Construction Chemicals How They Are The Spine Bone Of Any Construction


The construction scene is going through tough times in the United States of America. A large section of Hispanic population in America almost all the time work for free. Labors come cheap in some parts of the United States and a family from New York or California could invest really cheap in areas like Texas for as low an amount as one lakh sixty thousand dollars. Here is a bit of both positive and negative news which is that there is a rise in about twenty eight percent in the demand for new homes in February of the present year but a rise in only about three percent in the construction jobs.

Construction business is booming in Canada and also in the rest of the world. There is a surge in the building of apartments and residential complexes. In the rest of the world there has also been a positive growth in the firms of building materials, construction and engineering sectors. In Australia there has been a growth of about six percent last November thus heralding better days in the construction business in the days to come. The government in Australia has also been proactive in building new schools in the country and which served as the impetuous in the non residential construction sector. Analysts at the Commonwealth banks comment on the fact that the construction boom in any country could last for a whole two to three years adding a two to three percentage points to economic growth.


Readymix concrete is a mixture of cement, aggregates and water. Concrete is basically a mix of paste and aggregates. The paste like component in the ready mix structure is made up of cement and water and also coarse and fine aggregates like sand and rocks. The concrete can be put into any shape. Ready-mix concrete can be used to build high-rises, sidewalks, superhighways, houses and dams.

We, at Krishna Colours & Constchem Pvt. Ltd. have been in the construction business for a span of ten years and more. We cater to both large and small scale construction business with our construction chemicals. We work on both repair and alteration projects. At present we are concentrating on the residential projects but planning to span out into the commercial construction projects. As admixture manufacturer in India our construction chemical industry provides the chemical solution to commercial, industrial, residential and infrastructural segments of industries.

As readymix concrete supplier in India we understand that quality is topmost in the mind of the builders and construction companies so we take care to manufacture construction chemicals in accordance to international standards. As admixture supplier in India we can say that admixtures are those ingredients in concrete other than Portland cement, water and aggregates which are added to the mixture immediately before or after adding. Admixtures can be of various types like water reducing admixtures, plasticizers, accelerating admixtures and such the like.

Material for construction is used in the construction industry for constructing buildings and structures. Material for construction is vital for any construction industry.

An Employment Lawyer Can Help You Maneuver Through Red Tape

As an employer, you face plenty of red tape that an employment lawyer can help you manage. This legal professional can help you handle your work force, adhere to government rules and regulations, and prepare contracts and documents. Without legal counsel, it’s challenging to make it through what sometimes feels like a maze.

Your Workers

Your workers are the lifeblood of your operation. In order to remain within the letter of the law and keep a happy staff, you need the guidance of an employment lawyer. You may need advice on everything from coping with sexual harassment to immigration issues. Not only can an attorney guide you through these challenges, he or she can hold workshops to educate your staff members regarding these issues. When you provide educational workshops for your employees on issues such as sexual harassment or safety, you can clear up all sorts of misconceptions. Some individuals may not even realize that what they’re doing is inappropriate. Not only can teaching them about appropriate workplace behavior help to lessen problems, it can protect your business, as well.

Government Rules and Regulations

Governmental regulations continually change, and they can be rather confusing. As the owner of your company, you must follow all federal, state, and city ordinances and other rules. You need to stay current with EEO and ADA compliance rules. You also need to know all about OSHA safety practices, minimum wage changes, unemployment benefits, and more. Additionally, you need to keep your physical premises handicap accessible, safe, pay your taxes on time, and respond appropriately to complaints from your workers, as well as your customers. When you operate a company in the United States, compliance is mandatory. An employment lawyer can help you remain compliant in all areas.

Contracts and Documents

The paperwork you use in your company must be exact or you could be held liable for inaccuracies. Contracts are legally binding between your business and your workers, customers, and vendors. Your employee handbooks, sales contracts, lease agreements, and every other document that represents your organization should be reviewed by your law firm’s experts.

Running a company in the United States involves understanding governmental regulations, handling your staff members legally and with finesse, and using carefully written contracts and documents. This is a lot of red tape to wade through without the guidance of an employment lawyer. Not only can this legal professional help you to manage your organization on a day-to-day basis, he or she can also be there when problems arise.

Franchising, Social Media, and the Changing Online Marketing Landscape

The worldwide use of social networking media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and many others has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years, affecting the business world in radical, unforeseen ways. These online media phenomena are increasingly used by brand owners, their customers and their employees alike as what is now the topmost marketing tool. This article details some of the challenging issues and implications that have gone along with the use of such sites and the particular impact of such issues on global franchising.
We at FGS hope to provide some practical guidance on how social media usage should be managed and controlled in international franchise arrangements. Because of the relative infancy of most social media and their recent adoption by franchise systems, many of these issues have only recently been identified, and the bulk are still searching for a final resolution.
Social media is dramatically changing the fundamental forces of that economy: who pays attention to what, who influences such decisions, how that is tracked and measured, the speed of response, and how it’s monetized. Just as the average prospective customer will check the online reviews for a particular business, many potential franchisees these days are highly web-savvy, and will research a particular business on the web to get a sense of its franchisable status, by its social media presence.
The opportunities in this arena are enormous for franchisors. For a good number of consumers, online communication is now more likely through social media than through email. The commercial potential of this trend has long been surmised, and legitimate companies must take advantage of these opportunities.
The incredible rise of online networking has been driven by younger age groups, but social media are no longer the domain of this demographic only. Consumers from a broad range of demographics are now regular users of social media, although preferred sites will show some variation in their audience.
Social media represent a relatively inexpensive method of (franchise) marketing. However, not all campaigns achieve desired success, and many marketers are still struggling with these relatively new formats. Companies will be better served by listening to customer contributions on such sites as Google Places pages (the #1 source for business reviews online), Yelp, and other user review/ratings sites, rather than using social media as another channel to dictate established brand values. Google now counts the social media conversation regarding your company as the highest indicator of your worth as a business.

Classical Franchising Facts and the New Online “Marketology”

Franchising traces its roots back to ancient China. It is a system for expanding a business and distributing goods and services. It is a marketing method, which has been called by many business experts, the greatest marketing strategy ever created. It is a program that creates amazing opportunities for business ownership, brand awareness and success, and personal wealth.

In the United States, only 8% of retail businesses are franchised. Amazingly enough, these same 8% of franchised businesses do over 40% of the retail sales in the United States. Franchising has the ability to capture much more of the market share. The increased market share is due to three main attributes comprising a franchise:

1.A brand name. Even a newer brand name usually has an advantage over an unaffiliated business.
2.A successful business system. The proven system allows franchisees to follow a successful plan with a high success rate. The franchisee can also enjoy cost savings as a result of the buying power of the franchise.
3.A support system. The franchise will have the expertise of its successful franchisees and franchisor to help them succeed. They are not in business alone.

The Gallup Organization conducted a poll on franchisees’ ownership experience and attitudes. Here are some results:

More than 90% said that their expectations were met, or mostly met.
More than 90% said they considered their franchise to be successful.
More than 65% said that they would have not been as successful if they had tried to open the same business on their own.

Here are some eye-opening social media networking facts, gathered by EPM Communications Inc. (May 2010):

More than 140 million Americans log on to a social media site every month and that number continues to grow.
70% of adults have Facebook profiles.
One-third of social media users are 45 and older.
The majority of travelers visit social network sites to plan and share details of their trips.
Half of those who friend restaurants on social media want to be alerted to deals or receive coupons.

Imagine the number of those folks who are savvy entrepreneurs or business owners (or prospective business owners) who may “stumble upon” your franchise marketing material or companys social media conversation. It certainly spins the wheels of possibility, doesnt it?

Let FGS experienced team of advisors and marketing professionals guide the way toward your franchising success and high-level brand recognition. Call 480-223-1500 for a free consultation today!

Bandung Car Rental – Don’t Go To Bandung Without It

Planning a vacation in Bandung – is it necessary to buy a Tour package?

The first time I planned a travel to Bandung with my family was several years ago, at that time me and my wife were split on the decision whether to buy a tour package or to go there by ourselves with our self planned trip.

There are several advantage and disadvantage if you buy a tour package, first and foremost since you have paid for the travel agent, they will take care of everything you need on your trip. This includes airlines ticket, hotel booking, local ground transportation, tourist attraction ticket entrance, and usually immigration procedure as well.
All you have to do is be there on time as scheduled and enjoy the vacation.

On the other hand there are several disadvantage of buying a tour package, one of them is you don’t have the freedom to choose the things you want to do as you always have to stick with the tour group and follow them to every destinations.
Other downside of a tour package is that they sometimes take you to places that they earn commission from if you buy something, for example: silk factory, tailor, jewellery store, medicine store, etc. It is always a waste of your valuable time visiting this kind of places as you aren’t always interested in the things sold there.

Travelling in a self planned tour by yourself is the alternative to tour package, this is the best way to travel since you have all the freedom to visit and see places you want. You can stay at one place and get to it and the culture of people live there so well that you feel you become a part of it.
This is the kind of travel experience you can’t get when you travel in a packaged tour.

Since a self planned tour requires a good transportation, you can get public transportation like bus, train or other type of public transportation. Eventhough they are cheap, sometimes it is better to use a more reliable type of transporation.

Hiring a car rental with driver is a luxury in some part of the world like Europe or United States but in Asia it is almost a necessity for a travelleris. This is because many countries in Asia doesn’t have a good public transportation as in Europe or United States.

Visitors to countries like Indonesia relying heavily on this kind of transportation, car rental with driver. As a new tourist destination city like Bandung a laid back city compared to capital city Jakarta, traffic is always a problem especially on weekend as the volume of vechicles can be doubled with tourists coming from all over the country and abroad.
If you visit Bandung there are several car rentals you can choose but the one I find very reliable is Bandung car rental by the name of Mulia Car Rental. The level of service of this car rental is truly remarkable, the quality of the cars are very good as they use always use the newest cars. The attitude of the driver are also on a high note, they are always polite and go all the way to fulfill your needs.

For an unforgetful holiday in Bandung be sure to hire from Mulia Rental – Bandung car rental

Advanced Technologies in Relation to Renewable Energy

Advanced technologies in relation to the renewable energy

Someday, technological innovations will be available to anyone. These technologies will aid in reducing biological hazards and environmental dangers. Someday, those technologies may even be found unthinkable as creations but they will be successfully utilized.

This is true in connection to the renewable energy technologies.

Today, technicians and engineers are constantly hard at work trying to create world-class technologies. Day by day, news and reports are announced to inform the general public about the various inventions that are safe, Eco-friendly and important to mankind. Through research, one can discover that countries are creating their very own renewable energy technology to help save the planet from destruction brought about by the accumulation of pollution, specifically man-made pollution.

The environmental pollution has meet its match

The world is going green to safeguard the Earth from total obliteration.

At present, the technological innovations are centered on creating environments that uphold human health and other living thing’s safety. In this manner, pollution can be halted and possibly even restore the cleanliness of the surroundings.

Mentioned below are few of the highly valued inventions created to this date:

In Europe for example, research on making algae as a source of energy is ongoing. Algae are available all throughout the shores of every country making it highly commendable for energy usage. This type of energy is known as Energetic Algae. Since it is widely accessible various organizations are convinced that a sustainable energy can be produced using it.

In South West England the creation of a new technology commonly called the Wave Hub is in the process. Despite being a country known to have lesser technologies available for renewable energy as compared to others, it has still pioneered the conversion of wave energy to sustainable electricity.

Another promising development is the creation of Atlantis Resources Corporation’s AK1000. This is expected to be installed this year at the European Marine Energy Center. The AK1000 is expected to be the largest and most powerful tidal turbine ever made, it can provide electricity up to 1 Megawatt. Aside from the vast energy it can offer to residences it boosts faith in renewable energy that cannot jeopardize the environment.

Lastly the High Concentration Photo Voltaic solar technology is a type of solar power that exceeds the 40% efficiency barrier. In relation to the usual solar energy panels that only reaches 15% efficiency barrier. High Concentration Photo Voltaic technology provides three times of economic revenues. This allows more energy yields at a lower cost. Recently the Renewable Energy Institute a company that has innovated the renewable energy technology have partnered with a United States based engineering company that has been searching for locations at the southwest part of the United States of America to place the said invention.

The good things about renewable energy technologies

With so many environmental problems countries are facing these years, it is vital that the attention must be refocused on saving nature since there is only one Earth. Since the development of various technologies is very relevant in providing renewable energy, it can be guaranteed that environmental hazards will soon decrease, or even disappear.

The benefits of these technologies include halting the global warming, cleaning of the air, lessening of the carbon emissions, and saving of the plants and animals. In general, technologies aimed at renewable energy help on the salvaging of the ecosystem and regaining its normal fauna and flora.

In addition man kind can fully enjoy every daily task without causing risks through the aid of the renewable energy inventions. The High Concentration Photo Voltaic solar technology lessens monthly electric bills, the AK1000 and Energetic Algae supply alternative forms of sustainable electricity and of course the wave hub decreases destruction of the ecosystem.

Probably many people might be wondering how ambitious most inventions are, yet such researches greatly save the environment from total destruction. It is today that men need to consider the use of the renewable energy technology not just to halt the massive damage but to save the Earth for the future use of the next of generations.

With the environmental pollution as a problem and with renewable energy technology as a solution, an action today is important; tomorrow is not even an option.

Gaining a Competitive Edge with POS Retail

POS retail is being used by several large companies to help them better manage their inventory at multiple locations. By using POS retail software or services it takes the stress off of the business owner to manage the operations of every store, and rather lets them focus on other aspects of their business that need more attention. POS retail is a relatively new technology that has brought success to several large corporations worldwide. If you are a business owner that is looking for a way to better manage your business, POS retail is definitely worth using. It can give you the competitive edge you need to better organize your business, and become more successful in the future.

There are a few things that you need to consider before starting to work with any POS retail service provider. You need to make sure that the company offers a service instead of software. Several POS retail providers offer a type of software, but only a select few offer a service where all POS is managed in real-time. You certainly want to purchase a service versus software because it is more efficient and the results are more positive. You will want to look for companies that offer software as a service or (SaaS).

The next thing you will want to look for in a POS retail service provider is their past history. You will want to make sure that they have a long track record of doing business with several companies. You may want to investigate the type of companies that they have worked with; this can help you narrow down your choices. You should also make sure that the POS retail service provider has installations worldwide. Some companies have only worked in the United States, while other companies have worked all over the globe. You want to make sure that your service provider has international experience and has several installations not only in the United States but other countries as well. The next thing that you should look for in a service provider is the type of technology that they use. You want to be sure that the POS retail service provider that will be working with your company is using the most advanced technologies in the industry. You can find this information out online. If you search for POS retail service providers through a search engine you will find results that can help you decide the best company to go with.

POS retail companies should also be affordable. These companies should not be so out of your means that you cannot afford them. Make sure that the company that you hire is a powerful and easy to use retail system. You should also make sure that the POS retail service links all of your locations together. This is one of the biggest benefits of using POS retail; you can easily manage your operations at every store with the help of POS retail services. The last thing you should look for in a POS retail service provider is how secure their Internet connection is.

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Agriculture Chemicals

After all it is the question of our needs

conventionally agricultural industry is demanding and resource based. It is even comfortable if environment is good and healthy resources are available. Agriculture marketplace presents a significant revenue earning sources. It was revealed that more than twenty thousand farmers sold their agricultural harvest in diverse marketplaces internationally.

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has set further several approaches for improved promotion of a variety of farming harvest.

The USDA or United States Department of Agriculture has launched the farmers marketplace association, as a capital to explain the farmers with improved presentations for developing better advertising scopes. The USDA or else United States Department of Agriculture, furthermore supports the farmers in establishing information regarding finance capital.

Straight crop growing marketplace having agricultural harvest and their selling provides as a significant means for the different farming crops all through the country.

Crop growing marketplace agricultural harvests is on the climb and getting reputation in advance. The increase in reputation can be recognized to the truth that more and more people are selecting for clean groceries yield.

Crop growing marketplace is predisposed by quite a few reasons which may comprise the subsequent:

Farmers owing small farms:

Farmers whose annual receipt is underneath three lakh dollars, farm and bring away their individual farming procedures drop in this group.

analysis has established that something like more than four thousand crop growing marketplace performing in the United States of America which involves an enhancement by about eighteen percent as evaluated to just about three thousand crop growing market in the year 2004.

The Farmers Market Promotion Program or else the FMPP were placed up as indication of a most recent improvement of farmer to customer straight marketing act 1976.

The FMPP programs are intended at getting better and for the development of farmers from the domestic marketplace, farming agendas maintained by population. There are numerous crop growing marketplace assignments dealing with investigation.

The crop growing marketplace ventures dealing with investigation intends at improving the farming marketplace internationally and as well aspires at the enhancement and betterment of the cultivation marketplace.


Three Types Of Construction Building, Heavycivil, And Industrial

One of the largest industries in the United States is construction. In construction projects, a variety of people working several different jobs come together to build and assemble infrastructures. The tasks in construction range from designing and building to governing and maintaining the scope of the project while the building or other infrastructure is being assembled.

With up to hundreds of workers working simultaneously to complete a building, construction projects are no small undertaking. And there are three basic types of building projects that the construction industry: building construction, heavy or civil construction, and industrial construction. The following paragraphs describe these types of building projects, explaining the what they are and giving common examples.

Building Construction

Building construction is one of the most popular types of construction projects and the one that most people are familiar with one. These projects are usually smaller than other types of building projects, and popular definition of building construction is the process of adding structure to real property. For instance, building a house on a piece of land already owned by the person who will own the house is an example of a building construction project.

But building construction can include other projects than just constructing entire buildings. In fact, most building construction projects are small renovations. Renovating and updating bathrooms are common renovations, as are room additions. Other small building construction projects include updating a room or an entire house to be safer, more energy efficient, or more high-tech.

Because building construction projects are usually smaller in scope, property owners frequently do not hire a contractor. Instead, the owner of the property organizes the hiring and payment of a construction company or crew. However, without a contractor, the owner of the property is also responsible for handling any legal or financial problems that may occur if he or she is unsatisfied with the end result or if the cost overruns the original budget and scope of the project.

The owner must also be responsible for carefully overseeing the development of the project in order to ensure that it is carried out correctly and that the end result is what he or she wanted. Because of all of these responsibilities, many property owners prefer to hire a contractor to oversee the building construction projects, even if they are small.

Heavy/Civil Construction

Heavy or civil construction projects are another type of construction that, essentially, is the adding of infrastructure to an already built environment. Instead of privately owned properties, these types of construction projects usually deal with public properties. The owners of these projects are usually local or national government agencies and are usually done to benefit the public. The most common type of heavy construction is highway and road construction. This can include building entirely new roads, expanding existing highways, or repairing road surfaces.

Heavy and civil construction projects are much larger in scope than building construction projects, and therefore, it often takes longer to prepare for them. For instance, owners and construction managers are usually required to notify utility companies in the area before beginning construction, and they have to be careful to take all government restrictions, mandates, and health and safety regulations into consideration when planning heavy construction projects.

Although most heavy and civil construction is paid for by government agencies, they can also be governed by private corporations. While government-owned construction projects are usually not-for profit, heavy construction projects owned by private corporations are usually done so that the corporation can make money and not to serve the general public. Examples of this type of heavy and civil construction include the building of resorts, golf courses, power companies, dams, railroads, mines, and other earthwork projects.

Industrial Construction

The smallest sector of the construction industry and what people are usually most unfamiliar with is industrial construction. Industrial construction projects include for-profit projects that are owned by very large corporations. These projects are some of the largest in scope and include such industries as medicine, petroleum, chemical, manufacturing, power generation, and so on. Industrial construction projects also have to adhere very closely to government laws and regulations and have to undergo an extensive inspection process, which means a great deal goes into the planning and preparation stages of these projects.

Of course, this is only a brief overview of the different types of construction projects. The construction industry is large, and it’s easy to see why. The three main types of construction–building, heavy and civil, and industrial–account for almost every structure that we see and use today. In fact, the construction industry employs millions of people.

And because construction is one of the largest industries, it is becoming easier and easier to find quality construction companies across the country. So whether you’re looking for Los Altos construction, Los Gatos construction, or construction in other parts of the state, finding a good construction company to help make your building dreams a reality shouldn’t be too difficult.

Construction is a unique industry that sometimes incorporates hundreds or thousands of workers in one project. Many construction projects incorporate several different teams of specialists and tasks, and all these people come together to build infrastructures that range from small renovations to highways and factories.

Singapore Retail Franchise That Creates Animal Land

Nobody knows great kids concepts better than the kids themselves. And it only takes a moms intuitive eye and belief on their child to transform a great concept to a successful business venture.

In one of the Dees annual family trek, Belinda noticed how her kids would rave about a unique create your own stuffed toys shop in the United States. She would notice how kids and kids at heart would flock to the store and go home happy with an adopted animal or two that they themselves created.

It only took her some pencil pushing to realise how much potential the concept holds as a possible business venture. In no time, Belinda was talking to the top honchos of the brand and finding ways how to bring the concept to the Philippines and the rest of Southeast Asia.

It did not take long before she opened Animaland at the Rockwell Powerplant Mall before Christmas of 2005. The concept became a huge hit and soon more Animaland shops were set up in the top malls of the country.

Animaland is a rapidly growing chain of mall-based entertainment retail stores and kiosks located in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Philippines and now in Singapore. Patronage of Animaland is an experience that allows guests to make and dress their own personalised stuffed toy animals.

The concept capitalises on the growing demand for experienced-based shopping, as well as the universal appeal of the stuffed toy animal. The products and services cater to all age groups and demographics, but the majority of the guests are children, parents, grandparents and teenagers.

The Animaland Business Franchise Opportunities
A typical Animaland shop is a stuffed animal friend theme designed with original fixtures and brightly coloured graphics. The shop size is anywhere between a 15 square meter kiosk to a 40 square meter small inline unit.

Animaland believes that its interactive experience is unmatched in todays Singapore retail franchise environment. The act of putting together a new stuffed animal friend provides guests with the opportunity to participate in the retail experience, which is a unique and exceptional approach to the growing world of entertainment retail.

Why Invest in Animaland Business Franchise?
Animaland is a fun and interactive business that is easy to manage and monitor. It has a unique and innovative concept with low investment package and comprehensive training provided, said Ms Hsien Naidu, Founder and Director of business consulting firm for Animaland. The firm consists of franchise consultants, business consultants, branding consultants and marketing consultants who are experts in bringing growth to businesses. Animaland business franchise involves lower operating cost and fast ROI. There is continuous revision and update of the products and services through regular communication with all franchises through Operations Manager. Animaland provides the following support:
-Supply of authentic Animaland merchandise from the US
-Operational Oversight
-Site Selection
-Start-up inventory assistance
-Comprehensive training

Animaland is set to develop and share their franchise business concept with investors seeking Singapore franchise opportunities through Singapore retail franchise for their business investments.

Foreign currency exchange rates Influences and retail options

Buying foreign currency is an act of purchasing certain currency which is not the form of money that is generally being used and circulated in your own country. For example, if you are in the US, the generally accepted and used form of currency is the US dollar. If you reside in Germany, the local form of money that is generally circulated and used in almost all business transactions in the country is Euro. Therefore, if you want to have Euro, and that you are in the United States, what you should do is to but foreign currency. The price in buying foreign currency is determined by the ever-changing currency exchange rates. Foreign currency exchange rate is deemed ever-changing since it varies for from hour to hour and from time to time. Literally, the exchange rates are largely influenced by the issue on supply and demand of the currency subject to the exchange. The currencys supply and demand is also influenced by different issues that include market psychology, political conditions, and economic factors. Hence, in buying foreign currency, it is better to consider these factors. The market psychology as well as traders perceptions on a particular market can possibly affect and change the foreign currencys price. Political conditions, as another factor, can be international, regional, or internal. This condition profoundly impacts on the value of the money in purchasing foreign currency. As an example, if one nation currently experiences political leadership, investors may raise their doubts and lose confidence which may consequently lower the currency value of the nation. The economic factors that affect foreign currency exchange include the regulations which the government agencies disseminate; the economic conditions revealed by government and non-governmental institutions, as well as other indicators in the economy. Where to purchase foreign currency

There are many competing stores in the United States that offer good deals in buying foreign currency. Their competition generally evolves in making the best offer of currency exchange in their area. As the buyer, it is important for you to take note of the exchange rates these competing stores offer and select the one that make you the best exchange deal.

Another option where you can make your foreign currency buying is the airports. However, airports rarely offer better exchange rates than others do; so, it is suggested that you make your purchase of the foreign currency before you had to the airport. Around the world, almost every airport says that buying foreign currency is easy once you land at you r destination. But once again, buying foreign currency is typically not so good in airports since they offer a bit higher exchange rates. Not all airports have offer currency exchange. You also do not intend to land in a place where currency exchange desk is not available, anyway.

If you started your foreign travel or vacation already, and then you need to buy foreign currency, you may as well purchase foreign currency from many large hotels aside from the many currency exchange retail stores. Like the airports, hotels do not usually offer fantastic rates. But if buying foreign currency is needed, hotel is another option for you.