Starting A Unique Franchise Business

Statistically, franchises are much more likely to succeed than all other types of small business start ups. They come fully equipped with a tried and true method for succeeding in their market place and already have strong brand recognition. They also have contracts with suppliers and a full supply chain already set up and in place. In addition to this, new franchises will often receive extensive training in all aspects of the business.

If youre thinking about starting a small business, you might want to start a franchise. A franchise can easily get you started off on the right foot. Less than half of all small businesses fail in the first year, so why not raise those odds by franchising?

One unique franchise you can take advantage of is in the asphalt pothole repair business. Why start up yet another Subway or Wendy’s when you can do something interesting. If you want to serve fries and make sandwiches all day, they by all means start a fast food franchise. However, if you want to actively pursue customers and work with new cutting edge technology, then you might want to consider starting a franchise business with Dr Pot hole.

This company is at the cutting edge in industry technology. They have advanced systems that enable their crews to finish hot patch asphalt repairs in less than thirty minutes. Compare this to the average time frame of two days from the competition and you’ll see why this company is doing so well.

Their systems also allow folks to start up small businesses with just a simple two person crew. What other franchise can you start with only two people? Starting the business with such a small amount of employees enables new businesses to save on costs while they are building up. Once you’ve built up a customer base you can then add on more employees as needed.

Starting a pot hole repair franchise with Dr Pot Hole will also give you the opportunity to receive expert training for a full month. While many franchises simply send you a dvd and some instructional manuals, you’ll actually receive real training from pothole repair specialists. This is a huge advantage that will ensure your success. Why sign on with companies that provide you with minimal training when you can sign on with Dr Pot Hole and receive a full month of training with a specialist.

Another reason you might want to start a pothole repair franchise is because you do not have to have an office or store. Many people that start businesses find that they become chained to their business. They end up dreading Monday mornings just as much as they did when they worked for somebody else. Do you really want to trade in your boss just so you can tie yourself down to a piece of property you are renting? This business can be completely mobile. All you will need is a vehicle and a high quality cell phone. Why not contact us today for more information?