Necessity of Help for Employment Litigation

Any lawsuit may spell serious trouble for a business, especially if it is a new or a small one. It assumes greater proportions in case the plaintiff is an employee, past or present. You need to get in touch with a capable employment attorney for active defense in such circumstances.

When does retaining legal counsel become imperative?/b>

Here are a few instances-

You are facing an investigation by the federal or state agency on grounds of employment law violation. Whether it is the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission or the Florida equivalent of it, you need legal counsel to ensure that it does not reach unmanageable proportions.

You are facing a lawsuit claiming a violation of a federal or state employment law. It can be anything – a violation of the American with Disabilities Act, a discriminatory termination, or a sexual harassment. Proper legal representation is necessary to avoid the negative consequences of such litigation.

You are facing litigation concerning the non-compete agreements an employee refuses to adhere to. Interpretation of the terms and conditions in the agreement to defend your side is the chief task of the Fort Lauderdale employment attorney.

How could an attorney be of help?

The important points in this regard are as follows –

The attorney has the necessary knowledge of the federal and state laws to understand the matter and the legal interpretations and implications.
The attorney has the necessary certification to represent you in case the litigation reaches the trial stage.
The attorney has the necessary experience in similar employment cases making it easier for him/her to handle your case.

Why is defense essential?

Without adequate, and timely, defense, an employer may end up in serious legal trouble. If you lose, it may mean considerable financial losses. Litigation implies waste – of time and money. In such a circumstance, losing the suit only doubles your monetary losses.

You may have to provide the employee with back pay, wages and benefits, as well as court costs and attorney fees. You may also need to reinstate your employee, or give him/her a promotion and a raise.

However, these are not of as much consequence as the loss of your reputation. Losing a suit may not mean much for a business, but the associated taint on your record may be quite a concern. You need timely and effective defense immediately. This is the reason you need to find an employment attorney for advice and representation.