Happy Vacationing with a Wheelchair Van Rental

Many times, individuals wish to rent vehicles that are better suited to their immediate needs, but are not suited for their everyday needs. Wheelchair van rental is one such situation. While many handicapped individuals own their own vehicles or use city transportation on a regular basis, this is not always practical. With a vacation or large journey looming in the distance, wheelchair van rental may become a necessity. For these individuals, being familiar with the various wheelchair rental van companies, and how to obtain these vans, becomes a serious issue when planning trips.

Wheelchair van rental is often used when one or more wheelchair-bound individuals wish to travel beyond the city limits without purchasing a Greyhound ticket. There are several companies that offer these rentals, and with a little research, any individual can find the one best suited to his or her specific needs. Wheelers Van Rentals and Accessible Minivan Rentals are two such companies providing many a fully-accessible wheelchair van rental

Wheelers Van Rentals is a nationwide rental agency with locations in almost every major city in every state. This wheelchair van rental agency confirms all reservations via telephone, and offers a “make or beat” price policy. As with other rental agencies, a major credit card is required or a cash deposit with proof of residency. The prices of rentals are related directly to the type of vehicle rented and the features provided.

Accessible Minivan Rentals is located throughout Florida in major cities. This wheelchair van rental agency makes the costs of the rental known upfront. For standard accessible vans, daily rental fees are $100, $588 weekly and $2000 monthly. This company stipulates that all drivers of the van must be at least 21 years of age. As with Wheelers Van Rentals, renters must produce a credit card and a valid drivers license.

There are many other rental agencies that cover both nationwide service and local service. Most of these rental agencies have the same rules for renting. Knowing what to expect can help potential renters eliminate the stress of traveling and streamline their planning processes. These wheelchair van rental companies often provide extra features in the vehicles, so checking what features are available can provide for a comfortable trip, or save money if the features are not needed. Individuals should always price check before renting. If a rental agency is informed that a lower cost can be obtained elsewhere, a better vehicle might be obtained through the first rental agency for a better rate.

Renters need to remember to check with their insurance companies to make sure their insurance policies cover the rentals. If not, additional insurance may need to be purchased. This can be done either through the insurance company or through the rental company. The incidental insurance provided by the insurance company can also come in handy if there is the potential for damage to the vehicle. In the end, wheelchair van rental insurance can save the driver hundreds of dollars; paying out of pocket for an accident is a sure way to ruin any vacation.