The Success Of Food-cart Business In Franchising In The Philippines

What made the franchising industry of the Philippines successful? According to the PFA or the Philippine Franchise Association, the franchising industry of the Philippines had gained significant growth over the past couple of years. The reason why is because of the many new franchise businesses available in the country today, such as food-stall and food-cart businesses.

Franchise Businesses from Then and Now
According to the PFA, most franchise business in the Philippines were large businesses such as convenient stores, fast-food restaurants, and many others. Because of this, most of those which were able to franchise a business were wealthy Filipinos, companies, and corporations.

Today, however, a number of new franchise businesses were made available in the Philippines which can offer many more Filipinos the same opportunity that wealthier Filipinos have had with Franchising business Philippines. This is when food-cart and food-stall businesses were introduced as a franchise business in the Philippines.

Success of Food-Cart Businesses in the Philippines
Food-cart and food-stall businesses were first established as small businesses by private Filipinos. However, when different franchising companies and corporations in the Philippines have found its potential as a small franchise business, many of these have started to acquire the ownership of those small businesses and distribute it as a franchise business for the average Filipino.

Since then, the popularity of franchise businesses had significantly grown, particularly for these businesses. So what are the benefits can these types of businesses offer:

One main reason why these small franchise businesses became popular is because of its affordability. Compared to larger franchise businesses, food-cart and food-stall businesses are far more affordable, allowing more Filipinos to have the opportunity to start their own successful and profitable business.

Another reason why franchise businesses became popular is because of its simplicity which allows its franchisees to manage it by themselves. Because of its relatively smaller size, these businesses can be easily placed and moved from place to the other. And in addition to that, these businesses can also be easily manned by one or two personnel.

Another reason why franchise businesses had gained a lot of popularity in the Philippines is because of its availability. As the industry grows, the number of new food-cart and food-stall franchise businesses had also grown, which introduced many new franchise businesses that gave more choices for Filipinos from which of these small businesses are suitable for their preference.