How will I be able to use franchising as a strategy to develop in another country

For a variety of organizations the notion of growing into other international regions is a highly attractive proposition. Alas, for most it also feels like an insurmountable challenge that is just too difficult to contemplate seriously. But franchising can provide the remedy. In comparison to to the large financial commitment required to open up wholly owned subsidiaries in the selected marketplaces, it is relatively low cost, low risk and critically it uses the local abilities of individuals accustomed to doing commerce in that country. There are lots of organisations that will not franchise in their domestic market yet have decided to develop internationally making use of a franchise strategy, which includes some significant, well known companies.

The initial thing to say is that international franchising must only be attempted together with the support of first rate, experienced franchise experts. It really is a complex subject and a small outlay in specialist advice at the start might make the entire undertaking simpler and more successful.

It is an obvious point to make, but international markets tend not to operate in the same way as the market does in your region. Apparent though it is, many organisations have learnt this the hard way. Local legislation and legal systems are going to be different, ways of undertaking business might be different, regional culture will be different and customer behaviour will be different. In truth all of these things are extremely appealing motives to franchise. Having a high-quality franchisee who is a business person used to working in the local market is critical and will assist you enormously.

So who is this franchisee and what do they do? Well there are several solutions to structure an international franchise system. Starting at the bottom you could decide on direct franchisees – that’s people whose function is to open and run the business units themselves. Or you might decide on regional developers whose function it is to take on and manage the franchisees who run the business units. Then again you could decide to hand over the development of a entire country or region to your master licensee who effectively becomes the franchisor for that territory. They then may either recruit regional developers or franchisees.

Each of these methods has its merits and the solution is to do with the kind of business that you’re in, the role you wish to adopt in the franchising structure and the regions you wish to enter. The critical thing is to have high-quality assistance ahead of making the choice, because once made it is hard to undo.

Having done the analysis and formulated the applicable strategy for each international territory being focused on the correct documentation has to be developed. Each layer of the franchising structure needs guidance on the way to operate along with a legal framework in which to operate. Once more a top quality franchise consultant will have the ability to help you with this.

Finally, the task of locating the best companies to work with starts. Master licensee and franchisee recruitment may take time, but the critical thing is to make certain you locate the correct companies to work with. When utilising the services of high-quality international franchise consultants it is a mixture of marketing and networking that achieves the best results.