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The Question

“Will you marry me?” is a question most women long to hear. Women dream about who they will marry and when from an early age. Those dreams all revolve around that one question. Almost as important as whom they will marry, is how he will pop the question. Unfortunately, most men don’t spend near as much time preparing the way they will propose.

There have been studies done that reveal the sad truth that many women are disappointed in how they were proposed to. Sadly enough, some of these polls shown upward of 80% of all women wish their proposals had been different. It is a question and an event that will be remembered. Therefore, it should be a very special time. Men should take the time to plan this moment with consideration of who they are asking. Planning ahead and putting together a special time will ensure that she will not only remember it, she will cherish it forever.

Taking into consideration what defines the relationship and what your lady likes will help ensure a memorable proposal. Almost all good and unforgettable proposals have one simple thing in common, planning ahead.

Take the time to think about what she really cherishes. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money but it does require that you think ahead. Remember that most women want to feel special. They want to know that you are willing to plan something romantic and extraordinary. If she likes theatrics you could literally become her knight in shining amour. Rent or borrow a suit of armor from your local theater or costume shop. Have her meet you near some riding stables. In full armor, ride up to meet her with ring in hand and ask her to be your princess for all time.

If she is a cuddly kind of girl, tie the ring to a stuffed animal and let her find it as she starts to cuddle the animal. Maybe your lady is a true animal lover. If so include her pet or your pet or maybe even a new puppy or kitten into the proposal. Some women are mesmerized by Christmas. Some even dream of a Christmas wedding. Why not use that to your advantage. String lights around a Christmas tree and decorate it with only one ornament, her diamond. She is sure to remember that forever.

Many girls enjoy romantic literature such as Shakespeare. If your girlfriend is one of them, mail her a poem along with a picture of yourself on bended knee with a ring. Be there with her when she receives it and pop the question. Some women are afraid of heights. For them this won’t work. But if she is not afraid and she is a little adventurous, a hot air balloon ride maybe the perfect place for her proposal. Maybe your girl is taken with mysteries. A treasure hunt could be perfect. If she is the type who wants the world to know that you have chosen her, you could rent a billboard and write her name, marry me, and your name. Make sure to drive by it together. Maybe she likes quiet moments alone. Take her on a picnic and ask her to be yours.

No matter when or where you decide to ask, make sure she feels special and she will remember her moment forever. Don’t forget the ring. It is the one constant, visible reminder of that moment in time that she will wear for the rest of her life.