The Right Way To Control Docs And Records In Construction Projects

The aim of this information is to offer methods and procedures for building best suited document control structure for construction projects. written documents and records needed by the quality management system really should be controlled; records are a distinctive sort of documents.

Document control generates a focus where all project related communication and documents are recorded and monitored; the purpose of document control is to ensure that all project related written documents and correspondence are dealt with when necessary and quickly. As we know, any kind of delay in processing the main documents and messages (from a construction project/contract) may cause a incredible influence on the whole completion of the project in relation to time, cost over-runs and caliber. Thence, document control is a crucial a part of construction management and project delivery and must not be taken casually.

Who is Answerable for Document Control?

Based on the magnitude and complexity of the challenge a document controller may be appointed; yet it is favored that the position is conducted for someone connected to the undertaking. In little projects the Site management could execute this role and in large projects the documenter controller is usually assigned to the Project Quality Representative.

The Site Manager should double check that all project associated correspondence and written documents are carried through the chosen Document Controller for processing. In a similar way, staff responsible for document control including the appointed support staff must be made responsible for entering (or recording) or logging in every incoming and outgoing project linked correspondence and files in the document monitoring method. The records controller is accountable for preserving reliable construction records perfect through the entire project period.

Factor of Document Controller

A document controller can have control over a single file or a lots of documents or a group. Every single controlled document will need to have a document controller. The job of document controller might have any of these duties:

Keep all documents related to construction resistant to tampering or corruption.
Distribute documents connected parties promptly while using the document tracking system logs
Preserve document registers. Logs and distribution lists
Accumulate and look after document distribution records.
Take care of document change by withdrawing superseded documents, archiving them and communicating any kind of changes.

The best way to Manage Document Control?

In a little building project, document control is often available as retaining many hand written logs. Generally speaking, the primary files to be tracked can be the following:

General Correspondence (incoming and outgoing),
Job Site Memorandums,
Shop Drawings,
Request for Information (RFI),
Clarifications on Drawings/Plans,
Change Orders,
Progress Fees
Site Safety Inspection Reports
Inspection & Testing

For documenting as well as simple reference or tracing reasons, every document or document would include – Document Identifier Number, Description, Date Received, Date Returned, Reviewers Name and Commentary.

For further complex undertaking which consisting of significant quantity of files, it is ideal to work with computer based document control log. It’s common today to take advantage of spread sheets using Microsoft Excel. In more substantial projects which entail great number of documents, committed computerized online document tracking procedure might be best. To illustrate, one can find customised or basic software offers easily available commercial for managing the document control task.

Substantial projects which demand a team member dedicated full-time to take care of and record a large number files, may require using a computerised system.

Aside from above, it is essential to begin a effective tracking procedure for suitable document control before the start of the construction project; it is important to begin a centralised spot in the project exactly where all incoming correspondence for example mail, deliveries and contractor correspondence are picked up.

For excellent Document Control the subsequent procedures should be followed when sticking with the QMS requirements on Document Control:

Virtually all arriving mail must be documented on a register with the proper date stamping. The incoming postal mail may just be hand or messenger delivered messages, materials, plans, submittals, e-mail and faxes etc.
Allocating a distinctive log number to any or all incoming and outgoing correspondence prior to registering it in the proper log of the document tracking system
Coding of all incoming and outbound communication employing a File Numbering System to ensure that files are effectively filed in the Master File.
Copying and disbursing all incoming messages to the Construction Management along with the document control team members or the appropriate staff.
Searching for distinct errors just before despatching the outgoing communication.
Archiving or declaring of original document in a Master File till those might be properly encased and delivered for long term storage.
Virtually all adjustments to documents in relation to (drawings, specifications, work routines, work guidelines etc.) must be correctly controlled whilst all of concerned groups are notified of these kinds of changes. The strategy of notice is often either through e-mail or bulletins
Periodical review of managed documents to ensure that only current files are being used
Control all drawings used for construction while ensuring the latest revised drawings
Notify the contractor if nay discrepancies found in the documents and any removal steps require. If any repeated difficulties encountered, it’s always best to release non-conformance report to the contractor

Retention periods

Retention periods for quality systems documentation for the projects is based on the contract requirements. The record retention periods for a particular kind of records depend on legal demands.

Whenever creating the records register the project managers should create if one can find statutory prerequisites for record retention and identify them and communicate to records controller.