Construction machinery industry, winter is not cold, some areas have been exposed dawn

Construction machinery industry is still dominated by traditional manufacturing industries, the overall global overcapacity. Fell to China, when the economy is less than double-digit growth occurs when excess capacity.” At yesterday’s meeting of the global construction machinery industry Conference 50 Summit, Zoomlion frankly Zhan new head of the difficulties faced by the entire industry.

However, a number of industry leaders said that the low growth rate does not mean that construction machinery market is smaller, but is Lianhaoneigong business opportunities. In the reporter a “grassroots research” in the process, companies have also indicated that they agree. A questionnaire showed, nearly 2/3 of the entrepreneurs optimistic industry outlook.

Not cold winter

Summit convened with the same period is Twelfth China International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines and Mining Machinery Exhibition (BICES). One years of service providers attending the exhibition told Shanghai Securities News reporter, fewer exhibitors this year, exhibitors are small, the enterprise does not even come how organizational activities, “the industry is obvious signs of adjustment.”

However, the construction machinery does not seem cold winter. A dealer in North China, said from the industry trend, the industry’s equipment running time two years ago has bid farewell to the sharp decline, the current year has stabilized and even slightly upward.

Zhan new ideas for this winter is not cold, providing evidence. He believes that the industry is corporate self-systolic finishing the critical period. Since the fourth quarter since 2012, Zoomlion initiative to adjust business strategy pursued by the scale of growth in the core business adjusted to the pursuit of quality as the core. 2013 semi-annual report, Zoomlion has begun to change bonus cash, two quarter sales pick up, single-quarter operating revenue and net profit growth of 138% and 290%; net cash flow generated from operating activities 1.157 billion yuan, an increase of 97.47%.

A pair of 67 construction machinery enterprises questionnaire asked a question – whether the industry five years out of the woods, back up the track? The findings are that 43 companies agrees, of which 24 are foreign, promising ratio close to 2/3.

Imma segments

While the overall industry growth is also caught in a standstill, but still maintained a growth of leading enterprises. In Zoomlion, the Anhui Heli is an example. Anhui Heli of a company management told reporters that three quarters of the company is expected to maintain a 20% growth rate, “the year can also be estimated.”

The reason, the downstream face of the industrial truck market, and excavators, loaders construction facing downstream market differ. In addition, in recent years the downstream electricity supplier Wars warehousing and logistics channel construction thriving, which also financed the forklift manufacturer.

Among them, small truck sales figures, especially good. The company executives pointing to the 3-ton forklift booth, “said a large truck reflects the strength of the company, but the small forklift use more flexible, demand-side wider, you can in order to win.”

Affected by the downstream investment of small and road machinery. Changlin of a staff member told reporters that in recent years the new rural construction is hot, one of the villages and the associated road hardening projects driven by the demand for road machinery, “A lot of places need repair low-grade roads, where completing the repairs there. completing another way, the annual maintenance is no small effort, coupled with investment in previous years, no overheating, so road machinery downstream tepid, with excavators, loaders such universal equipment very different. ”

Similarly there are truck-mounted cranes. Data show that in foreign countries, 1/5 of the truck with a crane factory in China, only one percent, an industry analyst said, “construction machinery enterprises should pay more attention to urbanization in the subdivision requirements, and Trends mechanization promotion. ”

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