Is Ambit Energy MLM A Scam

Ambit Energy is an energy service provider which utilizes the MLM model to extend its business opportunities to all folks in the USA, established by Jere W. Thompson Jr. and Chris Chamless as co-founders. In the mid 1990’s, both executives of Ambit energy already established an immense background in telecommunications during the times of deregulation. Mainly based in Dallas Texas, Ambit energy already provides energy services in Illinois, Texas, and New York, all 3 deregulated states of America. Additionally, this company was created as soon when 18 states in the USA adopted energy deregulation.

Ambit Energy is a certified legal and legitimate company that really pays its distributors as per compensation plan. In addition to this, even one of of the world’s most progressive company, the Shell Oil, has become a partner of Ambit Energy. Customers and distributors of Ambit Energy are treated very well by the company by providing them satisfaction through help and support for them to attain their dreams of financial independence.

With the company’s compensation plans and bonuses, you really stand the great chance of making a lot of monthly income by taking Ambit Energy as a home business. You can save money on your own energy consumption and make sales with your expanding energy network business by being an associate of Ambit Energy with the position of Independent Consultant.

When we talk about having lots of income in any MLM business just like Ambit Energy, it is really not that kind of easy task to do, but, it is just a simple concept. Why do most of the network marketers failed in their own business? It is simply because they don’t have any idea of what they are doing. In order to become the top marketer among the rest in Ambit Energy business, you need to learn how to market. It only means that you must brand you as a leader and give more value to yourself. It will not be necessary for you to seek your clients if you brand yourself as a leader. They will just come rushing into you automatically.

It is also necessary for you to have a system that can generate high quality leads for you through the use of the internet. Then, you will see that potential costumers and business partners will be drawn into your business with less efforts. As a result, you will see your business in Ambit Energy explode, leading you to become the top earning Independent Consultant or associate.

Why Multi Level Marketing is a Money Laundering Business

Why Multi Level Marketing is a Money Laundering Business

MLM or Multi Level Marketing has been around for many years, and everyone knows someone who was talked into joining one of these “passive income business opportunities”. Over the years, however, MLM has quickly gotten a bad name for itself because of the dubious sales techniques and the false claims made to new recruits. The question remains, however; is MLM really a scam?

Identifying MLM Sales Strategies

The basic idea behind MLM businesses is to set up a chain of clients and distributors to sell products and services or recruit new members into the chain. In essence, this type of sales strategy is a sound one, but there are some inherent differences between setting up chains of distributors to make a profit and collecting money from new recruits who are then forced to sell products and services that are expensive and unpopular. Does your recruiter make his or her money from your sign-up fees? Are you required to get others to join to make a profit? If you answered yes to these question, the MLM business you are about to join is a scam.

The Expense of MLM Products and Price Fixing

Price fixing is a major problem with MLM businesses. As each new distributor joins the business, they are provided with a list of products that they are required to sell, and you will be able to separate a legal MLM business from a dubious one simply by analyzing the costs of the products and services. Prices that are fixed, inflated and will not sell well to the general public are signs of a scam and not a good business opportunity. These prices need to be inflated so that those on the higher rungs of the chain will make money, but these ventures end up failing very quickly, and those that bought into the idea are left to wonder where their money went.

Selling Directly to a Consumer VS Multi Level Marketing

Marketing directly to the end consumer is a safer, more effective way of starting up a business, and you do not have to deal with all of the “warning signs” and marketing schemes associated with fraudulent MLM businesses. The words “passive income” are all too convincing to the average person, but it takes hard work to set up a new business, and anyone promising anything less is bound to be looking to put a hand in your back pocket.

When you are marketing directly to a consumer instead of involving yourself in a chain of distributors, you will be able to set your own prices and ensure that the quality of the products and services you sell are high. Do not be fooled into thinking that MLM businesses are simple, quick or efficient ways to make money; it is the products and services that will make you money, and if they are too expensive, of a low quality or involve paying fees for the “privilege” of selling them, you are bound to find yourself red-faced and wondering how you fell for this type of scheme at all.

MLM Lead Gen Pro System Review Revolutionary Way to Attract MLM Business Leads

Are you serious about making money in the long term from your network marketing business? Then one of the things you will need before you jump into the online MLM bandwagon is an MLM Lead Gen Pros system. One of the best options today is MLM Lead Gen Pros (MLMLGP), which provides an attractive marketing system that is also a funded proposal. Is this company worth your time and money? Read this review to find out.

The goal of MLMLGP resources, tools, and training to make their home-based venture profitable. That way, it can mold you into a leader, which is something you really need to make your business prosper despite stiff competition.

The MLM and Internet marketing tools MLMLGP has in store for its members include the following: live webinars on necessary MLM skill sets, recorded video and audio training by successful network marketers, autoresponders, websites that carry your brand, customizable lead capture web pages, live chat, phone, and email support, among many others. The ability to customize your lead capture pages is very important because it sets you apart from the rest and helps you establish your own brand. The system is also a product and acts like a funded proposal.

MLMLGP trainings are geared toward generating leads by tapping the powers of the Internet to make your home-based business more lucrative. The trainings include blogging, article submission, pay-per-click marketing, social media marketing (via Twitter, MySpace, and Facebook), writing and submitting press releases, and many others. Since the trainings are video recorded, they are easy to understand and follow.

You do not have to be well-versed with using the Internet to benefit from this Internet marketing system. It does not even require basic HTML knowledge because the system creates your needed web pages for you.
Aside from providing trainings, MLMLGP also allows people to create multiple sources of income through its estimated 20 affiliate programs. So you earn a commission for every member you have recruited into signing up at the MLMLGP site.

Developed by experienced online marketers for online marketers, this comprehensive and breakthrough MLM and Internet marketing system has a trial tour that costs $29.97. and for taking the trial you get the Conquer THe Internet DVD and the MLM War Chest, with a free months use of the system:and the following Free Trainings…



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You can avail of that trial program to see for yourself if this network marketing system covers all your needs. And when you decide to take advantage of this MLM lead generation system, bear in mind that you still need to put some hard work into your business. Just letting the system work and not doing your share will get your network marketing business nowhere. However, this is the industrys best attraction marketing generation system for mlm business leads on the planet all set to go for you, complete with my coaching.

MLM Sponsoring Tips- How To Attract And Sponsor People into Your MLM Business

How great would it be to be able to attract people into your MLM business, that wanted to succeed just as bad as you do. Well, according to the quote, “opposites attract”, something on one end of the magnetic pole attracts the opposite end.

Well this doesn’t apply to attracting the right people into your business. If you sponsored people who were opposite of you, you’ll be adding a bunch of lazy people who doesn’t want to grow a MLM business. So, what I’m going to do is show you how to attract and sponsor more people into your MLM business.

MLM Sponsoring Tips #1

Sponsoring more people into your MLM business shouldn’t be a pain, right? You shouldn’t have to twist someone’s arm, or call them over and over. Doing that will ruin relationships and make you look desperate. Which is why the first MLM sponsoring tip is leadership.

When demonstrating leadership the right way, people will follow you where ever you’ll take them. Which is why when you twist someone’s arm or pester them into joining your MLM business, you’re losing the battle of demonstrating leadership.

It’s extremely important that you’re confident and willing to lead. This creates a magnetic attraction. You’ll attract and sponsor more people as a leader, not as a begger.

MLM Sponsoring Tips #2

A commonly misguided myth for growing a business is to bring people into your MLM business based on the opportunity. It’s much better if you find people who really love your products or service. When you’re able to sponsor people based on your products, you’ll find yourself attracting dozens of people.

And what happens then is you’re able to retain your downline. Many times, we add a bunch of people into out downline. Later, we see that they’re not consuming the products and they say that they’re really not wanting to grow the business.

That’s what happens when you add people based solely on the opportunity. After a month of them not making any money, they’re gone. So, be sure you find people who really wants the product. When you do, you’ll have people attracted to you and your team.

MLM Sponsoring Tips #3

Another great sponsoring tip is to sort, not sell. What I mean is instead of trying to sell everyone your products, or trying to sell them on the opportunity, just sort through and find people who wants to buy your products and join you in your MLM business.

If they don’t want to consume the products or if they’re asking how much you’re making, just let them go. Don’t try selling them.

When you’re able to sort, you’ll notice that people you’re adding to your MLM business are just like you. You’ll be different in some ways, but overall, you’re all striding for basically the same goals. This will allow you to attract and sponsor dozens of people into your business who are just like you.

Use these MLM sponsoring tips to attract and grow your business. And by doing so, you’ll not only grow your business, but attract help you attract the right people.

This article can be freely published on a website as long as it is not modified in any way including the author bylines and active hyperlinks.

Ameriplan Home Business – Anderson wins $5.5 Million In Lawsuit

A couple of weeks ago Anthony Anderson fought a court case with the Ameriplan home business company and won. The verdict was a payment in the amount of $5.5 million in favor of that plantiff. Out of that money there was $150k given to Anderson, $372,000 alotted for attorney fees, and the rest went to punitive damages to Ameriplan.

He was suing Ameriplan for wrongful termination of his contract. He worked with them for nine years. His paychecks ceased on Nov 5, 2005. Shortly afterward he filed the lawsuit which came out in his favor on Aug 27th this year.

He partnered with Ameriplan for quite some time. According to his standing with Ameriplan at the time he was let go, he had earned the rights to residual commissions that he could will to others when he died. The jury ruled in support of him. It looks like we should steer clear of working in the Ameriplan home business model.

Although, it appears that the Ameriplan business model is not an optimal choice for starting a mlm business, let’s ponder some more information before making that decision. There are over 75,000 IBO’s involved with this business model. Historically, this company has been fair and not ended a contract without evidence causing that to happen.

There was a complete inquiry done regarding Anderson’s termination. There was overwhelming evidence leading to his firing. Brazoria County court in Texas recently arrested him for felony theft from the company. That’s why his contract was ended in the first place. He’s got a court date for this infraction before the end of the year.

Was the risk worth the benefit? This guy stole from the company and is possibly going to jail over it. He ended up with $150,000.00 at the end of the day. After his next trial is paid for he most likely won’t even get that. It will be interesting to see what his criminal trial holds for his future.

It’s a shame that the Ameriplan home business model will suffer a scar from this. It doesn’t matter what type of business model you’re involved with – there’s a bad apple in every bunch.

The Ameriplan home business career can easily be regarded as a good place to work. Mr. Anderson apparently broke some laws which consequently led to his contract cancellation. He has won a lawsuit against the company. Remember, Ameriplan will most likely appeal this ruling. If he’s found guilty in the criminal hearing there’s even a good chance they could win a counter suit if they choose.

MLM is still a great industry. If you are ethical and honest in all that you do then you can achieve any dream you choose.

Get out there and get to work on your dream!

Mandura Business Review Is it a scam

Mandura Business Review:

Mandura corporate headquarters is located in Florida..

Founder of the company is Casey Yarbrough. Casey has been involved in relationship marketing for most of his adult life.

Fresh out of college and newly married, Casey became involved in a network marketing company called Excel Communications. His goal was to enable his wife to stay home with their new baby by replacing her income with the profits he gained through this opportunity. Casey quickly built a large organisation and they both were able to quit their jobs and work full time in the network marketing business.

It only took Casey five years to build 10,000 reps and 100,000 customers, the company then sold for $2 billion dollars.

Casey moved on to financial advising for a national financial and lending corporation, becoming the company`s #1 financial advisor in the nation averaging $14 million a month in residential mortgages.

Casey then started his own mortgage company that was successful for about four years, then the economy bagan to crash.

Casey prayed for a new direction. Casey has always been interested in the nutritional business.

Casey decided he wanted to start a nutrition juice company that would help people physically and financially. With an abundance of experience in finance and relationship marketing, Mandura perfectly fit not only Casey`s talents, but his new goal.

The premier product is called Mandura. Mandura comes in 32oz bottles and includes Durian fruit, Mangosteen, Acai All the ingredients are high in antioxidants and healing properties. It appears to be a good product that is competitive in the market.

I don’t like preservatives and Mandura contains zero preservatives. Mandura’s bottling process uses no preservatives and the product has a two year shelf life.

The compensation plan is nothing like any MLM company around. It is a straight line, which means no weak leg.. Once you become a distributor, anyone else that joins after YOU is placed in YOUR team! How would you like to have your team built for you while you are doing other things? To move up in the plan you have to personally sponsor new distributors. Just like owning your own business you must produce to get rewards.

I could not find any training on the corporate website. Mandura has various tools to aid the new distributor such as , business cards,

I will assume that most of the training will be “Old school” techniques. Many new distributors will be told to make a list of 100 people they know, attack their warm market, pass out fliers, buy leads, etc….

What happens when the distributor finishes his or her list? How are they going to acquire more leads?

This is where the power of the internet comes in. In one day, how many times can you show your plan? Maybe five? Using my techniques and system you could reach up to 1 million people a day.

I can help the Mandura distributor generate leads and have people calling them about their opportunity. You will have what they want and they will call YOU. No more chasing family and friends. No more cold calling. No more 3 foot rule.

I get my leads for FREE and I want to show you how. That’s right. My mentor taught me these powerful technique for free and now I want to teach you.

I use all the social sites to generate leads and I will show you how I do it. This type of marketing cost nothing. Zero. Nada!

Why Choose a Food Franchise Business

The major reason why food cart franchising a very good idea for everyone happens because a more successful company will probably be helping you by using it. Getting a food franchise will not bring you down. Here are some explanations why more people are opting for food franchising as their business. You can use the Internet or contact different companies to be able to learn more about it and the business you are getting into. Another reason why food cart franchising can be easier clients is because you will not be spending a lot of cash just to start earning profits.

If you have a food cart, youve an income generating machine. All youve got to do is always to look for someone who is willing to operate on the cart and make money from it. Operation – the amount of hours that you just operate can also be an important factor, but you should consider the different factors before you increase the number of hours you operate. The key to building a passive income with food cart franchise is to ensure that you will be checking everything prior to deciding to hire someone. The reason why food cart franchising has to be successful business model happens because there are thousands of people who are promoting the item.

You have to make sure the cart is going to be able to generate more cash if you were to raise the hours of operation to make sure that you will get more money from your cart. The primary reason why food cart franchising is a great business opportunity is really because you dont have to glance at the guesswork only to be successful from it. An excellent issue which will assist you happen to be expecting the opportunity success of the franchise is that this length of your time the franchisor are in successful operation. The more carts of the brand are visible; the greater brand recognition could be expected from people.

Customers trusts the brand, which franchise businesses already done that to suit your needs, no need for you personally to try this because it will take a long time to earn trust out of your customers. The best part about this method is that you just can have numerous carts as you want, as well as it wont require anything from you, you can simply focus in reading good food cart franchise and build additional money streams. However, there exists a method that you can use which will help you make more cash without spending a lot of cash, and also this is by looking for any food cart franchise. .But additionally you have to remember that there will likely be some companies that are going to take advantage of this excellent success.

Location – this is probably the most crucial thing that you should consider if you want to succeed in food cart franchise. Food is something which we cant live without, and it is one from the largest industries that you can find into in order to have a strong source of greenbacks. But what are the results if you are going to combine MLM and food cart franchising? Do you think it will be a great opportunity for you personally? .There are lots of food cart franchising companies that you simply can contact if you wish to start earning profits with ecommerce.

Max International Business Scam – Are We All Being Taken

If you look around all over the internet, there has been really a lot of hype around the Max International business in the last year or so. However, is all the buzz and hype with it and MaxGXL really worth it and is this a legitimate opportunity or just a scam?

OK, so starting at the beginning, what is the Max International Business all about and

All of which sounds excellent, but lets take a closer look at the Max International product line and what they specifically sell. The main product is MaxGXL and that contains glutathione, which aides and improves energy levels, detoxifies your body, and boosts your natural immune system.

Now, take a look at the Max International compensation plan. Overall, it has nine key tiers of payout, to include: retail profits, preferred customer commissions, FastTrack commissions, team commissions, 7 level matching bonus, bonuses for ranks advancement, a global bonus pool, and a bonus car program. Overall, at the core though, it really looks like a pretty normal network marketing opportunity pay plan.

Is Max International really just a scam? No, not at all. It seems to be an up and coming company with a very distinct product line and a good payout plan for its distributors.

But, as is the case with any MLM opportunity, the real deal for the Max International business will be the marketing that its distributors do. That really is the way things become successful, even if they have the latest and greatest products and the best compensation plan.

If you are a Max International business builder, I highly suggest you learn how to effectively market either the business or product in order to be really successful. Learn something like pay per click marketing, electronic magazine ads, or video marketing. This is what creates prospects, leads and downlines.

If you would like to learn more about building your Max International business, read below and click on the link for more information.

THE Ultimate Home Business Opportunity

Know Your When

When will I earn a profit? This will be up to the opportunity you choose and then up to you to make it happen. With multi-level marketing (MLM) companies, it usually takes 3 or 4 years to see any real income. The direct sales arena, with very few exceptions, can offer you quick up front profits but little residual income. There are a scarce few that offer both large up front profits as well as great residual incomes, however these are rare.When am I ready to start? This is an easy answer: NOW. Now is the best time to start your own business, especially in network marketing. The economy affects home businesses as a rule: When the economy tanks- more home businesses get started. When would be a better time than NOW to get started? More people are making their fortunes now than ever in home business.

#5 Know Your Who

Who will you be working with in your business? There are businesses that offer community support in addition to company support. Many companies are structured so you have a go-to person to assist you in your business. This will usually be the person who helped you to start but they may have started just before you, so know what their experience is and insist on a seasoned home business owner to help you.

Did You Know:There is a new home based business started every 11 seconds in the United StatesHome business owners average a larger income than the national average of those with jobs70% of home businesses started survive longer than 2 years65% of home businesses are started between September 1 and December 31