Singapore Employment Pass Visa Issued To Foreign Professionals And Businessmen

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa issued to foreign professionals, supervisors, and key employees who want to relocate in the country. Meanwhile, this visa is also given to foreign entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managing directors who want to personally manage their business in Singapore.

To qualify for this visa, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires foreign applicants to have a college diploma from a reputable school. However, the agency informs people that meeting this requirement does not guarantee a successful application particularly if they fall short in the other criteria.

Aside from the college diploma, another important requirement for professionals is a work-related experience (preferably at least five years) that has enhanced their skills and knowledge in their respective profession.

(Special note: Foreign entrepreneurs are first required to incorporate their company before they can apply for EP.)

Another important requirement for EP applicants is that they should have at least a fixed monthly salary of S$2,500. A fixed monthly salary does not include payment for overtime, commission, bonus, employers contributions to workers pensions, allowance, and productivity incentives.

Meanwhile, these are the documents and certifications EP applicants should present to the agency:
A completed Employment Pass Application form which can be downloaded from the agencys main website.

For professionals. If their would-be employer is a Singapore-based company, they should get sponsorship from this entity. But for those whose employer is an overseas company which does not operate a local office in the country, they must still be sponsored by a local company.

It is important that the employer signs and stamps the application form with its company seal.
A companys latest business profile which must be registered to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). If it is not yet registered, it should at least produce registration papers from its professional body.

Educational certifications.

If applicable, testimonials from previous employers.

All the relevant travel documents including a copy of passport particulars.

A passport-sized photograph of a person which must be taken within the past three months.

(Special note: Applicants who have non-English certificates and documents must submit a copy of the original papers together with its official translated-version that is certified by their respective embassy.)

Best places to open a digital business in Germany.

Germany is a developed nation and has a developed economy. The economy is driven by modern-day technologies and expertise. Therefore, the services of digital business owners are in high demand in the country.

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Below are some of the states or cities to consider.

1) Berlin

Berlin is the capital of Germany with a population of over 3 million inhabitants with so many economic activities going on. As the capital, it’s, therefore, the major focus area in the country. Berlin is one of the major gateways (busiest airport) in Germany. This means goods and services are coming in through Berlin. This undoubtedly has thrown open massive economic activities in the area and it is qualified to say the best place to establish a digital business.

2) Frankfurt

Frankfurt is the largest city in the federated state of Hesse in the southwestern part of Germany. The city has close to a million inhabitants with massive economic activities going on. Both the government and private business owners operate on a digital platform. Therefore, opening a digital business in this city will certainly make successes as the demand for digital products and services is high.

3) Munich

The capital of the state Bavaria is popular and known by many among are the annual Oktoberfest Beer celebration, Baroque and Renaissance Cathedrals, Opulent Royal. Palaces dating back between the 12th and 18th centuries and a host city to the popular Bayern Munich Football Club. The city has a population of about 1.4 million inhabitants and a vibrant economy. Residents are into many economic activities covering production/manufacturing, education, healthcare, technology and of course sports. Undoubtedly, this is one city that the services of a digital business owner is sought after. It’s therefore fair to state that opening a digital business in this city is a good decision.

4) Hamburg

The capital city is also known as Hamburg and it’s the hub of Port activities of Germany with a population of about 1.8 million inhabitants. There is no denying that this city of one of the economically viable cities to site a business when Germany is considered. The city has the best of modern-day infrastructural facilities and to make life easy. It’s a business hub, especially for private investors. Opening a digital business in this city would see it flourished due to the perceived high demand for digital products and services. It’s, therefore, safe to say Hamburg is a viable location for the opening of digital business.

5) Cologne

Cologne is the largest city in the state of Rhine-Westphalia, Germany with a population of over 4.7 million inhabitants famous for its 12 great Romanesque churches – especially the magnificent Cologne Cathedral. It’s a viable city with so many economic activities going on and state of the art facilities to encourage good living and business booming. Private and public economic activities happen here and they make use of a digital business. When considering opening a digital business in Germany, let Cologne be one of the cities to consider.

6) Dortmund

Dortmund is a city in the state of Rhine-Westphalia with a population of about 587,010 inhabitants famously known for football club: Borussia Dortmund, one of the most successful football clubs in Europe. Economic activities include retailing, leisure and recreational activities, logistics, sports, education, travel etcetera. With the viable economic activities going on every day, it’s safe to say Dortmund is a city to consider for business destination in Germany and especially digital business.

Oil Field Employment 2 Big Reasons Why You Should Look For An Oilfield Job

Oil field employment – high salaries, double what other industries pay; many perks and bonuses. Only the sin industries of gambling, tobacco and alcohol pay their workers as much money. Is it any wonder that many job seekers eagerly look for an oilfield job? But what are the actual benefits of jobs in oil field, and are they worth going through so much effort?

High Pay, Bonuses And Benefits

Government salary statistics gathered in 2004 report that rig welding jobs pay $62,000 compared to $30,000 for a welding job in the manufacturing industry. Entry level roustabouts make $45,000 while regular construction laborers makes $24,000. As you can see, the oil industry pays double the salary for blue collar jobs.

But white collar positions like petroleum geologists also earn high salaries. New graduates with Masters or PhD degrees earn $80,000 to $110,000, not including sign-up bonuses and other perks. Other degrees, like petroleum engineering and chemical engineering, are also paid very highly.

You can verify these salary data yourself – government agencies like the Department of Labor and trade associations like the American Association of Petroleum Geologists publish these salary information. So do job boards and recruitment agencies.

2. Oil Field Jobs Still Have Good Prospects

Shareholders and CEOs do not like it, but oil drilling companies still have to hire new people. Companies in the oil and gas industry still face personnel shortages, whatever their management says about laying off workers. In 2006, a UK government report highlighted that oil drillers did not have enough managers, professional and technical staff. The staff shortage got even worse in 2008, and just because there is a recession in 2009 doesn’t magically make oil companies have enough workers.

Many oil fields are past their prime and production is declining. Multinational oil companies like Shell desperately need to discover new oil fields. Their situation is made worse by an aging workforce, especially a lack of younger geologists qualified to prospect for oil. Like many other large oil companies, Shell froze hiring during the slump in oil prices ($10/barrel) during the 1980s, and they now need to find new workers to replace their retiring workers and man new projects and oil rigs. Noble Corporation, one of the world’s largest offshore drilling companies, is another case in point. They have 5 new oil rigs, and need to fill up to 1500 vacancies.

While oil service companies listed on the stock exchange like Schlumberger and Halliburton say that they will cut their workforce during the recession, the fact that they did not present concrete plans strongly suggests that the news is just a public relations stunt to boost their stock prices. They may slow down the hiring new workers, but the slack will be taken up by private oil drilling companies. This is just like the 80s, when the major oil companies stopped hiring new workers and stopped building oil rigs. Instead, private investors did the reverse. They invested in new oil rigs, then when oil prices recovered in the 2000s, they sold or hired out their oil rigs for enormous sums of money. Basically, oil field employment will always be around. The actual employer changes, that’s all.

Once you get your first oilfield job, you can expect good salaries and prospects for the next few decades. Whether you work for a public-listed oil company or a privately-held firm, oil field employment will be around for a long time to come.

Unfair Dismissal from employment

Many employees are facing different types of problems from the employers which is not related to them or not for their mistake. Sometimes they will get fired from job for reasons that do not apply for them. Have you been forced to leave the job for petty reasons? You may have a cause of action against the employer for unfair dismissal if it is not the case.

The exact definition of unfair dismissal is when an employer action is the termination of the employment contract is contrary to the Employment Rights Act 1996. For example, if you were fired without reasonable cause or dismissal if your employer has not followed the correct procedure or even if you were fired for cause automatically unfair, such as maternity leave.

There are some that are automatically unfair dismissals and if you feel any of these situations, it is most likely a case of legal action. If your employer has completed its work in trying to exercise a legal right such as maternity leave, minimum wage, time off for public service as a juror or parental leave, must verify their claim arose and then continue with the action the right way. If you feel you have been discriminated against on grounds of sex, race, sexual orientation or disability, do not be intimidated by the job. Unfair dismissal is taken very seriously by a court and must be taken seriously by the employer as well.

A claim for unfair dismissal must be removed within three months after the last day of employment in order to solve the problem quickly and more accurately. The case must be brought before an employment tribunal and the prosecution side can come with or without legal representation. If you feel that you have a case to sue for unfair dismissal, you may want to contact your local council to local citizens before acting. There are procedures to follow when a claim which must be observed.

First, you should try to solve the problem with your employer, can be a simple case of misunderstanding. You can contact the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS), who are working to resolve disputes without going to trial. They can talk to an expert to help mediate the situation and possibly resolve it. Other than these there are few legal agencies that can help to solve such issues legally in short period.

If this problem persists, you can take legal action. Most employees must have worked at least one year for the employer before they can make a claim if it is a breach of your legal rights. To make your claim, you must complete an ET-1 form. You can contact a lawyer for the job before making the final decision to proceed as they will be able to ensure that any actions you take are correct. Online forms will be sent directly to the right person and then forwarded to the employer who has 28 days to give reply. If you have no time to do all these things then it is better to seek the help of professional lawyers.

Repetitive Strain Injury and your Employment

Repetitive Strain Injury is also known as cumulative trauma disorder (CTD), which is just one of many different names associated with Repetitive Strain Injury. The effect of Repetitive Strain Injury comes as the result of overusing a tool such as a computer, guitar or knife; basically any activity that requires repeated movements. Repetitive Strain Injury affects your muscles, tendons and nerves in your hands, arms and upper back.

Repetitive Strain Injury is a medically accepted condition, which occurs when muscles in your hands, arms and upper back are kept tense for long periods of time due to poor posture and repetitive motions. Some people also believe that stress is a main cause of Repetitive Strain Injury rather than it just being a contributing factor this is because of aspects such as job demands, poor support from colleagues and work dissatisfaction may cause an employee to work harder without realising the potential damage that they could be causing through Repetitive Strain Injury.

The effects of Repetitive Strain Injury may take months, even years to develop and in many cases starts with a slight ache that gradually gets worse. Once the problem of Repetitive Strain Injury has started the problem can get that bad that severe pain may be felt most of the time, even with only the slightest movement.

Anyone whose job involves repetitive movements is at risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury. The risk is increased by spending long periods of time without a break or sitting on an uncomfortable chair. The symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury can often vary from person to person but the most common three include pain, numbness and tingling; you also may find it difficult to hold objects. If you start to feel any of the following then it may be indicating the onset of Repetitive Strain Injury:

Recurring pain (myalgia) or soreness in neck, shoulders, upper back, wrists or hands. Tingling, numbness, coldness or loss of sensation. Loss of grip strength, lack of endurance, weakness. Muscles in the arms and shoulders feel hard and wiry when palpated. Pain or numbness while lying in bed. Often early stage RSI sufferers mistakenly think they are lying on their arms in an awkward position cutting off circulation

In many, if not all cases of Repetitive Strain Injury the treatment that you will receive will be given so that it targets all the major areas of your body that may be affected i.e. arms and upper back. So how exactly can Repetitive Strain Injury be prevented? When you are working in an environment that requires you to perform repetitive motions there are a few things that you can do that will reduce your risk of Repetitive Strain Injury such as warming up and cooling down your muscles, taking regular breaks throughout the day, having an appropriate workstation and a good seating position.

Employment Advantage At Arribatel Philippine Call Center

Recently, the Philippine employment rate was sharpened by the Philippine call center and BPO industries. Outsourcing call centers is currently the highest growing industry in the world that brings employment advantages. Philippine Call Center ArribaTel is becoming one of the leading job makers for Filipinos.

Philippine call center jobs in ArribaTel are mainly attractive for several reasons. From the high compensation packages to other benefits that come within the field of work, it is no doubt why many of the working class Filipinos would want to go into and succeed in the call center industry.

Anyone who is proficient in English or has enough English communication skills can be an ArribaTel call center agent. Just like any other call center, at ArribaTel Philippine call center, undergraduate applicants are welcome to apply as long as they are trainable for the work requirements.

A call center agent is the type of job that does not need a college diploma. If you have an acceptable personality, good personal skills, and if you are confident in making remote conversations through telephones, you are qualified to work in the outsourcing call centers industry.

At ArribaTel however, it is not surprising that the majority of call center agents are still graduates from the universities in Cagayan de Oro since these are the potentials with more English skills.

Being an ArribaTel Philippine Call Center agent can be very financially satisfying since you can get additional monetary rewards on top of the salary if can exceed sales quotas. It is indeed a well-paid job if you consider the financial benefits that you will get.

ArribaTel call center has training programs like English communication skills enrichment to personality enhancement to improve the skills of agents.

Philippine call center industry will continue to be an important source of income for many Filipino citizens going into the future.

Start now and see how a Philippine call center can give you a massive advantage in employment and higher business returns.

For those who has what it takes to be a Philippine call center agent and for those businesses that needs 24/7 calling and answering services in any part of the world, call (305) 508-5328 or
+6388 8562351 or visit

An Employment Lawyer Can Help You Maneuver Through Red Tape

As an employer, you face plenty of red tape that an employment lawyer can help you manage. This legal professional can help you handle your work force, adhere to government rules and regulations, and prepare contracts and documents. Without legal counsel, it’s challenging to make it through what sometimes feels like a maze.

Your Workers

Your workers are the lifeblood of your operation. In order to remain within the letter of the law and keep a happy staff, you need the guidance of an employment lawyer. You may need advice on everything from coping with sexual harassment to immigration issues. Not only can an attorney guide you through these challenges, he or she can hold workshops to educate your staff members regarding these issues. When you provide educational workshops for your employees on issues such as sexual harassment or safety, you can clear up all sorts of misconceptions. Some individuals may not even realize that what they’re doing is inappropriate. Not only can teaching them about appropriate workplace behavior help to lessen problems, it can protect your business, as well.

Government Rules and Regulations

Governmental regulations continually change, and they can be rather confusing. As the owner of your company, you must follow all federal, state, and city ordinances and other rules. You need to stay current with EEO and ADA compliance rules. You also need to know all about OSHA safety practices, minimum wage changes, unemployment benefits, and more. Additionally, you need to keep your physical premises handicap accessible, safe, pay your taxes on time, and respond appropriately to complaints from your workers, as well as your customers. When you operate a company in the United States, compliance is mandatory. An employment lawyer can help you remain compliant in all areas.

Contracts and Documents

The paperwork you use in your company must be exact or you could be held liable for inaccuracies. Contracts are legally binding between your business and your workers, customers, and vendors. Your employee handbooks, sales contracts, lease agreements, and every other document that represents your organization should be reviewed by your law firm’s experts.

Running a company in the United States involves understanding governmental regulations, handling your staff members legally and with finesse, and using carefully written contracts and documents. This is a lot of red tape to wade through without the guidance of an employment lawyer. Not only can this legal professional help you to manage your organization on a day-to-day basis, he or she can also be there when problems arise.

The Employment Prospects With Forensic Anthropology

Forensic anthropology is pairing the technology of human osteology and bodily anthropology usually, within legal setting. Osteology describes the study regarding a persons skeleton. Forensic anthropology is most often found in criminal investigations usually once the victim’s remains already are within the advanced stages of decomposition

For making forensic anthropology a job, you will need to specialize in two areas of forensics training: physical anthropology and archeology. In physical anthropology, the main focus should be on skeletal biology. An actual anthropologist is in charge of identifying if the bone tissues are human or otherwise, and if they are, to create a biological profile of the bones that will help in identifying the person. This biological summary generally includes identifying the sex, ancestry, age at the moment of dying, trauma, or even stature. On the other hand, by being a professional in archeology, the forensic anthropologist will be able to help out with looking for and excavating skeletal remains.

The reason why forensic anthropology specialists exist is is to enable them to narrate the reality in addition to offer proof with their hypothesis. A forensic anthropologist gives us the right angle from the scenario by supplying data that what individuals claim to have took place in fact didn’t happen.

With the frequency of crimes today, all the more does the requirement for forensics training in anthropology experts increase. Therefore you will discover them in police force agencies including the FBI where they behave as private consultants in the the academics in addition to clinical setting, in research, and inside the medical examiner or coroner divisions.

However, forensic anthropologists are not only seen needed in criminal investigations. Forensic anthropology also works in various archaeological research. Learning and learning about past customs like burial practices, offers us with a better knowledge of the cultural organization and sex differentiations quite a while ago. Another feature where forensic anthropology could be employed is at learning the overall health and diet of a culture. There are particular conditions that actually changes the skeletal structure, therefore forensic anthropology will come in to determine the complexities for which these were caused.

The advance created in science is consistently improving the various tools that forensic anthropologists use. Even though forensic anthropology dates back to as long as the mid 16th century, the modern changes in the industry, particularly the equipment and types of research, have propelled this science in to a totally new level.

Getting An Employment Reference Letter From College Professors

As a graduating college student you already know you’re immediate future could be tense. The odds of getting hired straight out of college aren’t nearly as high as they were ten years ago. The odds of getting a job which pays enough to cover your daily living expenses, as well as your student loans will prove even more difficult. When you’re getting ready to start applying for post-college jobs, you can’t afford to be blas about your employment reference letter. It doesn’t matter if you’re asking someone to write a letter for you, or if you’ve been asked to write a letter of recommendation for someone else, you need to make sure it’s the best letter possible.

When it comes to getting your first professional job after leaving college, you need to take care when selecting just who will be writing the letter. Even though your buddies love you, and will be more than willing to provide you outstanding recommendations, the really aren’t the ones you should be going to. Future employers won’t just be interested in the information contained in the employment reference letter, they will also be very interested in the person who penned the letter. The more respect they have for the employment reference letter’s author, the more weight they will give the reference, and the better your odds of landing the job.

Presumably you’re applying for a job in the same field you have jut finished studying. As long as this is the case, you should talk to some of your professors about providing you with good employment reference letter. Most college professors consider this to be part of their job. You will do best when you pick a professor you’ve not only worked closely with during the time you’ve been in the university, but you should also pick one that has strong connections in the field. The more respected the professor is, the better your chances of getting the job.

You shouldn’t wait until the last possibly second to get the letter. Professors are very busy, the have to carefully manage their time and it may take a few days before they have chance to sit down and write down their thoughts an opinions of you. The even bigger reason to ask the professor for the letter soon as possible will be to ensure they know exactly who they’re recommending for a job. The average college professor sees lots of students throughout the course of a year.

Employment Statistics Prove Positive For Social Workers

The realm of human welfare or social work has some particular specialties that include primarily children, family, education, public health, physical and psychological well-being and drug addiction. It has been seen that the scale of job prospects related to social welfare has only increased over the past years, this has even been validated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that a social worker had around 642,000 jobs in hand back in 2008. The graph has certainly aggravated presently.

Since majority of individuals working in the circle of social betterment has some concerns regarding the industry they wish to be associated with, it has even been evaluated that around 54% of individuals were then working in the health and human welfare industries while the remaining 31% worked in government sponsored agencies at various levels. With this entire report of job opportunities available for people working in the social development continuum, it explicitly indicates that job prospects are at no dearth, when it comes to looking for a stable and financially secure professional career.

The nature of a profession such as social welfare services is such that employees are assigned to work in cities as well as suburbs. It is expected for a social welfare employee to find a job in rural vicinities, as the space to exhibit their professional concerns and skills is more extensive as compared to an urban area, which is already quite developed. This indicates that social welfare is a profession, which comes with a lot of responsibilities and challenges.

Earlier, it was believed that not all specialist areas of social betterment thrived in terms of job opportunities, and not all offered the same amount of professional working security. However, today, all areas of social work are increasing job opportunities, particularly by the private social welfare organizations. In fact, the increase of employment in this industry has been around 22% which is promising. This is likely to increase with the time owing to the aging child boomer populace which will, over the span of time, demand better health and social services.

Apart from the physical stability, mental & psychological stability and drug addiction are areas which are rapidly augmenting with job prospects. An increase of 20% has also been predicted by specialists as there is going to be a strong demand of services to counter such deteriorating circumstances.

Last but not the least, children and family along with education are areas that are actually excelling areas in the field of human welfare and betterment. In order to bring about a change, an anchor lies in the hand of social services, augmenting the protection for children and their families while at the same time, emphasizing on the local prevalence of education is what is going to instigate a progressive developmental scale in the society. Some of the specialized areas elaborated on indicate the fields that can be explored by social welfare employees to bring a progressive change in the society.