Pole Barns Money Saving Pole Barn Construction Techniques Exposed

If you found this article you are asking yourself one of two questions. What is a pole barn? How could it benefit me to build a pole barn over a traditional barn?

Both of these questions are very good questions that we will answer for you during this article.

Lets go ahead and start with the first question. What is a pole barn?

Very simply put a pole barn is a barn built without a traditional floor or slab. The construction of a pole barn consists of placing poles or pressure treated lumber at the structural points of the building and either attaching them to a concrete pier or sinking the pole itself into the ground approx 36-44 depending on your location and building codes for your area. Once these poles are set and the framing of your roof is in place you would build your walls in-between the poles. The walls do not sit on a traditional slab but instead can sit slightly above the soil. You can later lay gravel, keep the dirt or pour a slab if you choose.

How could it benefit me to build a pole barn over a traditional barn?

Simply put pole barn construction is much simpler and more cost effective than a traditional barns construction. Here is why:

1.No foundation required.

a.A foundation for most counties consists of a 12 14 wide x 36-44 deep continuous concrete footing. Go and price that out and see what that will cost you! Keep in mind, unless you want to break your bag you need to include the cost of a full days rental for a backhoe to trench it.

2.No floor required.

a.You dont need a concrete slab on top of your foundation. You can use dirt, or gravel instead which is very cost effective. The only thing you want to make sure of when using this method is to level the ground before you begin construction. Doing it later is a nightmare!

3.If you ever want to expand your barn you can.

a.Because your pole barn is not attached to a concrete slab you dont need to worry about adding more foundation or slab when putting on an addition.