Protect Public Safety With Construction Site Fencing

Construction sites can be quite perilous as there are many opportunities for accidents or fatalities to occur at sites such as these. To minimize these opportunities, construction management companies and building site managers need to ensure they are following all established safety procedure guidelines. In addition, those in charge of overseeing the construction site may want to consider clearly defining the construction site’s boundaries. By doing so, both the general public and construction site workers will be aware of the specific areas in which construction site work is to be conducted.

Erecting Perimeter Fencing:

One way to clearly delineate the boundaries of a construction site is by erecting a Fence around the perimeter of the area under construction. By ensuring that work is carried out within well-defined borders, the public can be kept safe from potentially life threatening accidents. Furthermore, construction site workers will have a secure area in which to conduct their work. Construction site workers need to focus their full attention on the work at hand. If they are distracted by fears or concerns regarding the health and safety of the public, they could jeopardize their own safety as well as the safety of their co-workers. Erecting a fence around the perimeter of the construction site will provide a sense of safety and security for the public, construction site workers, and the company managing the construction site.

Popular Types of Construction Fencing:

There are several types of Fencing that construction management companies use to restrict access to construction sites. Two of the most popular fencing options are temporary mesh fencing and temporary hoarding fencing. These fencing options are quite versatile are ideal for a multitude of protects. They also provide excellent security and privacy as well as boundary control. With mesh fencing, fence panels along with yellow plastic or concrete safety blocks are used to erect perimeter fencing. Fence panels are 2000mm high and 2500mm wide, and the fence panels weight 31KG. Plastic or concrete safety blocks are 130mm high, 230mm wide, 600 mm long, and they weigh 32 KG. A hoarding fence consists of plastic sheets made from high density polyethylene that are environmentally safe and cost effective. The dimensions of these fence panels are the same same as the mesh fencing, but their weight is 43 KG. The same yellow plastic or concrete safety blocks used with mesh fencing can be used with a hoarding fence.

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