Texas Airport Jobs & Employment

Houston is the United State’s fourth largest city, with a population of over 2.5 million and is the center of the metropolitan statistical area with estimated population of 6.1 million. The vast majority of long distance visitors to the Houston region choose to travel by air. These travels needs are met by combined of three airports. Two of them, George Bush Intercontinental Airport and William P. Hobby Airport provide for commercial passenger and cargo services. In total, they serve about 49 million annual commercial passengers including arriving, departing and connecting passengers. The third, Ellington, is a general aviation airport serves DOD, NASA and private aviation needs. Combined, all three provides for thousands of airport jobs in Houston, TX.

As the seat of energy and petrochemical industries, its economic growth over the decades is attributed to the development of high technology, medical research, health care, and professional services industries. As an international center for the energy, its major industry has expanded to oil and gas exploration, basic petroleum refining, petrochemical production, medical research and health care delivery, and technological innovation in computer, environmental and aerospace.

Likewise, airport jobs in Houston move people and goods within the region, across the nation and throughout the world. George Bush intercontinental Airport serves as he primary domestic and international commercial service airport fro the region serving over 5000,000 commercial aircraft operations and over 40 million annual passengers. While Houston Hobby serves domestic air travel needs for the Houston region. Known fr frequent service and low fares, the airport serves almost 9 million passengers and approximately 140,000 aircraft operations. The third is the Ellington Airport which primarily serves for military aircraft operations and is the base for NASA flight operations and military reserve units.

For the above mentioned reasons, the economic impact of the Houston Airport System affects programs and international trade. The employment opportunities for all who are interested are the following:

Airport Operations Coordinator George Bush Intercontinental
Airport Operations Specialist George Bush Intercontinental
Airport Supervisor George Bush Intercontinental
Division Manager Supply Chain Management of Houston Airport System
Division Manager (Enterprise Asset Management) Project Management Office of Houston Airport Office
Electrician George Bush Intercontinental
Equipment Operator III George Bush Intercontinental
Equipment Worker (Airfield & Grounds) George Bush Intercontinental

Texas Airport Jobs & employment with some of their description:

Airport Operations Coordinator

Inspects airport terminal areas and ensure safe and secure land side operations.
Prepare Inspection reports.
Observe tenant and airline activities
Notify supervisors for unsafe conditions and policy/procedure violations

Airport Operations Specialist (on top of airport jobs in Houston, TX)

Assist land side and safety function
Conducts safety inspections in the terminal area
Monitors deviations and takes corrective action as required

Airport Supervisor

Supervises employees who are responsible for the cleaning and appearance of facilities
Prepares and plans daily and weekly schedules and work assignments
Inspects job sites to assess quality and productivity

Employment opportunities for airport jobs in Houston comes from the aviation production and related services at the three airports and from the spending of airport-dependent entities in the Houston region. Air travelers also affect considerable number of job openings in the local economy which directly impacts those of the airport.