The Agriculture And Horticulture Sector As Career

The field of agriculture and horticulture needs increasing attention with the increasing concerns of global warming and other environmental hazards. One can get deeply involved in this field with agricultural jobs and jobs in horticulture. While agriculture is basically farming, horticulture technically is the science of plant development encompassing every area. But the horticulture industry has its subtypes and career can also be developed in the same fields. It includes arboriculture dealing with wines, shrubbery etc., floriculture deals with floral crops and flowers, landscape horticulture includes plants involved in landscaping areas and climates, olericulture deals with vegetables and pomology includes fruits and viticulture includes wineries and grapes.

Though it maybe a widespread notion that illiterates or less educated can do farming, it is very important to know that the jobs in horticulture employs engineers, inspectors, business managers, scientists and researchers, geneticists, and teachers and many more and it is a rewarding career. The career can be started in gardening departments in hardware stores, local floral shops, greenhouses or landscape design and all these help to build up practical knowledge of plants. Agricultural jobs now have a career and numerous opportunities and jobs in horticulture can be attained with academic exposure and can be employed as agricultural inspector, horticulturalist, technical officer or farm supervisor or inspector or professor in agriculture universities.

There are also other jobs like marketing and Sales-related job in chemical companies manufacturing pesticides and insecticides, horticulture or landscape supervisor in farm houses, golf courses, construction companies, horticulture officer in agriculture product companies or self-employment like horticulture advisor or consultant for individuals and companies related to garden, orchard, and plant-related concerns, starting a seed producer, mushroom grower, or fruit/flower/vegetable grower business or raising a nursery for fruit-bearing, flower, and other ornamental plants. There are also other support or service related jobs like collaborating with engineers producing tools and machines used for plant production, harvesting, and storing, researching and developing new techniques and principles to improve different types of vegetables, fruits, and other ornamental plants, working on landscape designing, ground maintenance, lawn care, and plant/tree care. experimenting and producing chemicals that will result
to better plant production and quality and getting involved in transporting and distribution of horticulture-related produce and products. Jobs in horticulture and agricultural jobs prove to be very rewarding, personally as well as financially and one can also learn by taking up correspondence courses and shift the focus of their careers