The Most Useful Container Rental

There are different types of containers that can be rented. Each of them has a specific use. Some are used for domestic purposes and others are used for industrial purposes. Common types of industrially used containers are: corrugated box, wooden box, crate and drum. But there is the most useful container rental for household use and this is the roll-off dumpster. For most people, roll-off dumpster is very useful when they are doing a major clean-up after a specific construction.

I remember one of my customers, Sam, who rented a dumpster because he is going to move out his elderly parents in a condominium. Their ancestral home has become big for his parents since the time he decided to move out. They are five siblings and being the youngest, he was the last to leave the company of his parents. He was hired for a job in another state so he has no choice but to leave home. When he went home for the thanksgiving, his parents mentioned that they bought a condominium after selling their old house. And he was tasked to help them clean it up for the move-out.

He called me and asked for what type of container rental he can rent. It is his first time to do such a big project. When he moved out to his new place, he didn’t have to bring a lot of stuff since he knew that it will not be a permanent assignment. So, it is his first time to get introduced to a dumpster rental concept. It was a good thing that his long time friend and neighbor mentioned about our company and so he called us up.

I had to provide an extra service for him. Since it was only him and his parents who are doing the moving out, I told him that I have a Removal Service, which includes labor. This is especially helpful for him since I don’t think that he and his elderly parents can manage to put all the items on the truck. He only needs to pay extra for the labor cost of the guys who will do the actual carrying of stuff.

He was thankful that I offered him this type of service. Although container rental was what he only has in his mind at first, after learning that his parents accumulated tons of garbage all throughout these years, he cannot possibly do all the cleaning up. And besides, the other items cannot be brought to the condo his parents are moving into. So, we had to take care of old appliances and furniture. He gave us permission to donate them to charity.

Jamie Labelle is a dumpster rental business owner who had been doing this for more than a decade now. Sam is only one of the many grateful customers whom Jamie helped to make his situation much simpler by offering him the right service. For more details on various types of container rental, such as roll-off dumpster, please log on to Know more about their on-going trade promotions and be counted as one of the participants.