How To Qualify For Franchise Financing In Canada A Franchising Finance Business Loan That Makes

What do I need to do to get to the goal line? That’s a favorite client question when it comes to franchise financing in Canada. We’re talking about a franchising business loan to finance your new business (or one that exists already which you’re buying).

Information. Solid info that you want on the qualifications and process involved in getting approved for your franchise investment. Let’s dig in.

To say that franchise finance is a ‘ specialty’ area of Canadian business financing is an understatement. There is a fundamental misunderstanding of how this type of finance works, the processes around it, and the risks that you can avoid by doing things properly… with some expert advice along the way.

Is there a systematic way, or method that Canadian franchisees can use to get the financing they need? We think there is. Essentially it is really two very simpe concepts, planning, and knowing the process. Simple as that.

Many new Canadian franchisee ‘ wannabees’ view financing as an obstacle. We can forgive those clients sometimes because in the last few years any type of business financing has been a challenge, whether you’re General Motors or purchasing a new franchise in the restaurant industry!

Many franchisees (mistakenly so) think the franchisor you are working with is either going to provide you with the financing you need, or in some cases at least steer you in the right direction. They might do a bit of the latter, but let’s be honest here; the franchisors job is selling franchises, not financing them. Even various banks and other franchise lenders probably would like to see franchisors being more involved in the franchising finance business, but we simply don’t think that is going to happen.

Education. And guess what, we are not talking about educating you, we’re talking on your need to be able to educate your franchise lender about why you are the perfect franchise financing in Canada candidate.

And who are the franchise lenders in Canada. That’s probably the main thing you wanted to know, isn’t it? There are 4 key franchise lenders in Canada. They are the Canadian chartered banks under a special program called the BIL/CSBF program , one or two very specialized franchise finance lenders ( they only do very large transactions ) , and thirdly some independent finance firms that offer equpment financing tailored specifically for the franchise industry .

But didn’t we say there were 4 lenders? We did. And we’re pretty sure you know that 4th lender already. It’s yourself, because your own equity portion or down payment into your business is viewed of course as a debt or a loan.

So whats the clear process in qualifying for franchise financing in Canada. Is there a clear road map you can follow? We categorically think there is. And here it is.

Identify the total franchise funding you need. Determine what amount of owner equity you are prepared to put into the transaction. Anywhere from 10 – 40% is typically required. Determine which of the 3 other methods of financing will allow you to cobble together a total solution to finance your new business.

Next step – prepare a package that includes a business plan, cash flow, info on yourself and the franchisor, with a focus on success and repayment of your debt. Along the way don’t forget that you need reasonable personal credit history, and boy does some specific industry experience or general business knowledge help in confirming your future ability to be successful for a franchise finance business loan.

Focus on the best financing that matches your needs; we strongly recommend the BIL program which has great rates, terms, structures, and limited personal guarantees.

Going it alone? It’s possible. A better idea? Speak to a trusted, credible an experienced Canada business financing advisor on information and help on franchise financing in Canada. Next step = ‘ You’re approved ‘!

Franchising Loan What’s The Difference Between Franchise Finance And Other Business Loans

It’s a great client question: What in fact is the difference between a franchising loan and a regular business loan when it comes to arranging franchise finance in Canada?

The answer? There are some differences, but you just might be surprised at the similarities when it comes to comparing the two. Let’s explain.

When it comes to the ‘ players ‘ in your finance loan, it’s pretty simple. Contributions are required from you, and your lender / lenders! In Canada those lenders are specialized franchise financing firms, banks, and third party commercial finance companies. While it is extremely difficult in Canada to obtain full financing for your franchise via a Canadian chartered bank the good news is that thousands of franchises are financed via the Government Small Business Loan which can provide funding up to $ $350,000. That’s not chump change! . And when you hear what rates and terms and structures are required you’ll be even more pleasantly surprised.

Clearly franchising fits into the area of the SME sector of Canada, and for that reason a lot of the challenges that the franchisee faces revolve around the same issues faced by any other start up. Yes , we agree that you’re acquiring ( hopefully ) a proven business model but the early stage financing required to get you to a turnkey ‘ in business ‘ stage is still viewed as placing a heavy onus on the entrepreneur to come up with a decent portion of the capital yourself .

Franchising, as well as any other type of business requires two key components for initial capital… a ‘ plan ‘ and ‘management expertise “. And that plan by the way is known as the ‘ business plan ‘ – which is simply your well thought out road map to financial and operational success.

The type of financing that you obtain when you finance a franchise revolves specifically around ‘ use of funds ‘, another common term for any other business financing. In your case that might be real estate, construction, equipment and fixtures, leaseholds, and some opening inventory if you have a product as opposed to a service franchise.

We mentioned the Govt business loan previously as a great conduit to get you approved for your new business. But we point to out clients that that loan program only covers equipment and leaseholds, so items such as the franchisee fee and opening inventory are not financeable. We wish they were… but they’re not!

We have referenced the fact that while Canadian banks provide millions every year for entrepreneurs in the franchise sector via the specialized BIL loan, they in general are reluctant to finance the business outside the Govt program. So discussions around bank financing quickly gravitate to personal collateral, home equity collateralization, etc. It’s simply not the optimal way to go if you want to separate your business life from your personal life.

Another strong similarity in franchise finance when compared to other business financing is the fact that a strong emphasis is placed on your personal financial history. This is typically documented by your credit report and a solid amount of emphasis is placed on this report. In Canada this report is in effect a scoring system and a good score of ‘ 650’ is required.
Simply speaking, the bank or any other commercial lender wants to know you will run your own business in the same manner as you have arranged and run your personal finances, and that of course makes sense – especially if you’re the lender!

So as we have seen many of the concepts and lender views around any business finance loan or proposal pertain to franchise finance, with some nuances / differences. Seek out and speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor for franchise finance assistance.

How To Get A Canadian Business Loan For Franchise Funding Solid Franchising Lending Tips

They usually always start with only one question. Who is ‘ they ‘? Its clients with that age old question ‘ How hard or difficult is it to get a business loan for a franchise in Canada these days? They of course have made one of the biggest decisions in their lives/ careers, vis a vis becoming a franchisee in this booming industry – now the only problem is …’ What type of franchise lending and funding is available ?’

Well, we’ll share with you some tested and proven strategies around franchise financing in Canada, focusing on completing a successful transaction in a minimum amount of time, with a finance plan that works for you, not just the lender!

On its own franchising has somehow become an industry with a strong and viable reputation. It, like all industries was hammered hard during the 2008-2009 recession; bus has bounced back strongly, even moreso than many other industries.

So, it becomes a simply two part question then, can you get a franchise loan these days, and more importantly, how?

There are some key factors to consider, one of which is simply aligning you, hopefully with a strong franchisor. So once you have made the decision to partner with a franchisor (we use partner because we think they need you as much as you need them!) you only need one thing. Whats that one thing?

It’s a ‘ package ‘. By that we of course mean that you need a solid little package that convinces both the franchisor, and of course moreso the lender that you are equipped, from a financial and planning perspective to be a winner as a franchisee.

So what are the key elements of a successful winning plan? It’s really pretty basic stuff, and in our experience many good franchisors have already done a good job of helping you prepare for this. Those key elements are as follows – an overview of your own background and experience, an overview of the franchisors business ( its your new business too, by the way!) and a solid financial plan that demonstrates two things: how you will make money , and of interest to the lender, what type of cash flow you will have to repay the loan!

It’s a bit of mis information when franchisees come to us having assumed the franchisor helps them get the financing. Some do assist in a mild sort of way, but we can assure you that you’re on your own when it comes to achieving final success.

So the question then becomes how do you get prepared and qualified? Answers as follows! Get working on that business and financial plan we talked about. Identify the amount that you can contribute to the business, essentially your ‘ owner equity ‘, with the rest coming from your loan or loans. Typically a minimum of 10% and up to 30-40% is required.

It’s always helpful to know how the last guy succeeded, don’t you think. In reality the largest per cent of franchise financing in Canada is done via a government sponsored loan that’s formally called the BIL/CSBF program. Why that loan , and why you should investigate it ?Some great reasons are 5-7 year payback terms, great market interest rates, no pre payment penalties , and you don’t even have to personally guarantee the full loan . Is there a better deal in town? Maybe, it just that we haven’t found it.

We also hasten to add that for any type of business loan, and certainly in franchise lending, the funding and approval of your loan assumes you have a reasonable personal credit history.

So, want to get with the program? Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor who can assist you to meet your franchise funding and lending needs, today!

The Four Biggest Problems Wit Oil Field Employment

Have you ever thought about why oil field employment has such high pay? Not to mention that you only have to work half of the year? Then there are the travel opportunities? Have you ever wondered why the oil companies are so kind? The truth is, they aren’t (kind). The benefits they give you are compensation for these four big problems with jobs in oil field.

1. An Oilfield Job Has Very Long Hours

Most oil field jobs go 14, 21 or even 30 days without a break. Sometimes you have to take a 12-hour day-shift, and other times you have to take a 12-hour night-shift. You work rain or shine, doing dirty and physically strenuous work. Oilfield jobs can take a lot out of you.

2. Working An Oil Field Job Can Cause A Divorce

Oil field employment is best left to bachelors. Society has taught most women that their husbands should at home in the evening after work, or at the very least return home at night. Their husbands are also expected to be at home during the weekends. When your wife does not get what she expects, there will be a great deal of strain on your marriage. Divorces and separations are common among men in oil field jobs.

3. There Is Sometimes Great Danger In An Oilfield Job

Your high pay and bonuses are danger pay. By its nature, an oil well is more dangerous than a factory or warehouse. Many things can go wrong – the drilling rig could blow up, the offshore oil platform could collapse or sink. In addition to that, oil rigs, pipes, workers and infrastructure are often popular terrorist targets, as oil field workers in Nigeria and other Third World countries can tell you.

4. Too Hot, Too Cold, In The Middle Of Nowhere

Most oil fields are in very inhospitable environments in the middle of nowhere. It’s either too cold, like Alaska, north Canada, Siberia and the deep oceans. Or too hot – the Arabian and African deserts. Convenient places like the Texas oil wells no longer exist. People working in oilfield jobs need to deal with sub-zero temperatures, gale-force winds, ice, snow, poisonous snakes and wild animals.

Your very high salary and bonuses for oil field employment is to compensate you for the danger to life and limb. Is this double-pay enough? Only you can decide the worth of your own life. But an oilfield job separates the men from the boys. If you can do the job, you know you are a real man.

Financing A Franchise Business Purchase Loan In An Economic Downturn Canadian Franchising Loans Ex

The right approach. That’s definitely what it takes to finance a franchise business purchase in somewhat challenging economic times.

The majority of aspiring franchisees in Canada look to banks and specialized finance firms when investigating the purchase of a new or existing franchise business. Let’s investigate successful criteria and methods for completing the purchase of such a business.

Do Canadian banks finance a franchise? That naturally is the instinctive first ‘ go to ‘ when it comes to the entrepreneur’s choice of completing a business purchase in the franchise industry. Broadly speaking they don’t specifically finance franchises outside of specialized government or franchisor programs.

If you have a stellar personal net worth and credit rating we suppose that many banks would consider some sort of term loan based on collateralizing your personal assets… that naturally is not our recommended strategy, as we hav always felt its important to separate your business and persoanl life when it comes to finances.

Jut how important is your personal credit history as well as your overall financial profile… what the finance folks call you personal net worth – simply speaking ‘ what you have ‘ and ‘ what you owe’! We assure clients that a strong emphasis is placed on your personal credit and business background – typically you would want a ‘ beacon score ‘ at the credit bureau to be in excess of 650.

If you do choose to secure a franchise with personal assets you’ll be asked to provide collateral such as a home mortgage, etc. Again, as we said that’s not our recommended strategy.

So if the banks don’t finance franchises in Canada who does. Are you ready? Banks! What do we mean by that seeming contradiction? Simply that the majority of franchises in Canada are financed by the banks, but via vehicle known as the BIL/CSBF loan. It’s a program run by the federal government which many banks have adopted as a solid vehicle to finance franchises in Canada.

The basics of the program lend themselves pretty perfectly to financing a franchise business purchase, and the structure of these loans fits what you are trying to achieve. Why? Simply because terms of the loan are from 5-7 years, rates are commensurate with many other types of business financing, with the ‘ kicker’ being that you only are required to guarantee 25% of the loan.

Will a franchisor step in to help you finance your business? That’s a question we get a lot, and the answer generally is ‘ NO ‘. In a number of cases though franchisors have worked out packages that can more easily facilitate the bank completing a financing. This tends to work with larger brands and larger business acquisitions in franchising. The bottom lone, don’t expect internal financing from your franchisor.

Other key aspects of successfully finance a franchise in a downturn are common sense business elements – a solid business plan, locating a banker of financial advisor that is experienced in franchise loans, and aligning yourself with a successful franchisor based on your own personal and business background .

Speak to a trusted credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on how you to can finance a business purchase in challenging times.

Work Within The Employment Finding Your Perfect Home Job

At eHow you can write how-to articles on just about any topic and earn a commission on each one single. There is no fee and no limit to the regarding articles you can write. Once the articles are posted, you will in order to earn commissions so long as the article expires.

Finding your why in starting a home based business, can be the ideal thing you choose do. Think about “why should i want to find business?” and listen for your answer. Require to find something you feel passionate near. Something that you enjoy doing, where 100 % possible put your love of it, into an individual do together with your home based business.

The article continues lets start on “success” stories of how Sally was so successful that both she and Tom were in the position to quit work and now each only work quarter-hour per day and an excellent minute as well as they have a yacht, new multi high dollar home, several cars plus a vacation home in Cabo. It can even contain greater one report.

Several different legitimate legit work from home companies ideas have emerged due to internet scientific disciplines. They can be used as in their free time as well as professional jobs. The best way to prefer from home these days as provides them complete freedom to as almost as much as they want and once they want. You could also focus on creative work and auction it online.

Here one more interview with a work property mom. She speaks about why she started her home business and the advantages working from. She also tells the best things to be able to and things to ask when seeking to start your own home business.

This just what you typically hear from someone enthusiastic about working from your home. I understand the of “being afraid” of putting info online for employment concerning is a going on now a days. An individual may ask, how am I suppose to be aware of the difference coming from a real opportunity and a fake one? In order to become honest with you, it isn’t that easy if anyone could have not been seeking online employment for long periods. I learned through learning from your errors and i had to spend a established to are aware of difference. There were hundreds of opportunities online that I realized i was tempted to make use of and countless other that I explored. All in all, it trained me in a valuable lesson so I am able to share it with an individual.

Of course, even when you find yourself a marketing genius or have an awfully excellent idea for a blog, success is not going to occur overnight. Building the associated with readership that blogging for the money requires takes time, and in all probability it will be at least a number months before you are able flip much of a profit. Try to stay bought your blogging project you can introductory rough period. To stay motivated, set goals for how often can update the best way to many readers you for you to attract, followed by reward yourself for staying on your plan and thus earning moning working from your home Canada..

Whole Body Cleanse – The Antidote for Modern Agriculture and Modern Medicine

You’ve been deceived, you’ve been lied to, and you are being poisoned . . . little by little . . . every day. Between the food-production practices of big agribusiness and the pill pushing of big pharma and the medical establishment, your body is, right now, most likely full of toxins. But even if you can’t grow your own natural vegetables and fruit and raise your own grass-fed beef and free-range chickens, there is still something you can do. And that is to use the right product for a safe, successful whole body cleanse-one that will replenish depleted nutrients, restore energy, balance hormones, help you lose weight, and promote better sleep.

Dr. Shiv Chopra, Canadian microbiologist, food-production watchdog, and author of Corrupt to the Core, maintains that we are being poisoned every day by the foods we eat. He even goes so far as to say, “Food in America and Canada is the absolute most toxic, unsafe food on the planet.” And the corollary, according to Chopra, because they don’t use all the harmful food-production methods we do, is that “Food imported from third-world countries is safer than food produced here.

The reasons our food is so deleterious are as follows: use of growth hormones, promiscuous use of antibiotics, rendered slaughterhouse waste turned into animal feed, damaging application of many pesticides, and corporate-driven genetically modified organisms (GMOs) driving out natural crops. Every time we eat commercially produced supermarket foods, we are consuming damaging toxins-accumulating poisons making our bodies cry out for a body cleanse.

Moreover, big pharma and the medical establishment are foisting on us, whether intentional or not, the idea that we need to take drugs to treat only the symptoms of our ailments, with no regard for the nutrient-depleting consequences. Statins, for example, the standardly prescribed drug for high cholesterol, rob your body of CoQ10 and co-enzyme Q10, the very nutrients that help protect your heart. The current medical establishment is interested only in lengthening your life-regardless of the quality.

So what we have is, basically, agribusiness, big pharma, and the medical establishment pumping us full of hormones and chemicals with no concern for the long-term result. In fact, flounder (the fish) DNA has been introduced to a certain strain of tomatoes to make them firmer. And this is completely contrary to the workings of nature. The vegetable might look good on the outside, and your body might appear healthy from the outside, but what’s really going on on the inside?

So what can you do? What you need to counteract the effects of toxic food and medications is a quality whole body cleanse.

But keep in mind that not all body cleansers are the same. The 21 Day Body Makeover is designed specifically to counteract the effects of toxic foods, by flushing the toxins from your system, and to replenish depleted nutrients while restoring balance to you natural systems. And here are the additional benefits:

No more cravings for junk food, soda, and caffeine

Enhanced fat loss

Improved energy levels

Balanced hormonal levels

Better sleep

Improved mood and sense of well being

While it is true that your body can heal itself, with our modern diet and modern medications, your body needs a little help. And the unique whole body cleanse offered by The 21 Day Body Makeover is just what your body needs today.

A program to take care of your entire body which includes body cleanse in fact, full body cleanse and removing toxins. Whole body cleanse will be assured. Visit us to know more.

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Importance Of Road Equipment & Road Construction Machinery

In modern world roads are necessary for betterment of human kind. Road Construction is most important to build relation and to maintain relation between to civilization for that Road Equipment or Road Construction Machinery play a vital roll to construct very solid road at any surface either it is at sea level or it is at mountain. Many countries make highway construction near the border which is very expensive and very tuff like china builds road on Himalaya with using high performance Road Construction Machineries which can work even on very risky mountain. By making road on mountain near the border, the country can move their troops very easily and give them support very easily and comfortably.

Many under developed countries have not good road infrastructure at their countries. Hence it is very difficult to live peaceful life their because if road are not there, they have to face difficulties during travelling and transportation and mainly during medical transportation when someone needs emergency hospitalization.

It is also important to repair roads time to time to save cost of petrol and maintenance cost of vehicles for that Road Construction Equipment or Road Equipments company making their product very high performance and high quality product.

Many countries imports Road Equipments from Road Construction Equipments Exporter origin from many countries like Road Equipments India and Road Construction Equipment Company from china and Road Construction Machines Manufacturer from Brazil, Canada.

Mainly India is the biggest manufacturer of Road Construction Equipments Machineries and in India a small town Mehasana in Gujarat is a biggest hub of manufacturing of it. Road Equipments Manufacturer India gets major part of total sale of the Road Construction Machinery Supplier of all over the world.

The demand of road construction machineries are increasing day by day because the competition within countries are spread lightening fast to build healthy infrastructure in their country which is very helpful to build up healthy GDP of the country.

Deciding On How To Finance A Franchise Canadian Franchising Business Loan Info On Financing And L

Not only do you want to have a solid plan when you want to finance a franchise in Canada – it sure helps when that plan makes sense for the business financing loan / loans that you need!

We think that most Canadian entrepreneurs who are either first time franchisees or perhaps are adding another location to their business would agree that its not as important as to where the franchise lending and business funding comes from, but that you get the full funding at terms that make sense for you personally .

Let’s examine some of those key decision points and requirements that you need to fulfill a proper franchise financing solution in Canada.

We think that a lot of franchisees are sometimes overly focused on ‘ the interest rate ‘ when they are seeking a franchise loan. That’s human nature we guess, but the reality is that the loan is simply commensurate with your overall credit quality and in line with the types of financing that are out their in the Canadian business financing market – unfortunately that market for new franchisees is somewhat more limited that in the U.S.

In Canada franchises are financed really in only 3 or 4 different manners — actually 5 we could say if you considered financing the whole franchise yourself through personal savings.

While that might seem a good idea we think in many cases it is not for a variety of reasons – i.e. collapsing personal investments and savings and assets when you don’t have to cant be an overall great strategy. We spoke awhile back to a franchisee who had pledged and used all his personal assets to acquire a franchise – business was slow, and he was unable to secure additional outside financing to re- boot the business because all his personal assets were pledged/gone. Bottom line, not recommended!

So the question then becomes as to how you decide to finance a franchise once you have made that acquisition decision. We’d like to share a couple key points. First of all, whether it’s a franchise or any business whatsoever, it’s financed by two guys, debt, and equity; i.e. what you borrow and what you put in yourself. Spend some time determining the optimal mix and you will best be able to gravitate to the right financing strategy.

In Canada these days we see franchisees putting in anywhere from 10 -50% as their personal investment into the business. Whats the perfect number? The reality is there isn’t one, because each business requires a different amount of financing and has a different mix of assets and financing needs. The key assets and financing needs in franchising are all your initial soft costs, such as the franchise fee, and then comes your costs to open the door, often called the ‘ turnkey ‘. That turnkey component consists of equipment, leaseholds and opening working capital.

We spoke of 4 methods of franchise financing in Canada .Those are as follows : Specialized commercial finance firms that have dedicated franchise finance divisions , Equipment financing, Working Capital term loans as a supplement to your overall financing, and finally the BIL/CSBF loan . The latter is the government SBL loan that is used by hundreds, probably thousands of franchisees to acquire their franchise. It only has one or two limitations, one of which is that it caps out at 350k, but that certainly covers a lot of franchises in Canada in different industry segments – examples restaurants, service businesses, etc.

So, today’s bottom line? Simply that spending some quality time early on in the process in understand which of the 4 options makes sense for you is a valuable investment. That time, coupled with your business plan and financial projections will help you ensure that you have the right mix of financing solution, as well as a properly chosen business loan strategy for your franchise.

Speak to a trusted, credible and experienced Canadian business financing advisor on how to best decide which financing mechanism works for you.