Small Business Opportunties In Franchising

Franchising is a great opportunity to take a tried business plan that has proven successful and run a business of your own on that model. Of course, there are rules that must be followed and fees that must be paid, but in the long run buying a franchise that has already established itself in the market can be a very lucrative business. However, buying a franchise can be very expensive, which limits the individuals who are actually able to afford buying a franchise in the first place. But, there are some small business opportunities in franchising that do not require huge investments. This opens the window of opportunity for many other individuals to get in on a franchise without a huge investment.

The following small business opportunities in franchising are just a sampling of what is available. Check them out and maybe you will find what you are looking for. Also keep in mind there are many other small business opportunities in franchising out there that might suit you better than the examples below. If so, start looking and you will find plenty more at!

Taxback Franchise

This small business opportunity is all about tax recovery. Taxback offers seven different ways to make money by providing a free service, which is tempting for many. The startup costs are low from $8,995 – $12,495 and no specific amount of liquidity is required. Training and support are available with this opportunity.

At Work Personnel Services Franchise

The At Work Personnel Services franchise focuses on providing staffing and other necessary resources to businesses. No barriers are set by the franchiser which gives the franchisee much more control over the business. Capital investment is $59,500- $105,000 with liquidity being $50,000. Training and support are offered while financing is not.

Contours Express Fitness Franchise

The healthcare market is booming so any franchise relating to health has a great chance to be successful. A Contours Express franchise is just one business opportunity that takes advantage of the increased interest in health and benefits from it. The capital investment is from $55,720 – $95,420 and financing, support, and training are all available.

There are so many small business opportunities in franchising that anyone can find one that fits their situation with just a little research. When looking for a small business franchising opportunity it is important to take into account your skills and interests in combination with the capital investment you are willing to make, your liquidity, whether or not you will need financing and the amount of control you will be able to have over the business. Once you understand your capabilities and personal desires for running a franchise then you will be able to find one that suits you and your situation much easier. Don’t delay trying to find the best small business franchise opportunity for you because you just might miss the perfect opportunity. Evaluate your personal situation, the market you are interested in, and the small business franchise opportunity that ties it all together. With just a little research you will find the best opportunity for you.