Get The Sixth Census Of Agriculture In Italy

The general census of agriculture was essentially a census of economic nature that is accurate count of the farm and working in Italy today. In the data emerging from the census should be included in a particular manner the various characteristics of each company, the workers employed and agricultural machinery in the possession of the owner of the farm itself.
The census is done through the detection unit which is the agricultural, livestock and forestry. The census also serves to give the key definitions for agriculture because it is within the last census report that you can recall the precise definition of the farm that is “techno-economic unit consisting of land, including parcelsnon-contiguous, which implements the agricultural production, forestry, livestock by a tenant as an individual, company or institution, who bears the risk either alone or in partnership form. “However, this definition is still vague to understand all the realities that exist within the agricultural world. In fact, many times at international level was stressed that there is a need to distinguish between different reality on the land cultivated, technologies such as drills agricultural tractors or other machinery of high technology used, the number of workers and annual turnover.

The census of agriculture had its first implementation in 1961 and held every ten years. That provided in the autumn of 2010 therefore appears to be the sixth edition. Data collection is via the administration of questionnaires, from simple to complex, to the farmers by officers who have passed the invitation of the Region launched by themselves independently. These officials must have the characteristics to be respected both for admission to the competition is good for the completed engagement. They must be experts on agriculture, livestock husbandry and have accumulated expertise in the technologies applied to the primary sector in general. E ‘therefore necessary to have the diploma of secondary school is desirable but in many cases a degree in agriculture or similar.

The questionnaires are designed to be administered may know the reality which is to explore means of general questions that are gradually increasing in particular aimed at understanding the general characteristics of the company (then type of activity, crop farming and other features in general) that are useful for statistics on production and distribution activities. Another focal point on which applications were submitted is that of the organization and division of labor within the company itself that is useful to know how many farm machines are used and how many workers are needed to tend to a certain number of crops or animals to livestock.

And ‘undisputed national and European level not only useful but indeed the indispensability of the census to have a clear situation of the whole primary sector that many times, given the vague regulations and less monitored than those relating to industry,might not be considered as it should.