Ecological Agriculture

Ecological Agriculture Sightseeing Park completed 25, the cumulative development of various types of households received 723 Folklore Tourism, Village Tourism nine municipal, rural tourism development continues to accelerate. Tourism goods and agricultural products to promote research and development, Longquan Town, straw painting, dining Cuan under the stone town, the town of Lingxi cultural gift Miaofengshan 3 products in the “Grand Prix Beijing rural tourism product design,” won the gold medal, Beijing Pear Ministry of Agriculture Award for best-selling products. Vigorously promote the standardization of agricultural production, standardized production base of the region to 63. Strengthen agricultural product safety system, the 24 pollution-free agricultural products, food certification, four agricultural products, green food certification.
To insist that planning ahead, start planning the region village system, and completed five pilot villages municipal building of new rural villages in planning tasks. Implementation of safe drinking water projects. Launched the “light up, warm up, cycle up” three projects to complete the utilization of solar energy demonstration projects Miaofengshan town and the Northridge and other regions comprehensive development and utilization of biogas project in the national highway and tourist route along the main village to install solar lights 1082, to promote 1000 kang shop lifting and installation of biomass gasifier for cooking 4000.
Complete the community service centers and tanzhesi town rainwater and recycled water projects. Implementation of flood control works and water-saving irrigation projects, new water-saving 3100 acres of farmland. Strengthen the rural market system, supporting five supermarket chains in rural areas, regulate the construction Shuangtang Yanchi stream and two farmers markets.
Start the Dongshan 110KV and 35KV substation project Du Jia Zhuang. Completed and the area surrounding both sides of State Road 66 Village in integrated environmental management tasks. Completion of 404,700 square meters of 53 village neighborhood road construction project. Add green area of ??28 square meters. Newly converted public toilets 65, 2000 peasants use clean toilets. Initial establishment of the district, town and village levels garbage collection and disposal mode, the village created 32 municipal health, ecological civilization, the village outskirts of Beijing, 15, Miaofengshan town, dining and beautiful environment of Beijing was awarded the town of towns.
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