Fashion Epos – Retail Fashion Epos Systems, Cheap POS Support

Epos Direct Fashion Epos is designed specifically for fashion retailers. Epos Direct FASHION EPOS information helps you find the weak spots and discover your strongest areas, leading you to make improvements where necessary. With the help of epos direct fashion retail systems, you save time and valuable resources spent accumulating the data provided by your most current software.
It is a single system that enables you to manage your stock at shop , ware house & website as well. The system that keeps you in control of your business and it runs directly from your till or sales point!
Epos Direct have released a brand new Fashion Epos, which includes Epos Hardware, Fashion Epos Software & E-commerce Solutions useful for Independent retailers with one shop or boutique or group of chain store.
Our Fashion Epos provides you with affordable Fashion Retail Management and Epos solutions that will save you hours of time, keeping track of your stock and making business decisions for improving shrinkage and customer spending. Fashion Epos Systems is a powerful and innovative, modular based Windows software application that has been developed with feed back from retailers to focus on the real requirements of Fashion Epos, Stock Management and Fashion E-commerce solutions.

Our FASHION EPOS will help increase efficiency while reducing operating expenses. Fashion Epos Systems helps provide managed services as part of their support plan; this drastically reduces the technical issues for the customers, especially those with Multi-Stores. Fashion Epos Systems will also ensure that all your stores are connected to each other and the database back-up for every store is updated every few minutes.
Complete Fashion Epos Package Included:-
* Touch screen System
* Cash Draw
* Receipt Printer
* Barcode Scanner
* 12 months warranty on hardware
* Epos Direct Till and Back Office Software
Fashion Epos Features:-
* Purchase orders
* Receiving
* Distribution & Store Transfers
* Inventory Management
* Physical Inventory/Cycle Counting Overview
* Customer Management
* Access rights & Control
* Discounts, returns
* Multi-tender processing
* Gift certificates/cards
* Added security at workstations
* Marketing tools
* Loyalty Programs

Epos Direct FASHION EPOS Head Office Solutions

The Epos Direct FASHION Head Office Solution allows hospitality business with more then one location to manage the business operation from one place. The Head Office solution is trusted and proven to allow quick and easy decision making processes and initiates changes throughout the wide area network up to real-time.

Remote access to business critical information from any location

Epos Direct Fashion Epos System allows endorsed personnel the option to remotely access the tills Head Office system. Senior managers and accounting staff can review sales, stock and cash figures from any location including their home offices. This will really useful for the analytical teams who have been able to significantly reduce the number of man-hours involved in the invoicing process due to this facility.
Epos Direct Fashion Epos Systems stands for reliability, cost-effectiveness, quality and trust. Epos direct is The authors of the Emporium Software and hospitality solutions with proven technologies currently used in the Europe, Africa, USA, Asia & Middle East.