Retail Security Officer Services

Why having retail security is no longer a luxury you cannot afford.

Cutting Budget Costs On Retail Security Services Could Be A Big Mistake

Retail theft in Britain is higher than in Europe.
The UK is breaking new records for the wrong reasons, the Centre of Retail Research said Britains shoplifting for 2009 was at a record high and admittedly did reduce slightly in 2010 to 4.4BN but this is likely to prove the exception to the rule with future forecasts predicting a continual increase.
The majority of these crimes are committed by the usual suspects, organised gangs, professional shoplifters and the opportunists but will shock you is that 36.4 percent is carried out in house by staff members.
So ask yourself this, how do you prevent becoming a victim?
The answer is very simple, you invest in a Retail Security Service provider that can handle all aspects of retail security, inclusive of staff monitoring, a company that has a hard earned reputation for supplying security personnel that are experienced, knowledgeable that are well versed in all aspects of client care.
And most importantly, gives you the absolute best value for you money.
What if you are already employing security staff but they are giving you cause for concern?
You should never have any doubts about the people you hire and this is especially true and most relevant to security personnel. Hiring the proper security company will enhance and develop your companys profile and reputation, not prove detrimental to it.
The answers are still the same, give yourself peace of mind and let fully trained and SIA license professionals handle your needs.
There are too many security companies out there whose sole wish is to provide a body so that they can take your hard earned money. This attitude is endemic and should be picked up on immediately and avoided.
Information should be cascaded down from the management team allowing their staff to be kept up to date on all relevant matters.
What this means to you an employer is that your money is wisely invested and not squandered on disinterested and lazy security guards.
Given the fact that the recession is still very much in evidence, it is understandable that you will be reluctant to hire a security company but to do nothing is to invite trouble and means you are taking a gamble with your business and your staff.
That is why we recommend that you invest wisely by employing retail security services and in doing so you will find the best use for your hard earned money.
You can make the choice easy for a shoplifter, do they stay at you place of business and get caught by an attentive and experienced retail security guard or do they move on to another much easier target where they can steal with absolute certainty that they will be unopposed?

Construction Site Security Prevents Pilfering

Having a spot of bother on your building sites? Does plant keep going missing, are materials constantly being pinched, are you plagued by thieves and vandals? Thats not good is it? Theft from site can put the job behind and you have to replace expensive tools or make expensive insurance claims. It sounds like you could do with Construction Site Security to stop the thieves in their tracks. Ask experts in Security Guarding to provide a strong presence on your site and fight back against anti-social behavior with professional Construction Site Security.
Unmanned sites are like an Aladdins cave for criminals but Construction Site Security can stop pilfering straight away. Its a dedicated service and Construction Site Security is used to good effect on sites the length and breadth of the country.
Options for Construction Site Security
Just want Security Guarding in place at night when the site is at its most vulnerable? That makes sense. By day your site is pretty busy isnt it and the various trades that are working on the project can keep a watchful eye over things. However at night Construction Site Security becomes essential, its the time when thieves like to strike on site. Have a manned presence with Construction Site Security and criminals will have to try their luck elsewhere.
Static security guards can be provided for Construction Site Security or the services of mobile patrols can be useful if you have numerous sites operating at once. Either way you can be assured of a dedicated and reliable service from experts in Construction Site Security that are trained to the highest of service.
Be forewarned and forearmed
Construction Site Security perform regular patrols around your project, they follow emergency procedures and report any incidents straight away. The officers that provide the Security Guarding are smartly dressed, highly professional and they posses the latest SIA licences as you might expect from a reputable Construction Site Security company.
Use a professional team for Construction Site Security and you are protecting your project from incidents of vandalism and theft. Once patrols have been assigned to take charge of the Construction Site Security theyll monitor movements, check on any suspicious activity and hand a site back over to management in a safe and secure condition.