Source & Sell Agriculture Products- Why Enrol On A B2b Marketplace

More Buy Offers, More Suppliers to choose from-
A comprehensive b2b marketplace is a collection of buyers and agriculture manufacturers from around the world. Since, there are a substantial number of verified buyers and agriculture supplier- the corresponding number of buy offers and count of reliable suppliers is more too. This ensures that no matter what your buy requirement, quantity required, global markets you wish to trade in, or expected profit margin, you will always find a potential trading partner who matches all these criteria. Thus, the chance of zeroing in on a business opportunity is admirably more as compared to the traditional means of buying and selling.

Simplified memberships, productivity tools-
Naturally, it can be assumed that a degree of computer proficiency is necessary to create and manage an account on a good B2B marketplace. Yes of course, but not very much. These B2B marketplaces are designed to be extremely user friendly and conducive to quick and reliable business. Creating an account takes little time, and most portals offer FREE basic memberships. And it is very easy. While this might not be as effective as a premium account, it still is pretty effective. On a B2B marketplace such as, the premium account also fetches a free website, CMS and corporate email IDs.

Personally Affect your Bottomline-
This aspect is one of the aces in the B2B marketplace story. Traditional means of sourcing and selling is very direct- supplier meets buyer, prices are discussed, bargains are made and finally, the deal is completed. On a B2B marketplace however, the first means of scouting out potential trade partners isnt direct. A supplier of wholesale agriculture products can search for buyers offering the highest prices and make an informed selection, likewise a buyer can sift through thousands of agriculture manufacturers to select a supplier who meets the formers requirements in terms of price, quality and quantity. Thus, traders are in better control of their spending and can positively impact their ROI.

Keeping up with the Competition, and Market Trends-
The various players in the agriculture sector are locked in a tight competition- every advantage given, is worth taking. On an agriculture b2b directory, buyers and agriculture supplier can follow the market trends to keep themselves apprised with the latest methods and tools of their trade. These portals also help the agriculture global traders to understand their competition, without seeming too intrusive or resorting to underhand tactics. Besides this, most of your targeted customers and potential business partners are bound to search for you or agriculture products that you deal with, online. Can you afford to let your competition take the spotlight?

In Summation- B2B Marketplaces are wonderful additions to the arsenal of a buyer or supplier of wholesale agriculture products. The level of comfort, quickness and ease of transaction afforded by these portals cannot be matched by the prevalent traditional means of buying and selling. Leverage the best advantage that every agriculture manufacturer or buyer needs- enlist on a B2B marketplace.

How Agriculture Grants Can Help One Market Their Food And Food Related Products

Before applying for a grant, one needs to understand the basic premise of how such grants operate. For today, individuals to small businesses to large corporations can obtain grants for a variety of reasons. In this case, if one is looking for Agriculture Grants, one then needs to decide on which type of agriculture grant and for what purpose one is seeking such a grant. This is because the application and grant process requires this along with additional information in order to be considered for same.

As anyone who has experience with Financial Aid in college knows, these grants can also be hard to come by. So, being accurate and complete during the application process is very important. This applies whether such funds are being requested for agriculture, education, home improvement, small business needs or otherwise. Therefore, one need to take their time and be sure all information is accurate and that materials are submitted by any assigned deadline.

However, when it comes to Agriculture Grants, there are basically four types, Business, Government, International and Research. Depending on one’s objective, all of these can be great for helping those facing struggles after the recent economic downtown. However, there are different requirements with regards to application and qualification related to all such grants.

Also, when it comes to Agriculture Grants, encouragement of bringing a variety of products to market is often the main objective. Although, finding ways to better collect, coordinate and disseminate information related to both the application as well as the recipient is also a very important part of the process. Still, both are worthy objectives which, after funding is received for such a grant, can often lead to greater success in the future.

In addition, to small grants which are often granted to individuals, small business and large corporations, there are also Federal Agriculture Grants available to those States who qualify. Such funds have been used by different States for research and to assist in finding modern ways to market such products. For example, over one million, three hundred fifty thousand dollars was issued to a number of States in 2001, which no doubt helped all States who received such money at the time.

One may ask how such grants are used, mostly by direct markets, farmers, collectors, individuals and wholesale companies. However, money has also been provided to create designs and plans along with facilities. In addition, assistance is also often available on an as needed basis to tribal governments, universities, the private sector, the food industry and a number of farmers’ groups around the Nation. However, as many are participatory grants, often one is required to participate in cooperative agreements with others receiving such monetary support from a shared grant.

In addition to agricultural support, the Agricultural Government Grants program also provides technical help through a program known as MSB, which offers information and data to assist in developing feasibility studies for direct sale, farmers, collections and cooperatives, all of which are on the cutting edge of new farming techniques. As such, if an individual needs help with a grant issue, there are usually representatives available to help during normal business hours. So, one may rest assured that even if there is an issue with a grant, there is most likely a way to resolve same.

To this end, whether one is looking for an agriculture or education grant, one only has to make an application and qualify in order to receive funds which never have to be paid back. So, if one is considering starting a small business or needs money to set up a farming operation, one may want to apply for such a grant. In doing so, one can save a great deal of money over time rather than taking out a small business loan which is going to include principal and most likely interest on a long term loan. Also, as loans can often cost someone more than twice as much as the monies borrowed, especially if one has issues with credit, one may want to be careful about obtaining such a loan. Regardless, if one can qualify for such a grant, then it is definitely a good thing to do as it can save individuals a great deal of money related to their education, farm or other business venture over time.

Tool and Equipment Rental Companies and Tips

Sometimes, the job you like to do in the garden is just too big for tools you have on your hand. There are many rental stores you could go to for borrowing garden tools.

Tool and Equipment Rental Companies

Bills Tool Rental, Inc
This company provides for contractors in Southern Colorado with quality rental equipments, safety and construction supplies. The company has a large selection of rental equipment, many with photographs, descriptions and specifications. From propane and shovel to large wheel loaders, the company guarantees top supplies, equipment and the great consumer service you can get.

It has 3 headquarters in Downtown, East and North Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company is open from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, and Sunday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Airtool Equipment Rental, Inc.
This company is broad experience on equipment rental and sales. The company offers electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual tools for industrial contractor. The company also purchases used and surplus equipments and tools.

It has expert team that will assist you and find the best choice to suit in your needs. The company also has solution for every clients needs. The complete address of this company is #6824 Long Drive Houston, Texas. For more information regarding their equipment call them at (713) 641-3434 or fax them at (713) 641-3444. The company is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Jims Air Tool and Equipment Rental of Calvert, Inc
This company is serving the Southern Maryland region with quality equipment and most extensive inventories and service found in the industry. The company offers EMGLO compressor, straw blower, and pneumatics as well as power washer. It also has a wide selection of disposable items from restaurants to residential use.

The company offers party supplies and rental such as table and chairs, hotdog steamer, cotton candy machines and slushy machine. The companys complete address is #470 Solomons Island Road, Maryland. For more information call them at (410) 257-3003 or fax them at (301) 855-9039.

You could be guided by several tips on renting a garden tool. Try going to Home Depot for your first inquiries. Home Depot also beat the competitors prices by 10 percent on comparable garden equipment. Rent a garden tool by hour, week, day or month.

Rent a smaller garden tool and equipment from your local garden nursery or center. A local store usually rent anything from roto tiller to a hoe. Ask at the casher or consumer service desk.

Listen carefully on instructions about how to properly use it. There are numerous garden tools look easy or you can be familiar with the equipment in general but not in the name brand you are renting. Find out how to clean it, refuel it and use it as well as other useful tips from a rental person. It also prevents you from incurring extra charges should you accidentally break it.

Order the tools you need early or in advance. Many people rent tools every Saturday and Sunday because they only have time to do the jobs on weekends. Thus, the tools are more in demand. This could make the project difficult to complete without needed tools. Call a week before and arrange to rent a tool for specific times and dates. Come early on the morning to take the tool if they not take reservation.

Ask the store if there other fuel, equipment and safety gear needed to operate the garden tool you are renting. If the garden tool needs fuel, ask staff what type and where to get it and if the garden tool sprits up debris, ask what kind of clothes or glasses to be wear.

Energy Star Central Air Conditioning Systems

Central air conditioning has traditionally been a phrase that home owners are wary of. Not only are these units initially pricey, they used to come with large utility bills attached to them as well. The good news is that this technology is getting a whole lot better with the new Energy Star air conditioner. The EPA has worked with numerous manufacturers to keep new units to strict energy efficiency guidelines. Combined with lighter yet stronger materials, the results have produced higher-quality, longer lasting models with condensers running at much lower decibel rates.

A central Energy Star air conditioner today has been measured at using only one third of the amount of energy as those 20 years ago. They are also much smaller in size. An Energy Star air conditioner is required to be at least 14 percent more efficient than models that are similar. Also, central air units can be compared to one another by their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER). This information can be found on the Department of Energy’s yellow Energy Guide label. This will give a good indication of the amount of energy drawn from the particular Energy Star air conditioner in question.

One thing to keep in mind when purchasing an Energy Star air conditioner is performance in regards to running time. Some units may take more time to run to keep the temperature where you like it, which can dip into the energy savings. The primary consideration should be correctly sizing the unit to your home or building in which you intend to use it. Along with cooling the treated air with a refrigerant, a central Energy Star air conditioner will lower the relative humidity to between 40 and 60 percent. This creates a comfortable environment without leading to damp conditions.

A professional can help you calculate the amount of heat gain in your house and therefore help you pick an air conditioner that will be the most efficient in your home. The same ducts that carry warm air in the winter are used to carry cool air in the summer. This makes it twice as important that your ducts are tightly sealed at all registers and vent exhausts, and that all venting ducts and joints are inspected for leaks. For the cost of some sealing tape, you can be saving hundreds of dollars in leaked air.

One great advantage of a central Energy Star air conditioner is the fact that it can be connected to a programmable thermostat. Running your air conditioner while you are at work can lead to added utility costs, not to mention unnecessary negative impact on the environment. Newer thermostats can be set to achieve your family’s desired temperature as well as humidity levels. They can be set to turn on and off at certain times of the day, as well as provide certain temperatures for day and night. They can be set at different temperatures for separate zones in the house, meaning everyone can enjoy the exact temperature desired maximizing everyone’s personal comfort level.

Energy Star Air Conditioner

Three Types Of Construction Building, Heavycivil, And Industrial

One of the largest industries in the United States is construction. In construction projects, a variety of people working several different jobs come together to build and assemble infrastructures. The tasks in construction range from designing and building to governing and maintaining the scope of the project while the building or other infrastructure is being assembled.

With up to hundreds of workers working simultaneously to complete a building, construction projects are no small undertaking. And there are three basic types of building projects that the construction industry: building construction, heavy or civil construction, and industrial construction. The following paragraphs describe these types of building projects, explaining the what they are and giving common examples.

Building Construction

Building construction is one of the most popular types of construction projects and the one that most people are familiar with one. These projects are usually smaller than other types of building projects, and popular definition of building construction is the process of adding structure to real property. For instance, building a house on a piece of land already owned by the person who will own the house is an example of a building construction project.

But building construction can include other projects than just constructing entire buildings. In fact, most building construction projects are small renovations. Renovating and updating bathrooms are common renovations, as are room additions. Other small building construction projects include updating a room or an entire house to be safer, more energy efficient, or more high-tech.

Because building construction projects are usually smaller in scope, property owners frequently do not hire a contractor. Instead, the owner of the property organizes the hiring and payment of a construction company or crew. However, without a contractor, the owner of the property is also responsible for handling any legal or financial problems that may occur if he or she is unsatisfied with the end result or if the cost overruns the original budget and scope of the project.

The owner must also be responsible for carefully overseeing the development of the project in order to ensure that it is carried out correctly and that the end result is what he or she wanted. Because of all of these responsibilities, many property owners prefer to hire a contractor to oversee the building construction projects, even if they are small.

Heavy/Civil Construction

Heavy or civil construction projects are another type of construction that, essentially, is the adding of infrastructure to an already built environment. Instead of privately owned properties, these types of construction projects usually deal with public properties. The owners of these projects are usually local or national government agencies and are usually done to benefit the public. The most common type of heavy construction is highway and road construction. This can include building entirely new roads, expanding existing highways, or repairing road surfaces.

Heavy and civil construction projects are much larger in scope than building construction projects, and therefore, it often takes longer to prepare for them. For instance, owners and construction managers are usually required to notify utility companies in the area before beginning construction, and they have to be careful to take all government restrictions, mandates, and health and safety regulations into consideration when planning heavy construction projects.

Although most heavy and civil construction is paid for by government agencies, they can also be governed by private corporations. While government-owned construction projects are usually not-for profit, heavy construction projects owned by private corporations are usually done so that the corporation can make money and not to serve the general public. Examples of this type of heavy and civil construction include the building of resorts, golf courses, power companies, dams, railroads, mines, and other earthwork projects.

Industrial Construction

The smallest sector of the construction industry and what people are usually most unfamiliar with is industrial construction. Industrial construction projects include for-profit projects that are owned by very large corporations. These projects are some of the largest in scope and include such industries as medicine, petroleum, chemical, manufacturing, power generation, and so on. Industrial construction projects also have to adhere very closely to government laws and regulations and have to undergo an extensive inspection process, which means a great deal goes into the planning and preparation stages of these projects.

Of course, this is only a brief overview of the different types of construction projects. The construction industry is large, and it’s easy to see why. The three main types of construction–building, heavy and civil, and industrial–account for almost every structure that we see and use today. In fact, the construction industry employs millions of people.

And because construction is one of the largest industries, it is becoming easier and easier to find quality construction companies across the country. So whether you’re looking for Los Altos construction, Los Gatos construction, or construction in other parts of the state, finding a good construction company to help make your building dreams a reality shouldn’t be too difficult.

Construction is a unique industry that sometimes incorporates hundreds or thousands of workers in one project. Many construction projects incorporate several different teams of specialists and tasks, and all these people come together to build infrastructures that range from small renovations to highways and factories.

Functions Of Mechanical Tools And Equipments Used For Construction

A construction site usually has many mechanical tools and equipments in the scene, each having a specific and important function to perform. The main purpose of using mechanical tools like cement mixers is to significantly lower down the work load of the construction site workers.

These machine based tools and equipments also enable fast construction works that save time as well as construction costs. It is the result of using these powerful tools that even the biggest construction projects are completed with ease and within the designated deadlines. For the rest of the discussion, you can learn about the functionality of cement mixers and other construction site mechanical tools.

Cement or Concrete Mixers

Concrete is an important constituent required for the construction work. cement mixers are the mechanical tools used for the preparation of concrete by mixing cement, sand and water. The function of these tools is to make concrete ready on the construction site so that it can be used for construction before hardening. These mixers have wheels that make them easy to be transported to different parts of construction sites. Concrete mixing transportation trucks are the advanced versions of these mixers.


Forklift is a useful construction site mechanical equipment type which is also known by many names like lift truck, trailer loader, tow motor and fork truck. An important function of these trucks is to lift the construction materials. They are also used for the transportation of these materials. Some of the common forklift designs include hand pallet truck, rider stacker, side loader, rider stacker and others.


Just like cement mixers and forklifts, loaders too are the important mechanical tools that are a part of any construction project. As the name suggests, these equipments are used to load different construction materials like asphalt, gravel, sand, rock and debris to other types of mechanical equipments. Dump tucks, for example are loaded with debris, dirt or other waste materials using loaders. Some of the popular designs of these equipments include armored wheel loaders, tractor front loaders and skid loaders.


In order to lift and move abnormally heavy loads, cranes are the befitting equipments one can see at different construction sites. It is one machine which makes use of many small mechanical tools to perform its functions. Lever, pulley and hydraulic cylinder are among the small machines that enable a crane to work. There are numerous types of cranes, each designed to perform for different projects related to construction industry.

Backhoe Loaders

Small construction projects require small sized cement mixers and loaders. Backhoe loaders are the mechanical equipments used for building a small house or repairing a road or any other similar type of project. Transportation of building materials, paving roads and demolition of small structures are among the functions performed by these machines.

Skid steer, excavators, crawlers, road rollers and many other mechanical tools and equipments are used in conjunction with cement mixers, cranes and other aforementioned machines to make task easier at construction sites. It is important that all these importance machines are purchased carefully and only from reputed manufacturers and suppliers.

Residential And Commercial Construction In Rimbey Alberta

Contractors in Rimbey
Selecting the right contractor for any job is vital to being satisfied with the result. Contractors in Rimbey Alberta are highly qualified whether youre searching for architects, draftsmen, or a concrete contractor. Carpenter contractors are in high demand as building permits and construction growth maintains a record pace which translates into a steady stream of jobs for a contractor in Rimbey, Alberta. Trades such as electrical contractors, heating, plumbing and roofing contractor business continues to flourish as companies struggle to keep up and hold onto their staff. Insulation, drywall and paint contractors are equally as busy since the market increase effects all building related businesses.

Renovations and additions
Due to the hot market and house flipping volume generated, renovations are becoming one of the fastest growing trends in Rimbey AB and area. Some people are confident that they can do most of their home renovations themselves, but usually they will still bring in the professional help for electrical, plumbing and drywall to list a few. Depending on the size of the renovation and time frame allotted to get the work done, some homeowners tackle the jobs they are comfortable with doing. This may include framing, walls, painting, and smaller ceiling fix ups. Rimbey has an expert for any field of the renovation process, and can be easily found in the local directory. Additions are popular as well since homeowners understand the value in increasing floor space. Not only do they benefit immediately, but long term due to the home appreciation.

Homebuilders or Construction companies
Rimbey is stocked with some of the finest homebuilders in Alberta. Many have had over 25 years of tradition in providing the town with homes. Because the town is growing so quickly, many construction companies have had to increase their staff more than ever before. So many outside businesses have decided to make Rimbey, Alberta their head office or packaging plant that the town has had the largest percentage of growth to date since the new millennium. Homebuilders in Rimbey are always striving to keep up with trends in design and build qualities so that homeowners will come back to the builder again when its time to switch homes. These construction companies have the best reputation when it comes to providing overall satisfaction.

Custom Built Homes increasing
There are homebuilders who built spec houses or homes from a variety of plans they have already built. Then there are the times when homeowners must have their own design. It usually comes from taking small bits of style and design from several homes theyve been in our viewed in print. These become custom-built homes, and theyre catching on faster than most construction companies in Rimbey, Alta can build them. Due to the substantial escalation in the cost of purchasing or building a house, homeowners are becoming more determined to find the best construction company in Rimbey willing to tackle the nicest custom built home.

extro: Some people are confident that they can do most of their home renovations themselves, but usually they will still bring in the professional help for electrical, plumbing and drywall to list a few. Depending on the size of the renovation and time frame allotted to get the work done, some homeowners tackle the jobs they are comfortable with doing.

How to find the right Stock to buy

Are you looking for the right Stock to invest your money? There is no perfect answer to this point as various trading types are available that meet different investors’ needs. A day trader may think that a penny share is the best Stock for now, whereas an investor with a long-term dividend has a different view.

The truth is that many good stocks can now be purchased for all types of investors. To find the best Stock like NYSEARCA SPY at to buy now, an investor needs to recognize and establish its investment strategy. The following are only some of the many categories to be discovered by an investor.

Basics of the stock exchange

Know the fundamentals of stock trading to make a return on the stock market. Everyone with an online brokerage account can buy and sell stocks. This does not mean that with this strategy, you can make any profits. There’s a real good chance you’re going to lose money! Don’t worry if you are starting to buy the best Stock. Concentrate on learning how the stock market works, which will benefit you in the long term.

Strategy for stock market trading

What is your plan for stock market trading? Are you a day trader or a long-term investor? Want to invest in stocks for dividends payments, or are you more interested in a company’s growth? These are all different types of investments that help to describe your trading strategy. For a day trader, the best Stock to buy now can be entirely different from a dividend investor. If you don’t know your trading style, investigate your preferences and determine your appropriate market risks. Everyone wants a plan to achieve long-term business success.


How to buy and sell stocks

How do you do stock transactions and sales? You only buy stocks if you have funds available or wait for the timing on the market. Some investors automatically set up withdrawals from online savings or saving account. Should you spend the money instantly, or do you wait? The timing when you plan to buy lets you find the best Stock you can buy now. There might be no good stock to buy now that suits your investment strategy. This is because it varies from investor to investor.

Suppose you are looking for the best Stock to buy now, and have no idea. A hot stock could now be a big investment for some and a bad investment for others. The response to this question really should be based on your investment plan rather than the next hot pick.

There is no dumb strategy that ensures the success of the stock purchased. There is, however, no formula for estimating stock growth because there are a variety of variables that can influence a company stock price.

The global investment climate is constantly changing, and you must keep up to date with the latest details on the stock market. You can get more information for NYSEARCA SPY news before investing.

Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.

How do I startup my small business

What does it take to startup a small business?

Money probably is what comes to your mind but there are really many more things that you need other than money to do your business. These are all attitudinal things. You should have the mental and physical stamina that would require you to be deeply involved in your business and oversee every minute detail day in and day out. You would need strong planning and execution skills, because if you are going to startup a small business it is initially going to be a one man show. You need to think through what you are going to do and then go ahead and do it as well. Once you identify that you want to undertake business the next step is to decide what kind of business you want to enter into. The choice must be influenced by your expertise, passion about the work, financial position and other factors like government regulation, competition and tax purposes.

Should I go in for a partner?

When you decide to startup the business it is important for you to lay out a business plan and understand what are the things it will take you to build a successful business. These will broadly include technical details, financial resources and managerial skill. Whether or not you go for a partner would depend on your weakness in one of these areas and the choice of your partner should strengthen you in the areas that you find your self weak.

How do I choose employees?

This is a very critical decision as the initial years are the shakiest for any small business which is just a startup. This one decision can make or break the future of your company. More than anything else you must keep in mind that quality scores over quantity. If you find someone that is good enough then you must be willing to pay them a little extra. It is better to have one stellar person working for you rather than three mediocre ones. Also keep in mind that the employees should be in sync with the culture of the company that you are trying to build in. If you like to run a tight ship with all decisions flowing from the top then you must have employees who are not opposed to authority and will follow the same with their subordinates so that you can propagate the culture that you want within the company as you go along building its size.

Where will I get the necessary finances?

Even to startup a small business you would need some sort of loans to go about it. There are several banks, venture finance companies, insurance companies and other financial institutions that lend to entrepreneurs who want to set up their own businesses. However it is advisable that you put some money of your own also when you start up the business. This will ensure that the lenders gain in confidence that you are putting your own money behind this and at the same time the interest outgo will be lesser as the loan amount in itself will be less. The SBA is another place that you can turn to even if you are refused by the banks and they would help you out with your financial needs.

Agriculture Fighting Climate Change

Our current agricultural practices are a major contributor to climate change. A whopping 14% of all greenhouse gas emissions are attributed to the way we grow, process, distribute and consume food, and an additional 18% are due to deforestation largely driven by the clearing of forests for agricultural land. This problem can only intensify as our population grows. Imagine how many more greenhouse gasses will be pumped into our atmosphere in 2050 when the estimated world population reaches 9.1 billion. Without a drastic change to the way we produce food, we simply wont survive.

Traditional agriculture, and even organic agriculture, relies heavily on tilling the soil to prepare the ground for planting. Tilling, however, has a number of undesirable side-effects, such as: soil erosion, loss of organic matter, destruction of living soil microbes, dependence on heavy machinery, loss of soil structure, loss of nutrients and soil compaction. However, there is another negative side-effect of tilling that many people may be unaware of, and that is carbon oxidization. Tilling causes the carbon in the soil to be oxidized which releases it (the carbon) into the atmosphere. This, of course, increases greenhouse gasses and contributes to climate change.

Over the past 30 -40 years there have been people experimenting with no-till agriculture. No-till agriculture uses a range of practices so that tilling is rarely or never used, resulting in the following advantages: improved soil structure, better water and nutrient holding capacity and less use of machinery. However, one of the biggest advantages of no-till agriculture is that the soil can store much more carbon. This means that there will be more carbon in the plants and soil and less in the atmosphere. In other words, agriculture has the potential to become a fighter against climate change. Wouldnt that be a turnaround?

So far, no-till agriculture has been heavily dependent on herbicides. When I attended agricultural college in the late eighties, no-till agriculture was in its early developmental stages. It was seen as unorthodox and alternative a little way out. We were taught that paddocks needed to be sprayed out with herbicide first. The dead plants, which were called stubble, were left standing. Then seed was sown through the stubble, using a direct-drilling method. The stubble offered soil protection and increased biomass, which is great. However, the method was completely dependant on chemical herbicides.

The organic industry, which is generally seen as an environmentally positive industry, does things quite differently. They use a combination of green-manure crops and tilling. Green-manure crops, such as oats, millet, clover, and many more, are commonly used and sown into a paddock prior to planting the target species. For example, lets say our target species is corn. Prior to the corn being planted in spring, a green-manure crop, such as oats, is planted out in autumn and allowed to grow through winter. In spring, the oats are tilled into the soil and the corn is sown. This is an excellent way of building soil biomass and soil nutrients; however, you still have the negative effects of soil tillage, mainly the release of carbon into the atmosphere.

As you can see, both no-till and organic agriculture have their pros and cons. No-till methods store carbon but rely on chemicals. Organic farming uses no chemicals but relies on tilling.

A method that combined the soil protection of no-till farming and the non-toxicity of organic farming would be ideal agricultural heaven. There are people around the world who are working towards this ideal. These pioneers, referred to as no-till organic farmers, are still working out a few bugs.

With this revolutionary method, a green-manure cover crop is planted out prior to the target crop. However, when the time comes to plant the target species, the green-manure crop is not tilled into the soil, and neither is it killed with herbicide. Rather than being tilled or sprayed, the green-manure crop is killed using a mechanical method called crinking. A large roller with blunt blades set at intervals is rolled over the green-manure crop. The blades crink, but not cut, the stems of the cover crop. It also flattens the cover crop so that it becomes a dense, dead organic matt covering the soil. Then seed is sown using a direct-drilling method through the dead matt. The dead green-manure crop is still attached to the soil via its dying roots. This offers excellent soil protection and the dense matt offers weed suppression and moisture retention. It also increases soil biomass and builds nutrients.

The beauty of this method is the fact that agricultural land can act as a giant carbon sink. This is a complete turnaround as agriculture is presently a major producer of greenhouse gasses. It is believed that no-till farming has the potential to store a staggering 3000 pounds (1360 kilograms) of carbon per acre. No-till organic farming has the potential to become a major fighter against climate change, and provide healthy, chemical-free food at the same time.

On a small scale, no-till organic food production is actually very easy. Food4wealth is an ideal example of this revolutionary way of producing food. Food4wealth is a small-scale, easy-to-follow, organic food-growing method that retains a dense coverage of plants and uses no tilling. A food4wealth plot is just like a mini-carbon sink. It takes carbon from the atmosphere and turns it into healthy, organic food.

For more information go to: Food4Wealth

by Jonathan White B.App.Sci. Assoc. Dip.App. Sci.