because he doesn’t want to be restricted and he wants to have the final say in all aspects of his business, from creating the logo to having fun, funky promotions. And he had money set aside to open up his business; so he didn’t have to look for funding.

Fred: That’s another plus for franchising- most banks have no problem giving loans out for a business that already has a proven track record. And the business can open pretty quickly.

Lyna: Although it took time for Doug to build a customer base; he felt he had a larger population to work with. He realized that although Franchises have a proven brand and consistency that can bring in customers from day one, at the same time this kept away those people that didn’t care for their products.

Fred: And Doug doesn’t have monthly royalty fees to pay out. On the other hand, the best franchises- such as the one Brad is with- offer continued training and support. They realize the more successful the stores are; the more money the company makes.

Lyna: So the bottom line is that Brad works well owning a franchise because he was able to get his business up and running quickly and smoothly with the proven franchise brand. He received a loan with little effort and has the support and expertise of a successful team to help him succeed.

Fred: Doug, on the other hand, would have felt stifled and frustrated as a Franchisee. What makes him thrive is the freedom to make his own decisions. He is a great networker and builds alliances with other businesses in the community.

Lyna: So should you buy a Franchise or start from Scratch? The really is; Do you want to be in business for yourself or by yourself?

Fred: If you are considering buying a Franchise, we recommend you do some research, ask a lot of questions and talk to franchisees of the companies you are looking at.

Leaky Liners Seven Liabilities In Pond Liner Construction


A Case In Point
Mr. and Mrs. McDowell of San Diego, CA contracted with a local pond liner construction company and paid them $255.000.00 to construct a pond and waterfall in the front yard of their $14,000,000.00 home. In less than 6 months from the completion date of the project, the pond started losing well over 150 gallons of water per day.

The contractor was informed of the situation and responded immediately by arriving at their home to inspect the water feature. The contractor walked up the hill, inspecting the waterfall very carefully and then back down the opposite side and without hesitation, exclaimed that they had an infestation of rats and gophers living under the waterfall portion and had chewed holes in the liner. The owners instantaneous response was,…and?, to which he retorted, “…didn’t you read the small print in your contract?…that the liner was only covered for factory defects in the liner, not for holes chewed by rodents.

Now, for the rest of the story… The “fit to be tied” McDowells hires a second liner company to come and patch the leaks for the sum of $75,000.00. Because the liner had many two ton to 5 ton boulders sitting on it than were put in place by a 50 ton crane, there was no way to check every square inch of the liner so these pond liner construction experts spent two weeks painting around the base of every rock in the waterfall with Thoroseal, which not only looked ugly, but the falls were leaking worse than before within less than 6 weeks.

The second company was down the road with their $75,000 with the same flimsy excuse that they couldn’t guarantee the gophers wouldn’t come back! The Owners sued the original contractor and won on the grounds He did not disclose all of the potential pitfall associated with the rubber liner.

Liabilities Associated With Pond Liner Construction

1. Regardless of what the contractor may think, he is subject to a libel suit if he does not correct any leaks in the pond liner, if resulting from anything other than by the fault of the customer. In most cases, if a liner leak is discovered early on, before the escaping water can cause any damage, there is unlikely to be any major consequences. However, it is a common practice in the industry for less than reputable contractors or pond builders without a license, to simply add an auto fill device in order to solve the leaking water problem. As a result, the client is oblivious to the fact their pond is leaking because the auto fill float is restoring the lost water, resulting in a ongoing saturation of the surrounding area.

2. There is a high probability that a liner will suffer a leak within the first two to 12 months as a result of poor craftsmanship, improper installation or simply from the heavy weight of the rocks puncturing the liner.
More than 33% of all waterfalls have serious structural damage within 3 years of its construction.
57% of homeowners say they’re rather unsatisfied with the way their waterfall turned out- when the project was completed.
Nearly 1 in 3 waterfalls and ponds are leaking within 9 months of completion.
27% of all outdoor waterfalls and ponds have pumps that are mismatched for their applications, creating unnecessary expenses later on..
63% of “Do-it-yourselfers” said they wish they had the proper information from the beginning or they wished they had hired a professional.

3. Due to the nature of the liner, it is next to impossible to find a leak without removing all of the rock from the waterfall and pond, which may be cost prohibitive, resulting in many pond liner contractors simply not addressing the situation. The result being a law suit, bankruptcy, and or a bad blemish on the pond liner industry. If the auto fill is turned off and the pond is allowed to leak, the water level will eventually settle out at the exact location of the leak. If the waterfall is turned off and the water level does not change, the conclusion is that it is the waterfall that is leaking, not the pond. This process quickly determines the general location of the liner leak.

4. Many times, a liner failure due to rats, mice, gophers, ground squirrels, chipmunks, etc may affect the surrounding areas, resulting in water damage to property. Flood damage to neighbor’s property, and in several cases in California, resulting in the undermining of the houses foundation footings or cracked patios and flooded basements.

The greatest drawback to filling your pond with a garden hose is the frequency of overflows and flooding associated with getting preoccupied with other tasks and forgetting to turn off the hose. “Water damage and homeowner policies can be a volatile issue in many says Don Griffin of the National Association of Independent Insurers, a trade association for property-casualty insurers. Swimming pool, ponds, spa and hot tub overflow is one of the top ten causes for home water damage claims with many insurance companies. Chief among the cause of overflowed pools, spas and hot tubs is forgetting to turn off the hose when filling, or malfunctioning mechanical float control systems. These are nothing more than common toilet tank floats (Fluidmaster) which often malfunction and will not shut off as they were designed to, resulting in an overflow and possible lawsuits from neighbors.

5. Unlike concrete and rebar ponds, using mortar to secure the rock to the concrete shell pond liners are often covered with loose rocks and boulder, since it is difficult to cement rocks to rubber liners. This condition sets up a serious liability from the injury of children and or adults climbing on loose boulders, resulting from injury or even drowning.

6. Since liners need to be cut to facilitate bottom drains and skimmers, the chance of leaks are increased from the additional loss of the watertight integrity of the liner.

7. Since liners are prone to failure from so many causes, the exorbitant cost of maintenance and repairs can become insurmountable. Leak problems alone have resulted in the failure of many pond liner businesses.

To reduce misunderstanding about the integrity of pond liners and the possibility of the customer being accidentally mislead by the degree of liners reliability, a disclaimer should be added to protect the pond liner contractor from liability. It should state clearly that the warranty only covers factory defects in the liner.

In addition, the disclaimer should point out that the liner is subject to developing leaks from gnawing rodents such as mice and rats, also ground squirrels, gophers, chipmunks, claws from dogs, raccoons etc. Also punctures may result from sharp objects, including heavy boulders sitting on the liner. It should also be noted to the client that even though a concrete and rebar pond costs about 20% more, it will last many years or even decades longer than a liner pond. Besides adding this disclaimer to the contract, you should also read it to them.

Furthermore, even though it may cost an arm and a leg to find and repair certain leaks, doing so is better than ending up with a lawsuit or irate customer. “Don’t bail-out, patch the hole.”

Don’t be opposed to offering your customers a waterfall and pond constructed with rebar and concrete, then you won’t need to ever worry about patching holes. If they say no, at least you gave them the option.