Creating Online Employment Portal For Laborers

With the advent of social media, more online portals have sprung up which address different causes and interests. Recently, a team of alumni from a very famous Institute of Mass Communication and Media Technology have formed an online portal to provide employment opportunities to a large number of laborers, like gardeners, plumbers, mechanics, security guards etc.

This alumni online portal for laborers comprises of some students of current batch of the institute and its former students with a mission to provide employment opportunities to the poor or needy people.

People in search of workers can log on to this portal and can get access to a database of thousands of skilled and unskilled workers. It is a common platform for both the workers and the employers to achieve their objective. The portal aims to provide complete details of the workers to the employers, like name of the worker, contact number and the skill he or she is trained in.

The portal which was formed by a handful of batch mates of the institute, now boasts of a large strength mainly comprising students and professionals from various institutes and companies. The alumni portal which was created for blue collar workers had been developed on Viburnix. Viburnix, a robust platform which is not only armed with some very good alumni features like social & professional collaboration, event management but also displays brand building features.

Saviance has designed this alumni software keeping in mind the basic requirements of a network which considers mainly, how to communicate, collaborate, socialize, control and give back. Viburnix provides all the tools that an online platform needs to keep its members engaged and connected with each other.

Viburnix has a slew of alumni features with which members can perform a number of functions like creating groups and sub groups, running discussions, email campaigns, event management, advanced alumni directory etc. It assists organizations in providing all the tools they need to run their network efficiently.

Viburnix is an alumni online portal where members can collaborate and contribute to each others success. It provides compatible features with cutting-edge technology and helps these institutions to maintain valuable relationships with their members.
It is a brand building software which not only serves your communitys needs but also adds great value to your network. It gives a mission to your cause by collaborating with people across the globe through its various communication channels like blogs, forums and discussion boards etc. It also offers reliable revenue streams and high-quality education programs and services for the members.

Organizations and institutes worldwide have widely acclaimed Viburnix as one of the best software for managing online networks and running online communities effectively. It helps its members to exchange views, enable communication and control the processes through their different programs and initiatives which run successfully on this platform.