Retail Business Phone Systems What Features To Look For

With retail business phone systems, there are certain phone system features you will find invaluable. There are a plethora of choices available today, but the key is to figure out what you want and then have those features included at no extra charge. What you should look for in systems for retail businesses are those that offer the most value based upon your particular needs.

Your own needs will determine what features are best for you, but these phone system features will:

Save you time

Increase revenue, and

Facilitate and help maintain customer relationships

Regardless of your situation, business phones exist to help you run your business most effectively no matter how big or small you may be. Here are just a few features you may want to consider:


Voicemail lets you capture messages from customers even if it’s after business hours. You can call customers back once you are open again, and you won’t lose business simply because you weren’t there to take the call. The best voicemail systems, by the way, have at least six or more channels included in them. This gives you the flexibility to add more phone lines and extensions as you need to, without compromising efficiency.

A subset of voicemail capability is the ability to have voicemail message handling be streamlined, too. The most advanced systems will give users the ability to access voicemail with just a single key touch or simple phone code, for easy retrieval. Caller ID (see below) and message length are also sometimes included with certain systems as part of voicemail capability.

Caller ID

Caller ID does more than identify the caller who is on the line. It also gives you the capability to instantly call people back when they call you, even if they don’t leave a message, an important feature of retail business phone systems. Caller ID works, by the way, even if you forward the message to another extension or to your cell phone.

Call forwarding

It may be important to have the ability to take calls even when you’re out of the office, and that’s where call forwarding comes in. With a call forwarding feature, you can forward calls that would normally go to the office to any phone — even your cell phone — so that you can receive those important calls even when you have to be out of the office. At the end of the day or if you have to be home for whatever reason during the day, if you wish, you can have calls from the office forwarded to your home so that it’s “business as usual” even if you can’t be in the office. This is another important (and often essential) feature for retail business phone systems.

Voice over IP capability

Increasingly, voice over IP, or VoIP, capability is an important alternative to traditional phone systems. Cost effective and flexible, voice over IP capability gives you access to phone system features you may not otherwise have with traditional phone systems; you can use the Internet instead of traditional phone lines for both office to office connections and to support flexible communication options in a variety of mediums, such as via cell phone.

Now you know what features to look for to keep your small business connected!

Understanding Franchise Control With Specialist Franchising Solicitors

Franchising can offer a wealth of opportunity for you as a business man or woman. It can allow you to earn a good amount of money in using another person to run your franchise under your own name.

Nevertheless, you run the risk of a dispute arising out of the franchise at some stage. It could be that an argument arises over who is in charge of a certain part of the business. This is why it is crucial to consult with specialist franchising solicitors at the earliest stages of creating a franchise because it can save a lot of problems later on. They will help you put together a watertight contract which will clearly lay out your rights as franchisor and quite importantly will protect your IP rights, in particular looking after your trademark which is crucial to a successful franchise.

Different franchising opportunities have different levels of control attached to them. For example some will have more of a hands off approach than others, meaning that the franchisee has more freedom to operate the business however they see fit. As you may imagine though, as the franchisor you have to be sure your brand and business idea remain constant throughout. Developed and successful franchises can have up to hundreds of outlets across the UK and you will see that these outlets will all have certain level of consistency.

An expert franchising solicitor will offer you invaluable advice on how to create and set up the franchise to begin with. The processes you put into place now will help to protect your idea and business for the future. A solicitor can also make suggestions that could strengthen your overall idea as well as producing less chance of a franchising dispute in the future. Clearly you will want your franchise to be a stable success, the key to this is exercising a good amount of control over your franchisee’s right from the beginning.

It is worth mentioning however that if you try to exert too much control, you may potentially put off franchisees from buying into your business. Again it is worth discussing this with your specialist franchising solicitors before putting your plans into action. They will have plenty of experience in this area and can steer you in the right direction.

It is clear that it is highly beneficial to speak with an expert solicitor before deciding upon what level of control to exercise over your franchise. It may help you develop your franchise successfully and encounter a lessor amount off issues in the future.