Singapore Employment Pass Visa Issued To Foreign Professionals And Businessmen

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa issued to foreign professionals, supervisors, and key employees who want to relocate in the country. Meanwhile, this visa is also given to foreign entrepreneurs, shareholders, and managing directors who want to personally manage their business in Singapore.

To qualify for this visa, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) requires foreign applicants to have a college diploma from a reputable school. However, the agency informs people that meeting this requirement does not guarantee a successful application particularly if they fall short in the other criteria.

Aside from the college diploma, another important requirement for professionals is a work-related experience (preferably at least five years) that has enhanced their skills and knowledge in their respective profession.

(Special note: Foreign entrepreneurs are first required to incorporate their company before they can apply for EP.)

Another important requirement for EP applicants is that they should have at least a fixed monthly salary of S$2,500. A fixed monthly salary does not include payment for overtime, commission, bonus, employers contributions to workers pensions, allowance, and productivity incentives.

Meanwhile, these are the documents and certifications EP applicants should present to the agency:
A completed Employment Pass Application form which can be downloaded from the agencys main website.

For professionals. If their would-be employer is a Singapore-based company, they should get sponsorship from this entity. But for those whose employer is an overseas company which does not operate a local office in the country, they must still be sponsored by a local company.

It is important that the employer signs and stamps the application form with its company seal.
A companys latest business profile which must be registered to the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). If it is not yet registered, it should at least produce registration papers from its professional body.

Educational certifications.

If applicable, testimonials from previous employers.

All the relevant travel documents including a copy of passport particulars.

A passport-sized photograph of a person which must be taken within the past three months.

(Special note: Applicants who have non-English certificates and documents must submit a copy of the original papers together with its official translated-version that is certified by their respective embassy.)

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What Is A Singapore Personalised Employment Pass

You love Singapore. You want to work there. But what will you do if you are neither a Singapore citizen nor a resident of Singapore. Well, the answer is simple – you need a Personalised Employment Pass!
For foreigners who find Singapore an ideal place to visit, live in, find employment or even set up their own company, there are specific passes required before you can fully enjoy the benefits of being in the country. These passes are Personalised Employment Pass, Regular Employment Pass, EntrePass, Dependent’s Pass, and Long Term Visit Pass.

But if you only desire to find employment in Singapore, then you must apply for a Personalised Employment Pass.

A Personalised Employment Pass or PEP is a work visa granted to qualified foreigners who wish to find employment in Singapore but do not want to enter to an employment contract with a specific employer for a period of five (5) years.

Where will you apply for PEP? The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore is the department that processes applications for PEP and grants the same to a foreigner who possesses the requisite qualifications and professional attainment. It is not necessary that you must already be employed in Singapore before you apply for a PEP. But you must remember that upon the issuance of a PEP to you, you need to find employment within the period of 6 months from the date of issuance of PEP, otherwise the work visa issued to you will be revoked.

What are the requirements in order for an applicant to be granted a Personalised Employment Pass? The applicant should be either of the following: First, the applicant must earn a salary of at least S$7,000 per month. Second, he/she must be a former P1 category Employment Pass holder who resides overseas (it is important that he/she must not be unemployed for more than a continuous period of six months at the point of application). Third, he/she must be a current P1 category Employment Pass holder. Fourth, he/she must be a current P2 category Employment Pass holder with at least two years of working experience in a P category of Employment Pass that earns an annual income of at least S$30,000. Lastly, he/she must be a foreign graduate from institutions of higher learning in Singapore and has at least two years of working experience on a P or Q1 category Employment Pass (the annual income should be a minimum of S$30,000).

What are the documents that an applicant for PEP should prepare? Here is a summary: resume or CV stating your educational and employment history, copies of educational certificates and past employment testimonials, a copy of the personal particulars page of your passport, appointment letter from the current employer and copies of the last three months salary slip. All documents that are not in the English language should have an English translation provided by an official translation service.

Holders of PEP are not allowed to set up any business in Singapore. However, they are allowed to own at least the minority share in a company, and he/she is allowed to act as one of the directors. A PEP holder can apply for a Dependants Pass and/or Long-Term Visit Pass for the members of his/her family.

It is strongly advised that a foreigner seeking to apply for a Personalised Employment Pass engage the services of a professional firm in Singapore to assist him/her in the preparation of his/her application to its submission, processing and collection.

The Benefits Of Personalised Employment Pass By Asiabizservices

In order to help better attract and retain global talent, Singapore has recently introduced the Personalised Employment Pass (PEP). PEP facilitates selected Employment Pass holders to continue working in Singapore. The PEP will be granted to suitable EP holders that have worked in Singapore for a period of time.

Currently an Employment Pass (EP) is tied to a specific employer. A fresh application is required for any change in employer. Unless an EP holder finds employment with a new company, the EP is immediately cancelled if an EP holder leaves the company and he must leave Singapore. However, in the new PEP, an EP holders individual merits are the basis for issuance f such PEP and it is not tied to any employer. A PEP holder is allowed to remain in Singapore to evaluate new employment opportunities for up to six months in between jobs.

If you meet any of the below requirements, you are eligible for this visa: The following are the requirements in order to be eligible for this visa:

1) You are earning at least S$7,000 monthly salary. The last drawn salary must not exceed six months from the time of application.

2) You are a former P1 category employment pass holder who is residing overseas. Also, you should not be unemployed for longer than a continuous period of six months at the point of application.

3) You are a current P1 category employment pass holder.

4) You are a current P2 category employment pass holder with at least two years’ of work experience on a P category employment pass. You annual income should be at least S$30,000.

5) You are a foreign graduate from institutions of higher learning in Singapore and have at least two years of working experience on a P or Q1 category employment pass. You annual income should be at least S$30,000.

Since an PEP is not tied to a company, the EP holder must be the one who applies for Personalized employment pass and not the employer.

Once approved, the applicant will be given 3 months to collect the PEP. A cancellation letter for the existing employment pass from the current employer will be required from the applicant.

Singapore companies will be able to hire personalized employment pass holders the same way they hire Singapore citizens and PRs. However, they will need to notify MOM whenever they hire or terminate the services of a PEP holder.

There are various advantages of owning a personalized employment pass. One of the perks of having one is the convenience as it does not require any sponsor or bank guarantee and it only take an average of about 3 weeks to process. Another benefit of PEP holders is the job flexibility, PEP holders are allowed to be employed in any sector and when changing jobs, PEP holders do not need to re-apply for a new pass. Also, PEP holders are given the flexibility of a continuous period of up to six months without a job to evaluate employment or work opportunities and are not required to leave Singapore during this time.

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Singapore Retail Franchise That Creates Animal Land

Nobody knows great kids concepts better than the kids themselves. And it only takes a moms intuitive eye and belief on their child to transform a great concept to a successful business venture.

In one of the Dees annual family trek, Belinda noticed how her kids would rave about a unique create your own stuffed toys shop in the United States. She would notice how kids and kids at heart would flock to the store and go home happy with an adopted animal or two that they themselves created.

It only took her some pencil pushing to realise how much potential the concept holds as a possible business venture. In no time, Belinda was talking to the top honchos of the brand and finding ways how to bring the concept to the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

It did not take long before she opened Animaland at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall before Christmas of 2005. The concept became a huge hit and soon more Animaland shops were set up in the top malls of the country.

Animaland is a rapidly growing chain of mall-based entertainment retail stores and kiosks located in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines and now in Singapore. Patronage of Animaland is an experience that allows guests to make and dress their own personalised stuffed toy animals.

The concept capitalises on the growing demand for experienced-based shopping, as well as the universal appeal of the stuffed toy animal. The products and services cater to all age groups and demographics, but the majority of the guests are children, parents, grandparents and teenagers.

The Animaland Business Franchise Opportunities
A typical Animaland shop is a stuffed animal friend theme designed with original fixtures and brightly coloured graphics. The shop size is anywhere between a 15 square meter kiosk to a 40 square meter small inline unit.

Animaland believes that its interactive experience is unmatched in todays Singapore retail franchise environment. The act of putting together a new stuffed animal friend provides guests with the opportunity to participate in the retail experience, which is a unique and exceptional approach to the growing world of entertainment retail.

Why Invest in Animaland Business Franchise?
Animaland is a fun and interactive business that is easy to manage and monitor. It has a unique and innovative concept with low investment package and comprehensive training provided, said Ms Hsien Naidu, Founder and Director of business consulting firm for Animaland. The firm consists of franchise consultants, business consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants who are experts in bringing growth to businesses. Animaland business franchise involves lower operating cost and fast ROI. There is continuous revision and update of the products and services through regular communication with all franchises through Operations Manager. Animaland provides the following support:
-Supply of authentic Animaland merchandise from the US
-Operational Oversight
-Site Selection
-Start-up inventory assistance
-Comprehensive training

Animaland is set to develop and share their franchise business concept with investors seeking Singapore franchise opportunities through Singapore retail franchise for their business investments.

Types Of Employment Pass In Singapore

If you are planning to put up a business in Singapore or just live and work there, it is important to consider some legal factors to make your stay a legit one.There are many choices for what should be the employment pass you need to get for you and your family.

When it comes to employment pass in Singapore the two main consideration is the salary and education.Work experience so do your age and nationality will also be a consideration.

Provided that several people are certain of a minimum of ONE factor of their employment criteria, employment pass options will be presented around key individual criterion to expedite identification of the employment alternatives available to you. Given below are the key variables that may affect the corresponding work pass options.

The Regular Employment Pass

This pass is split into 3 different categories (P1, P2, Q1) and is largely dependent on salary requirements.For P1 the salary should be above S$7, 000, for P2 it should be above S$2, 500 and Q1 is above S$2, 500.A diploma or certificate from a prestigious is required for EP.This will be on case to case basis.If an employer wants to hire an individual, they should take care of the EP for them as well as provide sponsorship for them.Therefore, the EP is only valid for the specific job it states, and if you leave that job, you will require a new EP.EP holder’s family will now be permitted for Dependents Pass that will be valid along with EP.Even if the family will not be given the chance to have the dependent pass, they will still be given the chance to have a Long Term Visit Pass (LTVP).This does not apply for Q1 holder family members.Having a DP or LTVP alone, does not allow the pass holder to work in Singapore, a relevant work pass is required.

Personalized Employment Pass

Personalized EP will be applicable to foreign individuals whose monthly salary is minimum of S$7,000, foreigners who graduate from Singapore universities, as well as current and former P1 holders whose last salary was above S$30,00 annually and current P2 and Q1 holders with at least S$30, 000 annually.Salary and work experience is being considered and that the individual should not be unemployed for six months so that he/she will be allowed to apply. Personalized Employment Pass holders’ families are eligible for Dependent’s Pass as well as Long Term Visit Pass.


For investors and foreign individuals who want to put up a business in Singapore, EntrePass would best fits them.The main requirement to be eligible for an EntrePass is to have a company registered with ACRA, the organization that deals with Company Registration in Singapore.Q1 and P are the two types of EntrePass which largely depends on the salary. The main things needed for an EntrePass are, the company should have a minimum paid up capital of at least S$50, 000 and 30% ownership and that the individual is active in the whole operation of the business.Owners of coffee shops, bars and night clubs are not allowed to apply for an EntrePass.The legit family of EntrePass holders are now permitted to apply for Dependent Pass and Long Term Visit Pass.

Dependent’s Pass

Dependent Pass will be applicable to family members of Singapore EP holders, Personalized EP holders, EntrePass holders and S Pass holders.Requirements should be met first before applying for dependent pass.Spouse of the holder and child of the holder who is below 21 years old is allowed.New born babies, legally adapt children and step children are also accepted. Past the age of 21, some DP holders who are the children of the work pass holder may be eligible to apply for a Long Term Visit Pass.The valid duration of EP, Personalized EP, EntrePass or S pass is the same with DP. DP holders are permitted to work in Singapore but should have a work permit.Working in Singapore is not allowed in DP but living and studying are only the inclusions.

Long Term Visit Pass

Long term visit pass will be applicable to the family of P1 and P2 EP, P1 and P2 Personalized Ep and P EntrePass holders.Common law spouse, unmarried daughters above 21 years of age , handicapped children which age is above 21 years old, step children, parents, parents in law are considered the direct family.Those who are above 21 years old of a work pass holder will be liable in providing for themselves and is not allowed to live in Singapore based on the working situation. However, daughters who are originally DP holders can apply for LTVP when their DP expires.60 months or 5 years will be the validation of LTVP.Much like a DP, a LTVP does not authorize employment of the LTVP holder, and LTVP holders must apply for their own relevant EP before being able to legally work in Singapore.

From the summary of main work pass types it should be possible to identify at least one that is relevant to

you and your family.To get enough knowledge on the pass that will be applicable to your family, take a visit on Singapore Ministry of Manpower website.If a professional service firm will help in incorporation of business in Singapore, then they will also be a big help in this matter.It is fact that the businesses in Singapore is achieving a lot.The qualifications for getting work permits is not that high for foreign investors than any other offshore business.Meanwhile, the whole process for application of work permits will be more organized.