Do You Have An Employment Drug Test In Place

Drug testing is another precaution to have a peaceful working place. Drug testing can eliminate drug users in your firm. There are many types of drug test procedure that you can do. There are many applicants that use illegal drugs. Drug testing helps you determine a good worker. Check this article to learn some drug testing procedures.

Drug Testing is one pre-employment requirement that many Organizations implement. The primary objective is to maintain a workplace that is free from unnecessary and ugly scenarios arising from drug abuse.

High productivity is one of the goals of any corporations. By ensuring that all its employees are not hooked on illegal drugs, the performance of the company is geared toward success.

Of course, the success of the organization does not rely on having a drug-free working environment; however, drug abuse is a culprit that can affect the enterprise’s overall output.

Medical experts explained that people who use illegal drugs get high fast, making them feel powerful, and causing them to act fearlessly. Depending on the kind of illegal drug and the frequency of its use, these drugs can cause hallucinations and paranoia.

Now, without conducting drug testing, you are putting the safety and welfare of your company and its employees at higher risks. It could also damage your company’s reputation if managers already employed use drugs.

With employment drug screening, the company ensures that new hires are not into drug use. There are also corporations that initiate random drug tests on its existing employees to monitor and eliminate drug-abuse habits.

As drug screening becomes popular, some applicants may lie low in using drugs for the sake of passing drug tests, and resume their habits once they get hired. Hence, it is also necessary to conduct regular drug testing on all potential employees and existing employees.

Employment drug screening also creates a safer and drug-free working environment. It can reduce the conflict incidences involving employees who use illegal drugs. This is not to say that those who are involved in corporate brawls or verbal fights are using drugs.

Rather, statistics and medical evidence authenticate that people who are addicted to illegal drugs are quick to anger, vulnerable to physical violence, and an initiator of chaos. Mostly, drug users have frequent absences, low-productivity, utilization and cost of health benefits, higher insurance premiums and accidents.

Small and medium scale businesses can benefit more from initiating drug testing as drug users are more inclined to apply at their company. Just the thought of drug tests can scare away drug abusers. As a major determinant of employment, drug screening allows business owners to save time and effort by hiring the right individuals.

Since there are many types of substance abuse, it is important to specify which drug tests are necessary to administer to your employees and applicants. There are marijuana testing, cocaine drug tests, and many other drugs test that can be done.

Generally, companies follow a standard five-panel test, which is composed of Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP and Amphetamine. There is also a 10-panel test to include prescription substances that can be obtained legally, but which can also be addictive and abused. Only few companies use this type of drug testing.

Usually, all drug substances linger in our system between 2 and 4 days. In conducting the drug tests among regular drug users, the results become available in 14 days or even more. If the drug testing is done with hair, the substance can be detected for a period of 3 months.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre employment drug testing is extremely important for any organization. Verification of employee’s background is always considered as essential of assurance in the hiring process. Employee drug testing programs protects the health and safety of all employees. This testing proves to be an efficient method of managing drug abuse. It is a valuable tool to acquire positive employee relations, delivering significant cost savings, and providing corporations with a competitive advantage.

The drug abuse remedies can be done in rehabilitation centers and curing centers. Thus, drug testing should be conducted in many places to examine the levels of drug usage. The drug abuse is raising many problems that are directly causing employee turnover, tardiness, absenteeism, theft, turnover, attitude problems, deceased productivity, crime and violence.

How the test is conducted?

Usually, drug testing is conducted by sending the candidate to a collection site, where a urine sample is obtained. This sample will be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis and results are available within 24 hours. There are instant test kits on the market, which are similar to home pregnancy tests. It involves the employer to manipulate a urine sample. Although these tests are considered accurate for immediate screening, they are useless in the event of a positive result, since that requires laboratory confirmation and retention of a sample for retesting by the subject. Moreover, they are much expensive then laboratory tests.

What is tested?

Usually, employers utilize the standard five-panel test, consisting of Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP, Opiates and Amphetamine. Few may use a ten-panel test, which includes prescription substances that are used and possessed legally. Employers can also test for alcohol. Virtually all drugs stay in the system for 2-4 days. For regular drug users, such results can be detected for up to 14 days and sometimes even more days. If the test is conducted through hair, then drugs can be detected for about 3 months. To avoid the obstacles from second hand marijuana smoke, many labs have set a higher threshold before reporting THC in the system.

What happens if there is a positive test or abnormal test?

Laboratory testing has an extensive process to confirm a positive test, before reporting. Many drug testing programs employ a physician called Medical Review Officer (MRO) to examine all test results. In certain cases, the test may be negative, but shows an abnormal result like, -low creatine level-. This denotes that the candidate have consumed excessive water or any alternative to dilute the sample. Though the test confirms the positive result, the program has the right to re-test the sample for their preference. For this purpose, the positive resulted test samples are retained.

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