Keys to Establishing an Effective Retail Pet Bird Department

How to Set up a Retail Bird Department or Shop

Establishing a top-notch pet bird department isnt difficult, but it does require a commitment to providing customers with exceptional service, knowledge and products. Sales are built on relationships, so it is imperative to develop excellent communication skills both in the store and in following up with customers and prospects. Each employee should be trained in product knowledge and sales techniques to represent your business and effectively maintain customer relationships. Wylds Wingdom has developed guidelines for getting a great bird department off the ground and maintaining strong repeat business.

A Strong Beginning

The greeting your customer receives is one of the most important parts of the retail experience. Whether taking a call from a prospective customer or greeting a walk-in, it is important to give an upbeat and welcoming greeting. “Good morning! Welcome to (or thank you for calling) store name” followed by “How can I help you today?” Asking a walk-in customer “Can I help you?” gives them the opportunity to say, “No, thanks” or “Im just browsing.” Asking how you can help or what the customer is looking for requires an answer that opens the door to conversation and allows you to begin interacting with the customer.

You can also ask a walk-in customer if theyve ever been in your store before. If they say “yes” you can welcome them back, which makes them feel valued and reminds them that theyve done business with you before. If they say “no” you can tell them a little bit about how the store is set up and give a little information about yourself, and then ask what theyre looking for.
The timing of the greeting is also important. Greet customers immediately so that they feel welcomed and know you are there to answer questions and give advice. Many customers who walk out of a store without buying do so because they feel ignored or like there is no one available to help them. Deliver your greetings with sincerity and warmth and make an effort to get to know the needs of repeat customers and you will see a big difference in customer response.

Keep the Conversation Going

As a retailer you are a problem-solver for your customers. You provide the solutions to their needs by supplying them with the products theyve been looking for. Thats great if they actually know what they are looking for and what they need. As a retailer of pet bird supplies, you have a huge bank of knowledge to draw from, to provide customers with the information needed to make more purchases. You know about new products, new discoveries in the world of avian health, food and equipment. You are the expert!

As a retailer, you should feel good about sharing your expertise, giving your customers the knowledge and products needed to give their birds what they need for a healthy, happy life. The best way to begin with customers is to engage in conversation. Asking the right questions is the most effective way to assist your customers and increase sales. Find out what they are looking for, and then ask why they want that particular product. This opens the door for the customer to talk more about their situation, their particular bird, and that birds needs. Pet bird owners generally enjoy talking about their pet, and your questions about species, housing, diet, activities and habits will provide you with valuable information. This is a great opportunity for you to use your unique avian knowledge and recommend the specific item that best suits their need, as well as additional products that might work well for the customer.

Once you build rapport with the customer and are able to make effective recommendations, you increase the chances of future purchases as well as referrals to other bird owners.

Staying in Touch Using Social Media & Email Marketing

The opportunity to interact with customers doesnt end when they leave the store. Establishing successful customer relationships requires frequent “touches”. Once you have the interest of a customer or a prospective customer, its important to stay in touch with them, reminding them of your business and what makes it special. This is especially effective in retail businesses where you provide customers with products they buy over and over again, such as pet food and supplies.

Email marketing and social media are two effective ways of staying in touch with a high volume of prospects and customers while maintaining a personalized feel to the interactions. In order to stay in touch via email marketing, youve got to be sure to capture email addresses. If your checkout system is run by computer, make asking for an email address a part of the check-out process in the store. Alternatively, you can keep a stack of information cards near the register and ask customers if theyd like to fill one out and join your email list. Make this question a part of your phone script for prospective customers as well. Let them know that you carry a wide range of products and would like to let them know when you are offering specials or have exciting, new products available.

Establishing a Facebook page and Twitter feed is a great way to let customers and bird fanciers know whats happening in your world. You can build credibility, establish yourself as an expert, highlight new or popular products, and offer followers special deals. For those in your email database, providing a clickable link to your Facebook and Twitter pages in your email updates and asking recipients to “like” or follow your business is an effective way to build followers. Provide in-store customers with a card that gives your Facebook, Twitter and webpage addresses, or have it print on every receipt. Ask followers to recommend your pages to their friends, and spread the word through your local Avian club or other community groups.

Social media has become a necessity in todays business world. Unlike traditional advertising, social media brings a personal edge to your marketing. Through social media, you become more than just a name to your audience; you become a person with whom they can interact. You can engage with your customers and not only brand your business, but build a sense of trust and credibility. When you communicate with your social media audience, you are not only communicating with your followers or fans, but also with your followers followers. The fact that someone “likes” or follows you is seen as an endorsement to their connections, allowing you to reach a whole new audience.

In addition to these benefits, social media will help you get a pulse on what your customers want. Social media makes it easy for customers to comment and give feedback, allowing you to see what it is that they like, dont like, want and dont want. You can use this information to better your service, your products, and in turn, your business.

The Latest in Social Media Trends

A sure sign of the role social media is taking in marketing is the recent launch of Google Plus for businesses. Similar to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites, Google Plus offers the advantages of communicating with your customers on a more personal level, getting to know their preferences, and getting a personal endorsement from them. Google Plus has the added advantage of the “+1” button, which takes this endorsement to a new level. Google Plus melds together social media, its email system (gmail), AND its search engine so your business gets exposure, not only through your followers, but also through your email contacts AND anyone who sees your website come up in a Google search.
If your website is properly encoded for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes and someone does a Google search using your keywords, your website could pop up and that person could see your Google Plus page and “+1” it, endorsing it to all of their followers and friends as well as Google itself. Google states, “+1s” from friends and contacts can be a useful signal to Google when determining the relevance of your page to a users query. This is just one of many signals Google may use to determine a pages relevance and ranking.”
What this means is that Google itself is saying that having and using a Google Plus page will help increase your ranking on search engines. While Google Plus is going to be the major contributor to SEO, interacting on all of the different social media sites will benefit your SEO. The algorithms for SEO ranking are changing and are including more and more of the social media postings, so if you want a higher search engine ranking, you will need to establish an active social media presence.

Training Your Bird Department Associates

Giving your bird department staff the best tools for dealing with a wide range of customers and situations is an effective way to keep customers coming back and reduce staff turnover. Confident, well-trained employees will appreciate their work environment and pass on their positive feelings to customers.

Its a good idea to develop an employee handbook that outlines policies and procedures. An employee handbook can address rules, expectations, and the ways in which employees should represent your business and brand. This is the first step in developing effective retail associates who are reliable and responsible.

Developing a training program can save time down the road when bringing new employees on board. Take the time to create your training protocol once, and each new employee will receive the same consistent information on store basics such as opening and closing procedures, cleaning and pet bird care, handling sales and returns, stocking and inventory, and the customer interaction techniques outlined in the previous sections. The manual can cover greetings, collecting information, assisting customers through conversation, etc.

Product knowledge and general bird care knowledge are other areas that will require training for your bird department associates. If you have birds in your store or department, your employees should be trained on the basic information about the species you carry. Customers will look to sales associates as the “experts”, so they should be able to answer questions and provide information about various bird species.

Encourage employees to familiarize themselves with inventory, and make educational resources on bird species and care available. Holding regular meetings or training sessions before or after hours will give you an opportunity to go over popular products and how they can be introduced and explained to customers. Role playing is another effective way to work through product knowledge and how staff can effectively listen to customers and direct them to the products they need. Regular meetings will also keep everyone up-to-date on new products, new displays and promotions, and industry news.

Consistent mentoring and training of employees can often give staff a sense of ownership and accountability, which ultimately adds to your stores success.

How To Identify Good Business Show Rental Services From Poor

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WordPress SEO Hacks to Boost Your Business Website Traffic

We all want websites that are search-engine friendly. But sometimes when you are busy it’s easy to publish a new blog post and be off to the next thing on your to do list.

Over time, this can really hurt your SEO efforts. That’s why I’ve put together this short hit list of things you can do to boost your WordPress SEO.

Schedule these tasks in your calendar to make your blog traffic soar!

1) Post New Stuff Regularly Google has a bias towards fresh content. Part of Google’s algorithm looks at how new the content is and gives preference to more recent results. So publishing original content on a regular basis is important.

Also size matters when it comes to content. Generally longer content ranks higher than shorter content. So strive to make your post at least 500 words.

2) Create a Keywords List If SEO is a priority, then you’ll want to develop a keyword list. This is basically a list of keywords and phrases that describes your products and services. These keywords should include words from search terms that are more likely to be used to find your offerings online.

Google has some incredible tools to make keyword research easy including Google Search, Google Suggest, Google Instant and Google Wonder Wheel.

Hint: if you want a really targeted keyword list, hire an SEO expert!

3) Install an SEO Plugin This will allow you to set keyword-rich custom titles and Meta descriptions for your posts for search engines.

A couple of popular SEO plug-ins to consider are All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast.

Again, this is something your web designer or an SEO professional can easily install for you.

4) Hand Submit to Search Engines What good is a site if no one can find it? That’s why getting listed in Google and the other popular search engines and directories is one of the most effective ways of getting free targeted traffic to your website.

You have probably seen lots of automated submission services where you pay a small fee for them to submit your site to hundreds of search engines. These services not only wont help they can actually hurt you.

Almost all of these free directories never send an actual visitor to your website and getting links from them can hurt your ability to rank in the real search engines like Google and Bing.

The best practice is to manually submit your site to search engines yourself. WordPress makes this easy once you set up an account in Google, Bing and Yandex Webmaster Tools.

If unsure, just ask your webmaster or SEO Specialist to set up these accounts.

5) Add Tags to your Posts WordPress, straight out of the box, comes ready to embrace search engines. The tags features is one of those SEO friendly features you should take advantage of.

Be sure to add relevant keyword-rich tags to every post you publish.

6) Leave Comments on Other Blogs Start linking more to other peoples posts on their blogs and encourage them to link back to you.

Here Are 3 Conversion Rate Optimization Benefits Your Online Business Cant Ignore

Although conversion rate optimization (CRO) is often confused with SEO (search engine optimization), the two services are quite different. SEO experts drive more traffic to your website in order to generate more sales. CRO experts, on the other hand, boost online sales from existing traffic sources by optimizing key website components, such as:

1. Copywriting on Key Landing and Sales Pages 2. Website Design 3. Layout of UI Features and Special Sales Tools 4. Website Programming 5. Marketing Funnel(s) 6. Shopping Cart/CMS/Core Site Platforms

But I get it: Who cares? After all, what Internet Marketing service out there doesnt promise to boost online sales? The real question is: What kind of return on investment can you expect from conversion rate optimization?

Because at the end of the day and if everyone is being brutally honest: Most Internet Marketing services produce absolutely appalling ROI. You are literally lucky to generate 3 dollars in revenue from every 1 dollar invested in SEO, PPC, or even social media marketing. So by the time you also take overhead, fulfillment costs, and labor into account: Most Internet Marketing services honestly dont move the needle in terms of the ROI they deliver for your online business. Conversion rate optimization, however, is a completely different beast.

Companies like Google, Apple, and even heat mapping sites like Crazy Egg are hiring CRO companies and boosting overall online conversions by up to 150% or more. And sure, those might be exceptional examples and not even close to what an average website owner could expect from hiring CRO experts. But with conversion rate optimization, you dont need to generate massive gains in the overall conversion rate to see a massive ROI or a dramatic boost in online profits. In fact, here are 3 bona-fide benefits of conversion rate optimization that no serious website owner can afford to ignore:

CRO Benefit #1: Permanently Increases Conversion Rate

You know why the ROI is so low for SEO, social media, or even content marketing? Because the minute you stop investing in new content, your traffic levels will quickly drop along with your sales. But one of the biggest conversion rate optimization benefits is the ability to continue driving new sales and increasing ROI for months, in some cases years, after the CRO experts have wrapped up the project. That means even modest gains in overall conversion rate will not only drive increased sales this month, but next month, and the month after that, and so on. By making permanent changes to your copywriting, web design, and other core website components, CRO experts optimize your website to generate more online sales and a growing ROI that far exceeds anything you can expect from traditional Internet Marketing services.

CRO Benefit #2: Increased Online Sales without Increasing Your Marketing Spend

You know the biggest problem with driving another $50,000 in online revenue from SEO, social media, or especially PPC advertising? The answer is the bane of every website owner reading these words because they know its quite simple: Because generating an additional $50k in online revenues might require an investment of $20k or more in PPC, SEO, or social media. And when you include overhead, what, if anything, is left over for all that hard work and investment?

Why Is SEO Important for Your Business

In today’s highly competitive market, more and more business owners are finding themselves facing the dilemma of which online marketing approach to choose. Deciding which tool to use and focus on is a nowhere-to-easy job.

Many business owners, especially those who have a small or medium company, don’t have the budget for advertising like large ones have, which is why they naturally go for campaigns that will cost them less. Because of this, so many of them choose Search Engine Optimization that has no price tag attached to it. But is SEO what you need to promote your business? Is it worth it to invest in it?

Continuous Flow of Targeted, Free Traffic

There are billions of Google searches made each day. Using this search engine is absolutely free of charge and you can even earn from it. Unlike PPC advertising via Google AdWords, the organic traffic that comes to your website will not cost you anything.

Gives Your Business Exposure

As you know, one of the main reasons people use search engines like Google is to find solutions to their problems and answers to their questions. When people use search engines for answers and solutions, they click on about 70% of the links on the first page. So, if your website is ranking well, you will get the exposure your business needs in order to grow.

Generates Traffic That Has a Good Conversion Rate

According to some sources, the leads generated by SEO are as high as 14.6% close rate. This is a lot better than the 1.7% close rate you can generate from print advertising and email marketing. Depending on the industry you are working in, the users have different behavior and they are most likely to click on different links, which has a big impact on the conversion.

Helps Your Business Grow

As already mentioned, when you have a good online presence, your business will grow. SEO plays a big role in securing good online presence for your business and allows to increase its visibility up to 59%. And without online visibility, your targeted group of potential clients will never find you. When you have good SEO, you will have good online presence and your business will grow a lot faster.

If you still don’t have a business website but want to be present online so people can find your company more easily, turning to an online marketing agency is what you should do. When you have a good-looking website with quality content and are on the first places of Google’s SERPs, you will reach your potential clients and your business will grow.

Steps to Finding the Best SEO Specialist for Your Business Needs

You have an awesome website, but not enough qualified visitors.

Is this a problem your business is experiencing?

Sadly, many entrepreneurs and small business owners dont realize that once your fabulous website is built, potential clients simply wont know it exists.

Not until it is properly search engine optimized that is.

So how do you get people to find your website on the first or second search results page of Google, Yahoo! or Bing?

The answer to that question can be very complex.

This is why most business owners invest in search engine optimization (SEO) agencies or specialists to increase their website search engine visibility that will generate more sales leads.

In working with many entrepreneurs and small business owners, the last thing they want to learn about is SEO! They would much prefer to focus on their own business and core competency than to learn someone elses expertise.

So if your website suffers from low search engine rankings, and you dont want to have to learn a whole new profession in order to boost those rankings, here are four steps to finding the best SEO consultant for your specific business needs:

Determine What You Want

Websites can be at varying search visibility stages and will have different SEO needs. For example, your website might only need to be ranked better on different search engines vs. needing everything from pay-per-click advertising, ongoing SEO maintenance, content creation SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Social Media Marketing and more.

So before you jump in and try typing the “Best SEO agency in X city” into Google, you first need to determine what you want out of an SEO campaign.

Ask yourself: “What results do I want an SEO expert to achieve?”

It could be as simple as increasing website traffic by five to ten percent within the next six to eight months. Or your objective might be to build your list of an additional 100 qualified leads over a certain time frame.

Having these specific key performance questions answered will help you measure the success of your campaign. But do keep in mind that SEO and SEM are relative where the results you seek can be in direct proportion to the money you are willing to invest.

Keeping your expectations realistic is important, especially when no legitimate SEO expert can promise results that are out of their control when it comes to how the search engines behave.

Shop Around

Once youve determined what you want to achieve, talk with multiple SEO experts to compare which ones are suitable for your specific business needs.

A good search engine optimization campaign is a process that can take from four months to a year to achieve your goals. A good SEO campaign first needs to implement website improvements and then will have a cumulative effect before seeing potential benefits.

If an SEO agency promises high search engine rankings in a fast amount of time, run the other way. No one has the secret to that kind of success unless they were part of the inner circle working at Google.

Internet Marketing for your business

The internet has captured the imagination of many people when it comes to what it is, and what it can provide. Internet marketing is only one aspect of the internet, but it is a very important aspect at that. When people search for items on the internet they are normally looking for information, this information can come in a variety of ways and it can either be free, or purchased. For those that are looking, that is one area of the internet. For those that are providing, this is an area where broad and local internet marketing come into play.

As stated before, internet marketing is only one aspect of the internet, and it basically consists of marketing a product or service online. But there is much more to this phenomenon than one may think, and in this article you will discover what they actually are.

* Internet Marketing Consultants

When private individuals and business owners decide to take their ideas for business online, they will be better served if they use the services provided by internet marketing consultants. The reason for this is – on today’s internet it’s much more than simply purchasing a domain name, securing a bit of hosting, and launching a web presence. You will need to know a little more about the marketing side of things in order to be successful obtaining the type of targeted traffic you are looking for.

* Internet Marketing Consulting

Consulting will come in many different forms, and the type that will work for you will be determined by your specific needs. Allowing a professional internet marketer to consult you will allow you to avoid the pitfalls in which other less experienced marketers fall prey to. You will discover that because you’ve taken the time to invest in internet marketing consulting, your chances of surviving your first year on the internet can almost be guaranteed.

* Website Search Engine Optimization

As stated before, having a web presence is much more than obtaining a domain name and hosting. You will need to properly setup your website in order for search engines to find you, and to ultimately provide informational and educational content for the people that visit. The other important factor will be the visitors. You don’t just want any visitor coming to your site. You’ll want relevant targeted traffic because these will be the most likely visitors that are interested in your products and services.

* Search Engine Optimization Companies

There is a wide range of companies available that can provide SEO services for you or your business. One of the most important steps will be to find a company that can provide everything you need, and explain exactly why you need it. There are companies available that provide outstanding service and it will be up to you to find one that is a perfect fit.

The internet and internet marketing isn’t going away, and in fact it is growing at a very rapid pace. If you’ve been contemplating bringing your business to the online community, you may find the information provided in this article extremely helpful.