Getting An Employment Reference Letter From College Professors

As a graduating college student you already know you’re immediate future could be tense. The odds of getting hired straight out of college aren’t nearly as high as they were ten years ago. The odds of getting a job which pays enough to cover your daily living expenses, as well as your student loans will prove even more difficult. When you’re getting ready to start applying for post-college jobs, you can’t afford to be blas about your employment reference letter. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking someone to write a letter for you, or if you’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone else, you need to make sure it’s the best letter possible.

When it comes to getting your first professional job after leaving college, you need to take care when selecting just who will be writing the letter. Even though your buddies love you, and will be more than willing to provide you outstanding recommendations, the really aren’t the ones you should be going to. Future employers won’t just be interested in the information contained in the employment reference letter, they will also be very interested in the person who penned the letter. The more respect they have for the employment reference letter’s author, the more weight they will give the reference, and the better your odds of landing the job.

Presumably you’re applying for a job in the same field you have jut finished studying. As long as this is the case, you should talk to some of your professors about providing you with good employment reference letter. Most college professors consider this to be part of their job. You will do best when you pick a professor you’ve not only worked closely with during the time you’ve been in the university, but you should also pick one that has strong connections in the field. The more respected the professor is, the better your chances of getting the job.

You shouldn’t wait until the last possibly second to get the letter. Professors are very busy, the have to carefully manage their time and it may take a few days before they have chance to sit down and write down their thoughts an opinions of you. The even bigger reason to ask the professor for the letter soon as possible will be to ensure they know exactly who they’re recommending for a job. The average college professor sees lots of students throughout the course of a year.

Jim Rogers Macquarie China Agriculture Index Fund

Jim Rogers has been an agriculture bull for quite a long time, and he has combined that favorite investment sector of his in a new commodities index fund, which also includes China, along with agriculture. Rogers has partnered with with Australia’s Macquarie Funds group to create the new Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index.

Rogers’ assertion for some time has been that no matter what happens in the global economy, and what may be the demand for general products or services in the near or far future, agriculture is going to play an increasingly big role in the world, and those investing in the sector will do well in the years ahead.

Put the expanding Chinese middle class together with the growing population and economy, and you see the potential the Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index fund represents.

so even with the continuing challenges facing the global economy, agricultural commodities will continue to be in high demand, especially those targeting the Asian market.

Commodity investors will be glad to know the difference between the Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index and other Indices. In this case, the agriculture index fund will focus on the actual consumption of food and the price fluctuations connected to that, rather than simply tracking production, which doesn’t guarantee anything will be consumed or sold.

With the price of food being undoubtedly tied to the Chinese people, anything targeting that market should enjoy bellwhether status in relationship to global food prices, and so an index fund in relationship to Jim Rogers should do well in tracking the price fluctuations of food in the densely populated country. It should rank among one of the top hedge funds in the near and far future.

Another benefit to those marketing and managing financial products to invest in, is the ability to create innovative products linked to the overall focus of the commodity index fund. How that happens is the exchange-traded futures contracts or commodity ETF future contracts it uses on physical commodities.

This is a great opportunity for those who believe in the overall competence of Jim Rogers to get involved in something he’s studied and watched closely, as well as believes in passionately. In that sense, connecting to a hot commodity market like China with a agricultural raw materials fund will be a great way to profit for those interested in investing in a commodity or commodity index fund or ETF.

As Jim Rogers has said over the last several years, we can count on the current commodity bull market to continue for years, and the existing economic crisis will only extend it longer, even if there is some short term pain and slowdown.

As Rogers continues to hammer home, food will be eaten and in demand no matter what else happens. And with that demand to be no larger than in China, it positions Rogers, commodity investors, and the Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index for long term investing success.

We must keep watching commodity hedge funds and commodity etfs which specifically target agriculture. With agriculture prices plunging in 2008, they will turn around sooner or later, and investing in a commodity index fund like Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index should provide a solid return when those prices start to climb again.

Demand for food isn’t just going to climb linearily, it will climb exponentially, as even with population-control efforts, it continues to climb in the Asian region had significant pace. Food demand and prices will follow that continuing trend.

The primary strategy of the Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index is to track consumer consumption patterns in China, and how food prices respond to them. That’s the underlying foundation of the fund. This is what gives the fund an excellent chance of bringing a high level of return for those looking at the agricultural commodity sector.

As mentioned earlier, more than any other people in the world in the years ahead, the Chinese will more than anybody determine the food priorities and prices globally, and the new agriculture commodity fund from Jim Rogers should move up with that reality.

While we know that past success doesn’t in any way guarantee future results, the past performance of Jim Rogers, especially when working with George Soros and the amazingly successful Quantum Fund, which gained about 4,200 percent over a ten-year-period, does give an indication that he knows what he’s doing, and does his homework when it comes to supply and demand of raw materials.

And Rogers now sees agriculture as the major point of demand for probably decades, and so the fund was created.

The new Macquarie and Rogers China Agriculture Index fund should be an strong investment vehicle in the hot commodities hedge fund sector for some time to come.

Iron Fence Vs Vinyl Fence For Privacy And Agriculture

There are many types of fencing, but two of the most common materials from which fencing is made are iron and vinyl. While the two can accomplish similar tasks, they have very different strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to know what these pros and cons are in order to choose the right type of fence for the job.

Iron fencing is not appropriate in many situations that are perfect for vinyl, and here we’ll compare the various characteristics of the two materials so that you will know which type of fence is right for the job.

Iron fencing is typically made from long iron rods that are held together with a horizontal cross bar. Vinyl fencing most often comes in the form of vertical stakes with panels of vinyl running horizontally along them, and can be reinforced with steel cables.

Iron fencing is best used in residential or commercial applications, although it is sometimes seen in public parks and other similar areas. Vinyl fencing is used most often in agricultural applications, but is also ideal for marking boundaries between parcels of land and landscaping uses.

Iron fencing is very strong, and a well made, correctly installed iron fence is almost impossible to damage. This makes it perfect for security applications, and for privacy fencing around homes or other private areas. Vinyl fencing tends to be more flimsy, but is strong enough to enclose small to medium livestock and pets.

Iron is a better solution for deterring movement, especially when trying to keep humans from crossing a line (most people will have no trouble getting through vinyl fencing).

In terms of maintenance, iron fencing is relatively resistant to the effects of weathering, but it is subject to corrosion through forces like sea air. Over time it may get rusty, although an anti-rusting agent can delay this. Vinyl fencing, on the other hand, is very resistant to weathering and will never corrode.

It will not warp in the sun or lose its color, because the color is digitally integrated into the vinyl itself. Iron is very hard to damage, but if it does need to be repaired it can be quite expensive to do so. Vinyl is relatively cheap and easy to replace, but can be damaged relatively easily by people and animals. Fortunately, it will resist most damage simply because of its elasticity and flexibility, making it perfect for holding animals.

How To Plan A Franchise Business In The Philippines

Putting one’s hard-earned money into a profitable investment is something that most people want to do. However, with the various investment vehicles today, a lot of us are at a loss of which is the right one to invest in. Having a business is a popular option when it comes to investments; however, starting one from scratch takes a lot of effort, time, and money. This is the reason why people who are keen to having their own businesses prefer to go for franchising opportunities instead of starting their own personal line of trade.

In a country like the Philippines where you cannot really tell how a start-up business will prosper after a few years, it is logical to go for something that has a recall with the public. This is the advantage that franchising has over new businesses. The fact that branding is what attracts a customer’s loyalty makes it easier for a franchise owner to maximize his returns.

However, it is important to note that while franchising is a popular way to have a business, it is something that cannot be done by just about anyone because it has its limits. When you franchise a brand name, you are limited to selling it the way the original owners of the franchise do, so if you crave control and dynamism to do whatever you want with your business then franchising may not be the best type of business for you.

On the other hand, if you only have a limited experience with business yet are amenable to follow the established system of the franchisor, then choosing to have a franchise will work to your advantage. One can indeed say that franchising is a path with low risk and a high potential return.

So, how does one start a franchise business in the Philippines? Firstly, you have to identify a brand name that sells. Remember it is very tough to maintain a position in the market but having a brand name that people trust gives you a competitive edge. The name of the franchisor itself is the biggest kind of advertisement you can give for your business so choose wisely. You also need to have interest in the particular business you want to franchise because once you start operating it, it will be on your mind 24/7. Bear in mind that it takes a great amount of passion to get the business running.

Once you know the kind of franchise business you want to invest in, the next step you have to take is to find a franchisor you want to strike a deal with. You can consult online franchising directories or local franchising magazines for information regarding the franchise opportunities in your area.

Lastly, before signing any agreement with the franchisor, make sure that you negotiate and understand all the terms regarding the franchise. You can even present your own business plan on how you plan to help the franchisor by improving your franchise outlet.

These are the general steps on how to start a franchise business in the Philippines. The success of a franchise outlet starts with a simple choice of getting the right kind of branding recall. Therefore, when you think of franchising, make sure that you put a lot of thought into this step more than anything else.

Saving Energy by Improving Home Exteriors

When the weather is warm we tend to spend time in our yards mowing the lawns, trimming the bushes, planting flowers. We all have a desire to want the outside of our houses look nice. Whereas this is often a worthy cause, are we putting as much diligence into making the outside of our homes cost efficient? We work hard to keep a roof over our heads thus why toss money away by permitting heat to escape?

The majority of the houses heat escapes in the course of drafts. Filling these drafts will save on the heating cost over time. Do a walkthrough around the exterior of you home to find what has to be improved. First you should examine all the areas where two different construction materials meet for example where the siding meets the chimney and where the foundation meets the exterior brick or siding. Examine all exterior corners as well. Youll need to fill any cracks or openings in the mortar, the foundation or the siding. Make sure to fill them with the suitable substance. If you are going to complete a job, do it right. And, it can last longer if its done the proper way with the correct material. You will also want to inspect where faucets or pipes extend from the exterior. Make certain there are not any holes around them as well. In your exterior inspection, dont miss the windows and doors. Make sure that theyre all properly caulked and that windows and doors seal tightly. Some people have air conditioners mounted directly into the wall rather than in a window throughout the summer months. While this might save on time of installing and un-installing the air conditioner each year, it is also a great way to let in drafts throughout the winter months. Make certain that the area round the air conditioner is properly sealed. If you dont have one by now, invest in a cover that may be placed over the unit in the winter. This can stop the unwanted cold air from getting in your home.

Also, make sure that your house is properly insulated. This will save you a large amount of money. In particular check the attic. Make certain that there is a steam barrier under the attic insulation. Water vapor will pass through the ceiling. With large amounts of moisture, the effectiveness of your insulation goes down and may cause structural damage. In order to prevent this, you should have a vapor barrier which may be tarpaper, Kraft paper attached to fiberglass batts, a plastic sheet or vapor barrier paint. Additionally make sure that any gaps round the pipes, ductwork or chimney is correctly sealed.

If youve got the funds, you might need to consider replacing recent doors or windows with new energy efficient ones. While this can be an improvement that will dip into your pocket, it will as well save you cash on heating. With the price of home heating, making sure that the exterior of your home is properly sealed is almost a necessity.

Employment Statistics Prove Positive For Social Workers

The realm of human welfare or social work has some particular specialties that include primarily children, family, education, public health, physical and psychological well-being and drug addiction. It has been seen that the scale of job prospects related to social welfare has only increased over the past years, this has even been validated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a social worker had around 642,000 jobs in hand back in 2008. The graph has certainly aggravated presently.

Since majority of individuals working in the circle of social betterment has some concerns regarding the industry they wish to be associated with, it has even been evaluated that around 54% of individuals were then working in the health and human welfare industries while the remaining 31% worked in government sponsored agencies at various levels. With this entire report of job opportunities available for people working in the social development continuum, it explicitly indicates that job prospects are at no dearth, when it comes to looking for a stable and financially secure professional career.

The nature of a profession such as social welfare services is such that employees are assigned to work in cities as well as suburbs. It is expected for a social welfare employee to find a job in rural vicinities, as the space to exhibit their professional concerns and skills is more extensive as compared to an urban area, which is already quite developed. This indicates that social welfare is a profession, which comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges.

Earlier, it was believed that not all specialist areas of social betterment thrived in terms of job opportunities, and not all offered the same amount of professional working security. However, today, all areas of social work are increasing job opportunities, particularly by the private social welfare organizations. In fact, the increase of employment in this industry has been around 22% which is promising. This is likely to increase with the time owing to the aging child boomer populace which will, over the span of time, demand better health and social services.

Apart from the physical stability, mental & psychological stability and drug addiction are areas which are rapidly augmenting with job prospects. An increase of 20% has also been predicted by specialists as there is going to be a strong demand of services to counter such deteriorating circumstances.

Last but not the least, children and family along with education are areas that are actually excelling areas in the field of human welfare and betterment. In order to bring about a change, an anchor lies in the hand of social services, augmenting the protection for children and their families while at the same time, emphasizing on the local prevalence of education is what is going to instigate a progressive developmental scale in the society. Some of the specialized areas elaborated on indicate the fields that can be explored by social welfare employees to bring a progressive change in the society.

What Is A Singapore Personalised Employment Pass

You love Singapore. You want to work there. But what will you do if you are neither a Singapore citizen nor a resident of Singapore. Well, the answer is simple – you need a Personalised Employment Pass!
For foreigners who find Singapore an ideal place to visit, live in, find employment or even set up their own company, there are specific passes required before you can fully enjoy the benefits of being in the country. These passes are Personalised Employment Pass, Regular Employment Pass, EntrePass, Dependent’s Pass, and Long Term Visit Pass.

But if you only desire to find employment in Singapore, then you must apply for a Personalised Employment Pass.

A Personalised Employment Pass or PEP is a work visa granted to qualified foreigners who wish to find employment in Singapore but do not want to enter to an employment contract with a specific employer for a period of five (5) years.

Where will you apply for PEP? The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is the department that processes applications for PEP and grants the same to a foreigner who possesses the requisite qualifications and professional attainment. It is not necessary that you must already be employed in Singapore before you apply for a PEP. But you must remember that upon the issuance of a PEP to you, you need to find employment within the period of 6 months from the date of issuance of PEP, otherwise the work visa issued to you will be revoked.

What are the requirements in order for an applicant to be granted a Personalised Employment Pass? The applicant should be either of the following: First, the applicant must earn a salary of at least S$7,000 per month. Second, he/she must be a former P1 category Employment Pass holder who resides overseas (it is important that he/she must not be unemployed for more than a continuous period of six months at the point of application). Third, he/she must be a current P1 category Employment Pass holder. Fourth, he/she must be a current P2 category Employment Pass holder with at least two years of working experience in a P category of Employment Pass that earns an annual income of at least S$30,000. Lastly, he/she must be a foreign graduate from institutions of higher learning in Singapore and has at least two years of working experience on a P or Q1 category Employment Pass (the annual income should be a minimum of S$30,000).

What are the documents that an applicant for PEP should prepare? Here is a summary: resume or CV stating your educational and employment history, copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials, a copy of the personal particulars page of your passport, appointment letter from the current employer and copies of the last three months salary slip. All documents that are not in the English language should have an English translation provided by an official translation service.

Holders of PEP are not allowed to set up any business in Singapore. However, they are allowed to own at least the minority share in a company, and he/she is allowed to act as one of the directors. A PEP holder can apply for a Dependants Pass and/or Long-Term Visit Pass for the members of his/her family.

It is strongly advised that a foreigner seeking to apply for a Personalised Employment Pass engage the services of a professional firm in Singapore to assist him/her in the preparation of his/her application to its submission, processing and collection.

How To Identify Good Business Show Rental Services From Poor

The Seo professionals works their finest to achieve the targeted goal that is already been set up by the client according to their own needs and creating the ultimate customer happiness. It is said that this tools for most organizations using the equipment in the searching for particular thing such as: images, place etc . Submit your links to web sites, forums, blogs, groups and search engines like google manually. Now the main purpose of search engine optimization is actually to drive loads of traffic to your website. it definitely impacts the overall look of your web site. Instead, distributing one to two articles in different directories every week, continuing over an extended period, is the greatest method. The solution is picking a company that offers the performance based Search Engine Optimisation class. Matt Cutts explained it best when he shown that every instance of a domain can be treated differently. You can enter the name in the site or the web site address and see the major search engines ranking for that particular website during months, weeks and days. All these categories can be described as quality content posting within the internet for best results. In online marketing, search engine results positioning holds SEO ( utmost importance as it is the only real deciding factor whether your website is definitely visited by online visitor delete word. The time has changed and so seo the operating techniques which are upgraded time to time.

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Macmall Announces Fantastic Opening Of New Flagship Retail Store

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Developing A Path For Sustainable Agriculture Jay Biotech

Developing a path for sustainable agriculture in India: JAY BIOTECH
This is regarding the TV programme telecasted on June 24, 2012 Satyamev Jayate.
First of all I would like to thank Mr. Amir Khan for taking such an initiative for sustainable agriculture.
Jay Biotech and Bafna farm, Pune is working on similar lines for the development of sustainable agriculture for different crops especially grapes. During the programme, one of the grape grower mentioned about the heavy uses of chemicals for commercial grapes and separate, non-chemical grape plot for own consumption. This is alarming. However, only 3-5% of the grapes produced in India are exported, while >95% grape production is used for local market. The uses of chemicals is restricted if the production is for export purpose to avoid pesticide residue problem. Still, every year around 7% of the samples could not be exported due to the pesticide residue problem.
But, the situation is different for grapes production for local purpose. As rightly mentioned in the program, there is no pesticide analysis of grapes (or other produce) which is being sold locally. Due to this, the farmer who produces the grapes for local market does not bother about pesticide(s) residues and uses exceeding doses even to that of the recommended by chemical pesticide company. Also, there was an alarming point during the discussions that chemical pesticide companies give incentives to distributor/dealer to sale their products in huge quantum with more benefits. This has created a mess for today’s situation of Kerala/Punjab. Cancer Train and endosulphan in mother’s milk are the threatening example for a human being.
However, now a day, there are so many farmers adopting the techniques of sustainable agriculture. One of the best examples is of Bafna Farm, Rahu, Pune, Maharashtra.
There are few highlighting points of Jay Biotech and Bafna farm, Pune
1.Uses of Bio / Organic products since 10 years for grape management
2.Application of Bio / Organic products increased while reduced uses of chemicals by 60%
3.Produced 2 crops of grapes in a year
4.Produced pesticide free grapes
5.Uses of reverse osmosis water for spraying in grapes to avoid human pathogens like Salmonella typhii and Escherichia coli
6.Trials of bio/organic products since 10 years for with the recommendations of National or International laboratories
7.Successful trials for mealy bug control are in progress in collaboration with National Chemical Laboratory, Pune using only biological products.
8.Visit of Department of Biotechnology (DBT) taskforce (Bio-agents for agriculture) Chairman, Advisor and members to Jay Biotech and Bafna farm to see bio-control of mealy bug of grapes since 3 years
9.Visit of ASDA (UK, Supermarket) team to discuss the method for production pesticide free grapes
During the show Mr. Amir Khan rightly told that the said situation cannot be changed in a day. One has to reduce the uses of chemical(s) by increasing the uses of bio/organic products for sustainable agriculture. As mentioned by Shree Hukumchandji (farmer from Rajasthan), for the first year farmer may have to bear the loss for the yield, but it cannot go beyond 10%. At Bafna farm similar practice were adopted with slow and steady increase of bio/organic products since 10 years. Due to the uses of bio/organic products the fertility of soil increased, pest(s) and pathogen(s) problem was reduced, able to produce 2 crops of grapes in year with zero pesticides. If ZERO pesticide is possible for such a sensitive grapes, then it can be possible for any agricultural crops.
Integrated pest management can be a best practice to resolve this issue. Slowly and steadily it can take to complete organic agriculture. Please follow the models of Organic Sikkim and Organic Bihar. Every farmer has to take the lesson from this show and should be a part of sustainable agriculture to develop sustainable agriculture all over India.

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Pune, India
Pin: 411 037
Tel:0091 20 41015678