Do It Yourself Windmill Construction

Windmills are mainly known as alternative power generation tools and, of course, as beautiful garden decoration too. Obviously do it yourself windmills for garden decoration is a relatively easy to be built. However constructing a power generator is more complicated.

The first step is to obtain a do it yourself windmill plan or do it yourself windmill kit. It is highly recommended that you go for option one (windmill plan) simply because it is less costly as compared to later. Of course there is always an option to get all the required parts for the windmill tower and turbine, and just to put them together.

Regardless of your approach at this point you will need to decide if you would like to have wooden windmill or one made of metal. Indeed, aluminum windmills are more expensive but they are also much more durable than the wooden ones.

A very important consideration is how much power your household needs and how much power your windmill will be providing. To determine the amount of power needed simply check your last months utility bills. Once you have a rough idea about it you are ready to choose a windmill of size that will be able to generate the same amount of power. Wind speed and the overall amount of windy days per year are also factors that need to be taken into account for correct power supply estimation. If fact it is wiser to start with these calculations as it may turn out that your windmill will not generate enough power and thus there will be no point in building one.

Another crucial step in do it yourself windmill construction is its location. This depends on the wind patterns in your area. In any case any good windmill construction plan should give advice how to choose the best spot as well as the height of the tower.