Twin Diamond Concept – Making Agriculture Machinery Modern

Every farmer likes to increase the output without increasing the input in terms of fertilizers, water, machine use or personal efforts. Today, farming has become a white color business. The advancement in agricultural machines has been the main contributory factor. Today, we have machines and equipments to perform all the farming activities with minimum efforts. Twin diamond is relatively a new term in farming equipment and machinery industry. The farming equipments and machines designed with this new concept are more in to the demand and farmers worldwide have realized the difference.

Modern age agricultural machines are designed to serve multi purposes. Single Twin diamond category machine can perform multiple tasks. These are cost efficient, fuel efficient, low in maintenance cost, easy to operate. These machines come along with multiple fixtures. Hence, farmers have freedom to attach the spares as per need. For strip tilling, they can choose the numbers of wheels according to the decided width of strip. Pressure of tillage can be adjusted according to the required depth of strip. The major advantage of these machines is that farmers do not need to buy different machines for different tasks.

When you go to the stores for buying the agriculture machinery, you come across wide range of models and brands. Though agriculture machinery is known for toughness and environmental friendliness but even then it is must to consider these aspects before placing the order. These machines too need periodic maintenance like any other personal vehicles. Prefer the brand that has social and market reputation. You get after sales service from manufacturers not from the traders. It is the manufacturer who is responsible for designing and quality. Getting references in your community or near to your location is a good buying practice. Try to confirm the references by paying personal visit. It will help you to check the performance of particular machine. Soil nature, crop circle and environmental conditions also affect the performance of machinery.

If you are planning to buy the agriculture machinery with government help, first assess your paying capability in unfavorable conditions. You must be having alternative earning means to pay the installments. Generally, manufacturers too offer the financial help but they charge heavy interest rate. Better, you take financial help from Govt. agency. It is good to increase assets; agriculture machinery too is not less than asset. Buy them as a professional instead of following the trend in your circle.