Green Cement Company Emerges As Leader In New Sciences For Agriculture And Energy Industries

Pompano Beach, Florida, March 13, 2014 – Blue World Crete, Inc., CEO, Robert Panitz and Himanshu Verma, Chairman of Navrattan Free Power Limited, announced their grand opening of their new Mumbai office of their joint venture company, Navrattan Blue Crete Industries. They are presently licensing regions of India with the newest Blue World Crete Technologies for manufacturing a high performance Green cement alternative for Portland cement. The new process for manufacturing their Blue Crete Fusion Binder takes full advantage of domestic and marine plants, even such plants as sea weed. The earlier process involved claims of utilizing algae only. The new process can now utilize a number of organic sources of feed stock which has improved the products ability to meet the economic and ecological challenge to Portland cement. The new venture between the two companies promises to take India by storm with high performance Green Concrete and low cost manufacturing which can be passed on to the consumer and business alike. The new process binder of BWC is a natural for low cost public housing and infrastructure. The growing economy in India is fertile ground for the launching of this newest of technologies for the Green cement/concrete formulation of BWC.

Art Galietti, Chief Operating Officer of BWC has told us that they have already licensed three major regions in India and are planning for the installation of cement plants capable of at minimum, one million metric tons per year. The new technology will not be in competition for fly ash used by the cement giants as this material is becoming more in demand around the world, as well as India. Blue Crete can take advantage of other pozzolan materials which are inexpensive and often just waste materials of other industries.

Blue World Crete has been on the march this last year in acquiring other world changing technologies to add to its corporate portfolio. Last month the company announced its joint venture relationship with a major university in Europe which has been a pioneer in using algae for agricultural purposes. CAP is a “Clean Algae Process” for the manufacture of a natural pesticide, growth enhancing and drought resistant product made from a natural process using algae. This new agricultural algae product will challenge many of the toxic and bioengineered products now used in the agricultural industry today.

Mr. Galietti has also informed us that a confidential partnership has been formed with a science and technology company located in Europe, which has built prototypes of a completely new technology in clean energy production. This technology is called EAS (Electric Amplification System) and can produce incredible amounts of electricity without a constant feed stock of fossil fuels, atomic energy, or hydro powered means. It can recycle its own energy feed stock in a closed loop system. Mr. Galietti has indicated that only a few groups of investors have been invited and allowed to witness the new prototypes located in Europe. More information will be available on CAP and EAS in future articles. Watch for them.

BWC is the company to keep track of in Green Technologies. For further information on Blue World Crete Inc. and the new innovations mentioned here, contact Mr. Art Galietti in their Florida corporate office at 954-978-9399, or

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